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    Legal Battle Over "Rear Window" Resumes! WOW!

    The film The Window was just a take on 'the boy who cried wolf' not on the story that Rear Window was based on. The key premise of Rear Window is (1) a house-bound guy who (2) 'believes' he may have seen a murder while watching his next door neighbor through binoculars and (3) involves his girlfriend and the police in proving it. So, Disturbia is simply an update and spin off of that. I think many posters here are not fans of copyright protection and I think it goes too far as well. BUT, these filmmakers give no homage to Hitchcock or his film while doing a REMAKE. C'mon. I also liked the film and watched the extras ... not ONE mention of Rear Window yet mention of a few other films. Who are they kidding? Let's face it, the brass told them to completely silence any mention of Rear Window in the film or in the extras to keep from ANY indication that the film was a remake. That's dishonest filmmaking, regardless of the legal aspects to things. Edited by: filmsyncs on Nov 5, 2010 6:51 PM
  2. Mulholland Dr (2001) tends to be one of those movies that people either really like or really don't. If it is your cup of tea, the Lost on Mulholland Drive website is the source for all things Mulholland. They also have a timer counting down to the question 'What is Club Silencio?" Edited by: filmsyncs on Oct 21, 2010 3:02 PM
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