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  1. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Oof. Was this picture ever bad. The music was good. But PU.
  2. Janet0312

    Haunted Houses

    Awesome topic, CaveGirl!! I worked in a film library when I was in high school. Extra credits and all that. I played receptionist and typed and filed... Talked to Dick Foran one day. I was 16 and completely flabbergasted. Anyway, one night, a projector screen crashed in one of the rooms. I mean it just fell over. I would come to work and file drawers were opened at random. My employer swore he did not open them. Pictures would just drop to the floor. It was really creepy, but I have always been a skeptic, not a believer in ghosts. Yet, to this day, I haven't been able to explain it.
  3. Janet0312

    Bogus Movie Biographies

    I'm quite famous for saying MORE than a mouthful. I've heard that story for years, I think it's a bunch of hooey. I am currently surrounded in ice and snow here in the frigid state of Massachusetts. Would I dunk my newborn into a drift of snow to revive him? I think not, but I've never been a mother and never experienced such dire needs. I guess it could have happened. I suppose in those days when there wasn't easy access to an emergency room, you had to do whatever it took to survive.
  4. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Oh, I've got to see this!
  5. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    I don't know if I've ever seen any of Jackie Coogan's films. I'm not a fan of silents tho.
  6. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    He was a swine.
  7. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    I don't have a kid of my own, but I do enjoy child actors. Jackie Cooper hated Wallace Beery's guts, which I find a little disturbing since they acted so well together.
  8. Janet0312

    Bogus Movie Biographies

    Yeah, I don't know. I've got bio books on the family, but who the hell knows what the real story is? Supposedly Chaney Sr dunked his baby in an ice cold lake to revive him.
  9. Janet0312

    Bogus Movie Biographies

    Please. The Man of a Thousand Faces has got to be the biggest hunk of ---- if ever there was one. And let us not forget Houdini with Tony Curtis. Yikes!
  10. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Skippy 1931 I adore Jackie Cooper. This was a treat for me the other night when I got home from work. I usually tune into the news and Perry Mason, but I landed on this rare little gem while surfing the available programming. Skippy is coaxed out of bed by Mom and complains non-stop about it. He goes on and on talking to himself about how how unrighteousness it is for him to be up and bathed so early in the morning. And he doesn't bathe. He wets his toothbrush, goads his father about everything, but plays a nice boy to Mama. I guess this is the film where his uncle Taurog got the kid to wail when he told him he had a hand kill his dog. It worked. But to go to that extent??? Such an extremity to bring on tears. Good flick.
  11. Janet0312

    What are you reading

    Found Carolyn Wells on the Gutenberg website for books that are now in the public domain. She wrote a number of children books, but also has a number of murder mysteries that are actually quite good. The Deep Lake Mystery The Clue The Luminous Face
  12. Janet0312

    colorizing deserves another shot

    No kidding. What would James Wong Howe say?
  13. Janet0312

    colorizing deserves another shot

    Hand me my shootin' iron...
  14. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    You hit the nail on the head. Muddled is definitely the word for this film.
  15. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    I saw this the other day. I thought it was an interesting Friday afternoon nothing else is on kind of a film.

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