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  1. JeanineB

    2011 TCM Film Festival Line-up

    I've got a Spotlight pass too and am curious as to where the party will be held. It makes sense that it isn't advertised but I'm excited about attending.
  2. JeanineB

    The Schedule is UP!!!!

    This schedule is amazing! I'll probably spend the next 2.5 weeks trying to figure out how to see everything I want to see.
  3. JeanineB

    2011--WHO'S GOING?

    I haven't received my ticket yet either. I checked the order confirmation and it says that tickets ordered prior to February 25 will be set out approximately six weeks before the festival. That'd be mid-March. I can't wait to see the program.
  4. JeanineB

    Going solo to FF

    Count me in from the East Coast!. I'm coming from Washington DC.
  5. JeanineB

    2011--WHO'S GOING?

    Hi Jax - I purchased an Essential Pass. Not knowing what to expect I thought I'd splurge and give myself the opportunity for the works...once! I'm a little nervous about going alone and at the same time looking forward to meeting other classic movie fans.
  6. JeanineB

    2011--WHO'S GOING?

    I'm attending also. This is a first for me and I'll be solo. I'm looking orward to meeting fellow classic movie fans!
  7. JeanineB

    Nervous excited can't wait

    Many thanks. I got it! Nothing left to do but look forward to the experience. Jeanine
  8. Hi - I got up early to purchase FF tickets and am unable to find a place on the TCM website to do so. What did I miss? Am I too early? Please direct me to the place on the website where I can purchase tickets. I ready! Thank you. Jeanine
  9. JeanineB

    Nervous excited can't wait

    I just tried to purchase my ticket but don't see a place to do it. Maybe it's too early but I've been so excited about it that I got up early just to make the purchase. What did I miss? Where on the site do I go to purchase a ticket?
  10. JeanineB

    Going solo to FF

    Hi - I'll be attending the FF solo too. Thanks for posting the information about the ease with which attendees mingled and talked about movies. I'm really looking forward to meeting others who enjoy classic films like I do. I can't wait for the FF so I can pack as many events as I can into each day and meet other like-minded people doing it!

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