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    How you can Help Other Vets with their missing records...

    For the first time, I saw a set of personal records of a veteran that was burned around the edges. They are trying to recreate some of these files. The other option is to research the soldier's unit. IF you can find the unit he served with in combat, via news clippings, V-mail or family history, then you can research the files of that unit. The unit files are stored at NARA library at College Park, MD. But be sure you have the smallest unit of his organization. The files contain General Orders that issued awards and medals and citations such as driving certificates and also the Purple Heart. However, the higher the award, the higher up the command you have to search. Steve
  2. MajorKonig

    War Films

    I never get tired of "The English Patient". There are a lot of movies that are billed as love stories set during war time but most just don't have enough combat and danger. But you can't have both: a good war movie and a good love story. Ha. Steve
  3. MajorKonig

    Eddie Andrews Biography

    I think this will only be answered by doing some Genealogy search and contact family members. A few facts from some biographies. He was born in _Griffin, Georgia_, the son of an Episcopalian minister, and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia. He attended the University of Virginia and at age 21 made his stage debut in 1926. . . . _Obituary_ posted on line stated: Regarding his career: "and was interrupted by military service during World War II." And his surviving family: Mr. Andrews is survived by his wife, Emily; two daughters, *Abigail Neish* of Portland, Ore., and *Tabitha Andrews* of Pacific Palisades, and a son, *Edward Andrews 3d* of Santa Cruz, Calif. From *Find-a-Grave*, Link: Burial: Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea. From geneaology website ** US Federal Census 1930 Census - PA - Allegheny Father: Edward Andrews 43 - born in England Mother: Agnes Andrews 40 - born in England Chidren: *Edward H. - 16* George H - 14 Loretta A - 11 Benny - 6 SSN ***-**-0866 Note: Some biographies list his birth date as 8 October, not 9th. _Summarizing_: Full name was Edward H. Andrews. Career was interrupted by WW2; assumes he went into the service. Survived by 3 children. Steve
  4. MajorKonig

    Eddie Andrews Biography

    Yes, that is his name. His name is so common that it is easy to confuse it with other names. Kinda hard to google his name and not get a little confused. And I have google all variations of his name. It's been about 1 year since I posted this question on imdb. Thought it was time to start another search. I'm not sure if I have his hometown but I found a general Biography about him. Link to a Photo of Edward Andrews Link: Steve
  5. MajorKonig

    War-time films

    Here are a few ideas from movies released during WW2. An early one, "Always a Bride" starring "Superman" George Reeves was a 1940 romance comedy. "Keeper of the Flame" Spencer Tracy & K. Hepburn, 1942 "Thank Your Lucky Stars"- Everybody on the Warner Bros. lot shows up in this wartime morale-boosting musical extravaganza. Dinah Shore, Betty Davis, Errol Flynn, Bogart, Olivia de Havilland. 1943. "The More the Merrier" is set in WW2. Academy Award went to Charles Coburn, while nominations were bestowed upon Jean Arthur & Joel McCrea. 1943 (Was remade in 1966 as "Walk Don't Run" with Cary Grant.) "The Sky's the Limit" - Fred Astaire plays a war hero who wants to spend a quiet furlough in New York. Joan Leslie as his partner instead of Ginger. Released 1943. One of my HomeFront favorites Warner Bros "Hollywood Canteen", 1944. Steve
  6. MajorKonig

    Five Graves to Cairo = amazing!!!

    I missed the first half but loved the rest of it. Hope I can catch it again. Thought the details and armor at the end was accurate and cool. Steve
  7. MajorKonig

    Eddie Andrews Biography

    I'm searching for a biography of actor *Eddie Andrews*. He was a character actor who usually played a jolly old guy and seemed to always be wearing suite. I want to find out what he did during World War 2. A few of his movies and roles inlcuded: "Elmer Gantry" (1960), "Good Neighbor Sam" (1964) as Mr. Burke; "Send Me No Flowers" (1964) as Dr. Ralph Morrisey; "The Glass Bottom Boat" (1966) as Gen. Wallace Bleecker; "Tora! Tora! Tora!" (1970) as Adm. Harold R. Stark; "How to Frame a ****" (1971) as Mayor Chisholm. He was a character actor on many TV series: "Twilight Zone"; "Naked City"; "Gunsmoke"; "Rawhide"; "Bonanza"; "The F.B.I."; "The Beverly Hillbillies"; "The Invaders"; "Bewitched"; "Charlie's Angels" and "The Bob Newhart Show." One of my contacts said his father served in the Army at a base with Eddie Andrews who was an officer. I would like to find out if he was at that Army base and the unit he was with at that date. I also have a photo of a group of Officer Cadets that include an "E. Andrews", which could be him. I would also like to know if he served overseas or actually in combat. Many actors didn't quite make it to the front lines. Some of the information that might help my search are: His birth name that he enlisted with. Enlistment Date Army Serial Number Branch of Service Rank Or a specific unit he was assigned to. An Obiturary may help. Don't search imdb website; I posted the same question and got no answer. I was hoping the students of the Classic Movies might know the answer. This is my first thread. Steve -- aka Major Koenig

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