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  1. Janet0312

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    Maybe I was thinking of Kiss Before the Mirror.
  2. Janet0312

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    There's another one of James Whales' pictures that hasn't been on TV in ages - I think it's Magnificent Obsession?
  3. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Oh, yes.
  4. Janet0312

    I Just Watched...

    Man, I haven't seen this movie in so long... Where did you say you saw it, the Universal Vault? Huh?
  5. Janet0312

    Name two Universal films you'd like TCM to air

    The Man Who Reclaimed His Head and Remember Last Night.
  6. Janet0312

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Isn't it funny that Chet was a leading man at MGM in the early days?
  7. Janet0312

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    It bugs me to no end that I can't discuss Boston you know who films on this board without being censored and you know why. There's no rhyme or reason for it. Chester Morris played the role and it should be discussed when and where we want to.
  8. Janet0312

    Not of This Earth

  9. Janet0312

    You Watched TCM Where?

  10. Janet0312

    What has happen to AMC?

    I watched episode 3 on demand this morning. I am still grossed out by blood and gore in the movies, even as I am nearing retirement age, but the book is pretty gory too. Can't wait to find out what this monster is. I noticed these guys' faces aren't covered and they are not wearing all that much protection from the cold. In the book, the temps are well below freezing. But I figure they want us to see the actor's faces.
  11. Janet0312

    What has happen to AMC?

    Get a load of this. AMC is running a series based on Dan Simmons' book "The Terror". While I attempted to watch the first installment, I couldn't understand a word the actors were saying. I did a bit of research and found the book for sale on Amazon and highly recommended by posters there. So I bought it. Now dig this. I was reading the dedication. "...with much love and many thanks for the indelible Artic memories to Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornwaite...Dmitri Tiomkin...etc and I'm like, wait a minute. I know these people. I read it again and figured out that these are people connected to the film, "Thinig from Another World". Wowee!!! How cool is that?
  12. Yeah, it's not bad reading either. Some stories in there about his partying with best friends Cagney and Spencer Tracy. I enjoyed it. Could have been a little longer tho.
  13. Janet0312

    Strange things in 50s and 60s sci-fi movies

    But does he save the world? I think his ravings aren't taken seriously and that perhaps by the time people start to believe him, the aliens would have enough pod doubles to take over the planet.
  14. The Wind at My Back: The Life and Times of Pat O'Brien. I found a used copy on Amazon years ago. You can still.

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