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  1. oldsalt61

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show Comes to Blu-ray October 19th

    But, "He has no neck!"
  2. oldsalt61


    I'm with you on the Hammer films. I like them all. I also look forward to Halloween and pretty much any of the Dracula or monster films. I'll pass on the all the Twilight stuff.
  3. oldsalt61

    Doolittle's Raid movie???

    The Doolittle Raid movie I remember is "30 Seconds Over Tokyo".
  4. oldsalt61

    Korean War Movie

    The title is correct. One correction - yes Rooney's character wore a green scarf but in the movie they referred to the helos as eggbeaters. The Jolly Greens came along later and were USAF or Army birds. A fun fact. USAF rescue crews who save a life get a tattoo of the Jolly Green Giant (the food ad, not the helos) feet on their backside.
  5. oldsalt61

    what is everyone's favorite war film and why?

    Wow! This could be a long list! In no particular order and trying to be brief. Gettysburg, Glory, Patton, Midway, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Run Silent Run Deep, In Harm's Way, Full Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill, We Were Soldiers, Blackhawk Down, The Hunt for Red October, The Blue Max, The Bridge at Toko Ri, The Patriot, The Longest Day, Fat Man and Little Boy, Day One, The Hunley. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch more.
  6. oldsalt61


    What films would you like to see between now and Halloween?

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