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  1. I would take a photo of my many bookcases, but I am way out of space.
  2. OMG! I've read those. Downloaded for free from Gutenburg.org. Love them!
  3. OMG! I've downloaded some Wodehouse ebooks from Gutenburg.org. I love those stories!
  4. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Somewhere on IMDB is a thread about this film that is hilarious. Couldn't find it though. Here's a link to some of the goofs in the film. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0043456/goofs/?tab=gf&ref_=tt_trv_gf
  5. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Watched Crashing Las Vegas on Saturday with the Bowery Boys. Certainly not one of their finest, but in these silly films there is usually at least one hilarious line that sets me off, dumb as it may be. Sach is set up to believe he pushed a man out of a window on the 21st floor of a building. Sach says, "21 stories? Gee, I wonder if he got hurt?"
  6. Janet0312

    on svengoolie tonite

    What the heck is with the musical soundtrack? I don't remember this.
  7. We're hearing that the kids are making their own mixtures, adding chemicals to the mix.
  8. Correct. I don't know what the kids are putting in their vapes, but it can't be good.
  9. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    What strikes me most about this flick is when Cody stuffs one of his guys in the trunk of a car and asks him if he has enough air and then fires his gun into the trunk. Blam, blam, blam! Very violent for the time. Eddie O'Brien was awesome. My fave.
  10. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Don't think I'm forgetting this.
  11. Janet0312

    The Soap Opera Thread

    i remember one soap about a vampire that aired on ABC in the late afternoon. Friends and I used to rush home to watch it. Now what was the name of that show? Give me a minute...
  12. The gov just banned e cigarettes here in Massachusetts. The vape things seem to be killing kids. When they first came out, e cigs were thought to help people quit smoking and I gave them a try. All they did for me was to make me sick and cough my head off. It seems that a single e cig is equal to a whole pack of regular butts. I have my evil scruples and embrace them with horror some times. It is what it is. But. I still enjoy life such as it is.
  13. My goodness, aren't we smokers a bunch of addicts, nicotine fiends, quite a horrendous bunch? Cough. cough, inhale, cough. With a butt in my mouth I say, "Faster, faster, faster..." With a crazed gleam in my eye, I salute Reefer Madness with glee!
  14. Janet0312

    Lists of unavailable films

    Why not just list any Universal film we ever wanted to see?

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