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    Brooklyn chapter..a great movie capitol.

    Brooklyn should have a Chapter....It is the home of the Vitagraph Studios, where movie history was made from 1903 on. And it was the hole of scores of film and stage stars since those days til now.
  2. ChuckReichenthal

    Really dug THE UNSUSPECTED!!! Thanks, TCM!

    It was a great deal to me, some years ago, to find a copy of THE UNSUSPECTED, and I think it's even nicer to find that TCM has it for all of us. It is a solid film, and it is great to see Claude Rains, Constance Bennett (one of her best roles), Hurd Hatfield, and Joan Caulfield, who, I assume, was loaned to Warners for this film. Interesting, though, is the appearance of Michael North, in his only film, to my knowledge, under that name... and the one that was supposed to send him into leading man orbit. He had previously appeared in smaller roles for other studios,. I recall that North was mentioned, after THE UNSUSPECTED, to be starred opposited, I vbelieve, Doris Day in a movie about the gold rush and the 49-ers. Of course, this might have just been a publicity item. North, apparently did not catch on with the public although he is more than adequate here as the supposed mystery husband of the supposed murdered Caulfield. I know he stayed in the business, but not on screen. It's all an intriguing addenda to a nice re-find of a rather well done mystery. There, of course, is one major flaw in the plot, and it involves Rains supposedly appearing only to live audiences, managing to have a old show's tape used instead without so much as a logical plot explanation. The flaw is obvious, but the film still holds up.
  3. ChuckReichenthal

    It Happened in Flatbush

    There have been many films about baseball, and the funniest may well be IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING, which is a total delight. But missing on most lists is IT HAPPENED IN FLATBUSH, another production from 20th Century Fox, and one that is a crazed spoof on the Brooklyn Dodgers and the residents of our great borough in the 40's when the team united all of us. Lloyd Nolan is the team manager, and Carole Landis, once again pushed into a lesser Fox product, is a rich Manhattanite who will be gaining control of the Brooklyn team - I believe it's called the Loons in the film. But it's the Dodgers in all their glory. And it's all goofy -- stereotypes of what people thought Brooklynites were like, and stereotypes of every other kind. But it should not be as forgotten as it is - it is after all part of the baseball film h istory and a bit of a touch on the part the great sport has played in the history of our City. There is even a wonderful line in which Nolan's Brooklyn mother, discussing his relationship with Landis, moans about her son's g'oing out' with a girl from Manhattan!!! Egad!!!! Let's find a good copy of this slight, but important, piece of basbeball and Brooklyn myth.

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