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  1. patdaman55

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    What a sad thing to hear today, I knew this announcement was coming but it still hit me hard and will take a long time to get over if ever. What a perfect person Robert was to be leading Turner Classic Movies, sort of like Errol Flynn being cast as Robin Hood or Sean Connery as James Bond they just fit perfectly, it was so obvious he was a movie fan above all else, not a egomaniac or a phony but a real person something so rare in the entertainment business, plus his endless knowledge of the movies and the world of Hollywood. My wife and I met Robert at the 2011 Turner Classic Film Festival we were able to get in a picture with him ( at his suggestion) during the breakfast that he would attend at the Roosevelt Hotel it was a black and white photo that turned up on the festival website that year. Then I got to speak with him during the Vanity Fair party, we talked for at least 20min without interruption he was so gracious and patient he wasn't in a hurry at all, it was like talking to an old friend. I met a few celebrities at that event but I will always remember the very special opportunity I had to meet and talk with Robert Osborn... Rest in Pease Robert
  2. Has anyone found out yet when TCM will be broadcasting the Peter O'Toole interview that was taped at the Music Box Theatre during the 2011 film festival?
  3. patdaman55

    TCM Survey Site Crash

    I wondered if there would be a survey.How were you contacted,this is the first I've heard of it...
  4. patdaman55

    Festival Photos

    I checked it out,and I did notice the Jennifer Love Hewitt photo from the Vanity Fair party,which by the way is much better than the 3 I took,so I'll keep checking!! Thank you for the link... Patrick
  5. patdaman55

    Festival Photos

    This years festival,I was just doing a fishing expedition hoping someone out there in cyberspace would maybe have some info about the photos.I can't believe the party pics wouldn't be displayed here. Please forgive me everyone, I know I seem a little hyper,patience isn't one of my stronger suits... Thanks for the reply :-)
  6. patdaman55

    Festival Photos

    Has anyone else noticed that there is a group of photos on the festival home page that are not in the rotation anymore? While I was at the festival a friend was texting me saying they were showing pictures from the Vanity Fair party,that my wife and I were in.I'm not a narcissus or anything like that but I'm kind a sad because so many of the one's I took didn't turn out so well... Edited by: patdaman55 on May 6, 2011 7:07 PM

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