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  1. Ace Drummond/Eddie Rickenbacke

    The TCM schedule has the last 5 episodes of Ace D listed on July 30.
  2. locatetv.com

    The key feature I am looking for is the ability to load say 100 movies titles and the site lets me know when they show up on a channel on my cable system.
  3. locatetv.com

    Locatetv.com announced it is closing up in a couple of weeks. Locatetv has a great feature that allowed you to load movie title/tv show /actor/actress names into a personal database along with your current cable system. When ever one of the listed movies etc. appeared on channel offered by your cable provider locatetv let you know by email and/or you could check your locatetv account (free) and it showed all "your" movies etc. choices appearing for the next two week period. Does anyone know of another website that does the above? Locatetv had many other great features such as episode guide,short movie descriptions and providing two week schedules for any channel you chose.
  4. COSTCO has a number of FOX DVD six movie sets on sale for $14.99 after instant rebate. I counted three different WAR movie six packs, three or four Western six packs and two or three other six packs.

    When are episodes 7-13 scheduled?
  6. Definitive Movie List

    Does anyone have or know of full listing of Sci-fi movies from the 1950's and 60's? Some of the lists on the net seem to be missing some films.
  7. help requested Identify old movie

    You found my original post thank you. I thought I posted to Science Fiction.
  8. help identifying a title

    Thank you for the reply 1968 is to recent so mission mars is not the movie. Most likely I saw the movie in the early 60s
  9. help requested Identify old movie

    Interesting clip but Missile to the moon is not the movie. I do not remember any alien women and the robots were more like robbie the robot only out to kill the astronauts.
  10. If this is a second posting I apologize. My first posting from a couple of days ago has not appeared. I would like assistance identifying the tile of a movie circa 1959-1966 time frame. All I remember is that astronauts are attacked by robots that I recall came out of the planet surface. As a kid those robots kept me up at night. I know that I have not provided much info to go on but I have seen movies identified with less on this forum. Anyone have any title suggestions?
  11. help identifying a title

    Over the years I have tried to figure out the title a movie I saw at a Saturday matinee. I saw it sometime in the 1959-1967 time frame. I believe it was in color. The plot involved astronauts being attacked by robots. I have a recollection the robots came out of the sand/planet surface and chased the astronauts back to their spaceship. Those robots kept me awake for long time as a kid. I realize this is not much to go on but does anyone have any idea what movie I am looking for?
  12. Films impossible to find

    Two more are Truck Busters Conflict aka Judith staring Sophia Loren
  13. It appears TCM canceled "The Spy In Black" which was listed as playing at 5:15-6:45 AM Monday 31 January. However, the Time Warner listing for TCM at that time now shows "A Modern Time" as ending at 5:45 AM followed by "Midnight Alibi". It also appears that TCM changed its listing as of this morning. I was looking forward to that watching The Spy In Black. I hope it will be rescheduled to play sone.
  14. Schedule Problems

    I notice that this occurs every so often. Sometimes the movies are changed. As to Traffic in Souls, as best I can tell what happened was the TCM schedule showed SPIONE as the 90 minute version but TCM actually showed the roughly 144 minute restored version. All shows after that were off by about 30 minutes. There was some other change that accounts for the time difference I think a short got cut out.
  15. Warner Archives Discussion

    Where can I find this sale?

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