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  1. firefox93

    Unknown war movie

    Thanks for that. Was driving me crazy. I knew Ive seen the movie, and heck, even own it. Just could not rememeber where Ive seen it.
  2. firefox93

    Unknown war movie

    Theres another part of the movie before that scene. The SGT is sitting in his jeep before looking for the lt. He stops in some bushes and sees a german patrol. The patrol is walking, and spots the jeep. The SGT takes off, drives through the germans troops and some tanks, and makes it back to friendly lines.
  3. firefox93

    Another war movie question

    Well Id be the little brother. What I remember from this movie is they are on a patrol through the snow. They are US soldiers on a mission, but I dont remember what it is. They come up to a house where their contact is at, and are talking with her in the house. While eating dinner, she keeps looking at one of the soldiers. he is eating differently then all the all other and thats how she knows hes a german spy. she grabs one of the soldiers .45's, and waste the dude as hes eating. any help with this one? It was in color as well. Edited by: firefox93 on Sep 19, 2010 4:31 AM

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