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  1. cinemanut

    R.I.P. Rudy Behlmer (1926-2019)

    I agree. Rudy's commentary's were always knowledgeable but somewhat dry. I always wanted a more personal approach, wanted to know what he thought of a scene or film or actor or director. Having said that I always found his comments on discs informative. Rudy knew his stuff! RIP.
  2. cinemanut

    Why does Stanley Donen Never Get His Due?

    I like Funny Face {not MY favorite, but...} My favorite scene in the film is when Audrey sings " How Long Has This Been Going On". She is at her wistful best.
  3. cinemanut

    Replace SUTS with WUTS

    Bugs Bunny Day. What a great idea!!!
  4. cinemanut

    August 2019 Schedule is up - SUTS

    One other "complaint" [for lack of a better term}I have with SUTS is some of the stars or movies TCM chooses to show. I find absolutely nothing wrong with Lena Horne or Rita Moreno as SUTS picks, but Horne appearances in most of these films were just very brief cameos as was Moreno's in films like Carnal Knowledge. In other words, one gets to see very little of the actual work they did in their movie career. And this is a frequent issue when spotlighting stars who really weren't leads or even major support in these films. Speaking of Carnal Knowledge has Ann-Margaret ever has a SUTS day?
  5. cinemanut

    August 2019 Schedule is up - SUTS

    It would be slightly more tolerable if these stars didn't get frequent days dedicated to their birthdays and have been SOTM, too.
  6. cinemanut

    August 2019 Schedule is up - SUTS

    Thanks for the stats! As much as I love these thespians, I feel that anyone with six appearances or more should take a well deserve rest.
  7. cinemanut

    August 2019 Schedule is up - SUTS

    How many other stars have been featured during SUTS five time or more?
  8. cinemanut

    has anyone watched cnn's the movies

    Heard more than I saw. From that, it sounded like a thumbnail on different movies and personalities from different decades. From what I gathered it would be best for essentially a novice. As for myself having read countless histories, biographies, essays, magazine articles, etc; it seemed limited to popular tastes exclusively and wouldn't tell me anything I hadn't read about before. However, I just sampled a portion. I think it was on the 1970's.
  9. He gets his due August 13TH.
  10. cinemanut

    August 2019 Schedule is up - SUTS

    Don't hold me to this, but I feel Henry Fonda-an actor I can always watch-seems to be a SUTS participant each year. Could it be that TCM still has a soft spot for Ted Turner's ex-father-in-law? As I said I like Fonda a lot, but c'mon.... that said, if they're gonna give H.Fonda a day on SUTS every year give us-the viewers-some new stuff to see. I'd be curious if anyone out there {is anyone out there?} has the stats on ol' Hank and his number of appearances as a SUTS player.
  11. cinemanut

    Paramount classics TCM has yet to show.

    Yes, calvinnme Universal has tuns of movies from not only the 30's and 40's but a bunch of the studio's 1950's output {early Blake Edwards, Tony Curtis comedies, pre-Magnificent Obsession Douglas Sirk, etc; is rarely screened and either not on disc or possibly not worth the $20 or so dollars consumers {count me in} may want to spend on a movie that, if they haven't previously seen it, may not warrant the capital spent on it. As an example one thing that holds me back from buying Frenchman's Creek is that I'm afraid it will resemble the same quality print that was shown on TCM, i.e; awful!! Universal does a good job with their classic catalog when it comes to Abbott & Costello and the Classic Horror Films, other than that the company is pretty tight fisted with having anything see the light of day.
  12. cinemanut

    Paramount classics TCM has yet to show.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for any of the above Paramount titles to be shown on TCM anytime soon, if ever. Universal seems determined to keep most of the pre-1948 Paramount library hidden tightly in it's vault. Lady in the Dark w/Ginger Rogers was scheduled at some point a few years back, got pulled and never got a re-schedule. Don't believe it is available on disc either. It's terribly frustrating.
  13. cinemanut

    TOM HATTEN HAS DIED 1926-2019

    Remember him well from the Family Film Fest on KTLA Channel 5 in the 1980's {I believe}. Seem to recall a lot of Danny Kaye stuff and specifically the Goldwyn library shown. He was a sort of pre-Robert Osborne host; knowledgeable and sincere. Godspeed.
  14. cinemanut

    Albert Finney (1935-2019)

    Another great that Oscar ignored. RIP
  15. I actually got pretty fed up with last year's show to the point that I may not even watch the program this year. And I've seen every Oscar telecast since about 1969/70. I really don't care who wins anymore, it's not about cinematic art {never was, I guess}and most of the films nominated I couldn't give two shakes about.

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