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  1. jasta

    Precodes not on TCM

    Any good places to download precodes, other than TCM? Sign of the Cross, Madame Satan, etc.
  2. jasta

    Pre-Code that Pushed the Envelope

    I think you can see it on you tube.
  3. jasta

    Pre-Code that Pushed the Envelope

    Whispering Whoopee(?) with Thelma Todd. 3 call girls play "post office" with a group of older men, but something more seems to be going on.
  4. jasta


    Thanks. What book would contain information on the largest number of precode films 1929-1934? I have Precode Hollywood.
  5. jasta


    Are there any books that have a complete list of precodes, with details on each one?
  6. jasta

    Kay Francis diary

    I recently read 2 books about her that include excerpts from her diaries, and I was really surprised by some of the details. See http://www.kayfrancisfilms.com/2009/12/1930s.html and http://www.kayfrancisfilms.com/2009/12/1920s.html
  7. This episode was broadcast on Oct. 7, but my Tivo failed to record it. Does anyone know where I could see it or download it or something? Thanks
  8. jasta

    Pre-Code Film List?

    Is there a listing of pre-code films, showing the most interesting pre-code scenes in each film?
  9. I was playing this movie, not paying much attention, when I suddenly heard the word "****". At first, I thought I must be hearing things, but when I replayed it, there it was. How did this get past the censors? Was it a joke, or did it mean something else, back then? How did the public react? Was it used in any other movies, before the 1960's?
  10. jasta

    Thelma Todd-short film

    Still looking for ScreenSnapshots 15, No.3, and any other newsreel type films of Thelma Todd. Thanks
  11. jasta

    Thelma Todd-short film

    Thanks for the replies. If you Google "Screen Snaphots 15, No.3", you get several descriptions, but no place to buy or download.
  12. jasta

    Thelma Todd-short film

    This film is called Screen Snapshots Series 15, No.3. Does anyone know where to get it? Thanks
  13. Around 2007, TCM played a newsreel/short that included something like "Patsy Kelly visits Thelma Todd's cafe" and other items. Does anyone have a copy of this short film? Thanks
  14. Are any of these available, showing her in or around her Sidewalk Cafe, or covering her death, in 1935? Thanks

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