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  1. cinemanut

    TOM HATTEN HAS DIED 1926-2019

    Remember him well from the Family Film Fest on KTLA Channel 5 in the 1980's {I believe}. Seem to recall a lot of Danny Kaye stuff and specifically the Goldwyn library shown. He was a sort of pre-Robert Osborne host; knowledgeable and sincere. Godspeed.
  2. cinemanut

    Albert Finney (1935-2019)

    Another great that Oscar ignored. RIP
  3. I actually got pretty fed up with last year's show to the point that I may not even watch the program this year. And I've seen every Oscar telecast since about 1969/70. I really don't care who wins anymore, it's not about cinematic art {never was, I guess}and most of the films nominated I couldn't give two shakes about.
  4. Big F. March fan but somewhat let down by the choice of movies. While TCM does show both of his Oscar winning roles, except for 1929's The Wild Party most of the schedule is lackluster. I appreciate the showing of such films as Bedtime Story, Design For Living and a couple more, but I wish the channel had put more oomph into giving viewers some films that have never played on TCM {or if they did it's been an eternity since they aired}. Movies like : Laughter, The Royal Family of Broadway, Death Takes A Holiday, Trade Winds, The Iceman Cometh, Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, The Desperate Hours, and of course the oft-mentioned Death of A Salesman, among others. I realize that most-if not all- of these titles are owned by Universal and therefore not easily attainable by TCM, and who knows how hard the powers that be worked at making some of the previously mentioned movies available for broadcast. I'm just tired of being disappointed by the lack of exciting programming by this amazing channel.
  5. I get that, TikiSoo, and I would have no problem with those other films, because if they came from Universal of Fox, chances are TCM hasn't screened those , either. It's variety I'm after.
  6. cinemanut

    The Forgotten "Road" Film

    Owe Road To Rio as part of the Bob Hope Collection presented by ShoutFactory. Decent quality considering this has been one of the public domain titles badly in need of rescuing. Included in this collection : Lemon Drop Kid, Road To Bali, My Favorite Brunette and The Seven Little Foys. Don't know about Foys, but the other titles were public domain for a long time. Can be found on Amazon. Worth it.
  7. What I wish the channel would do for it's 25th anniversary is invest more effort, money-whatever it takes-to lease some more of the Universal/Paramount library pre-1949 and the 20th Century-Fox catalog. There are so many films-even one's available on DVD or Blu-Ray-that TCM still has not aired. Surprise us, TCM! It's frustrating for us viewers-fans!-to see the same repeats {no matter how great they are} year in and year out, with some exceptions. I wish they would invest more time, thought and $$$ to that! Then I would be all on board for the party!
  8. cinemanut

    Your Favorite Van Helsing In Film

    Act of Violence, 1948. Great film noir .....oops. I thought I read favorite Van Heflin movies. Sorry.
  9. cinemanut

    December 2018 Schedule is up

    Hooray for the underrated, underappreciated Dick Powell, finally getting some love.
  10. cinemanut

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    Lady in the Dark (1944) with the delicious Ginger Rogers. TCM had it on the schedule once a few years ago but it got pulled at last minute.
  11. spence, I do know that the old AMC channel televised it back in the day. I recorded it on to tape, though I couldn't attest to it's visual quality these days. I haven't watched it in years.
  12. Has TCM ever shown Beyond The Forest with Bette Davis? I think there is legal trouble {some kind of rights issue, don't know with whom}, so I'm not sure the channel has EVER aired it.
  13. cinemanut

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    Ok, so this where I get frustrated. If TCM had the restoration at the film fest {can't remember which year} why, oh why haven't they aired the movie on T.V.? I know it's a Paramount pre-1949, which means it's probably in the hands of Universal and, in theory, proves a difficult task to air it. I don't understand presenting a brilliant new print and then lock it up and not show it to an appreciate audience. Where's the logic in that??
  14. cinemanut

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    I've always wanted to see are Kiss The Blood Off My Hands, a noir with a British setting starring Burt Lancaster and Joan Fontaine. The other is Lady in the Dark, with Ginger Rogers. Technically a Paramount picture, which I believe Universal has the rights to. I think it turned up at the TCM Film Fest a couple years back, but not on the channel. So far I don't think it's even had a home video release. What the heck is wrong with Universal studio anyway? They have all these wonderful films and just let them sit in a vault. What good is that???

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