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  1. Might've just been the particular guide we had, but I was very disappointed in the WB tour last year. Too much about contemporary TV shows (trivia about Friends episodes, for example), & not nearly enough about classic films.
  2. chicagovet


    > > > But I think the authentic Cinerama screening of How The West Was Won in the Cinerama Dome is the big winner in this latest announcement<<< I think so, too! Showing my age here, but I was lucky to have seen This is Cinerama! --as a kid in the 1950s, at a downtown Chicago theater. The opening roller coaster ride sequence was amazing. I'll never forget it. Short film here: Edited by: chicagovet on Feb 5, 2012 7:52 PM
  3. chicagovet

    2012 Film Festival

    fyi: Stars who are still with us (h/t to Roger Ebert's twitter feed), and a hope that we can see at least a few of them in Hollywood this April:
  4. chicagovet

    Favs From the Fifties and Suggetions for Panels

    I recently read a rumor about a restored Dial M For Murder *in 3-D* possibly being released during 2012. Which leads me to think of the "style" exemplified by Grace Kelly, which leads me to wonder if this terrific Hitch (and Warner Bros.) film maybe, just maybe, could be on the 2012 TCM Festival schedule. (I'm picturing a glasses-wearing audience at the packed Egyptian...)
  5. chicagovet

    Spotlight Pass

    fyi: Just noticed (11/15 @ 2pm CST) on the TCMFF page that *Essential Passes* are no longer available online, but only via phone.
  6. chicagovet


    I'm ready! Classic pass holder as of 9:05 am this morning.
  7. chicagovet

    2012 Film Festival

    I'd suggest trying the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel ( A friend of mine just booked a room there this evening (Monday night, 10/3), for about $120/night. It's only a couple of blocks from Graumann's, Kodak, etc.
  8. chicagovet

    2012 Festival Dates Announced

    After much deliberation of almost 1/1000 of a second, I decided to go! Luckily got into the Roosevelt after staying at the Renaissance last year (which I'll say was a very nice place.) Can't wait. I hope to see a few of you fellow forum members this time.
  9. chicagovet

    2012 Film Festival

    I don't know if this is much help, but a friend of mine stayed at a small bed & breakfast last year (I can't remember the name), about 10-minutes away from the festival venues.
  10. I missed the first Festival, but went--by myself--to the 2011 one. I'm not outgoing at all, and yet it was very, very easy for me to strike up a conversation. Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable about, and respectful towards, classic films. You're so busy and surrounded by so many friendly, like-minded movie fans that you'll forget you came there alone.
  11. chicagovet

    2012 Festival: should I finally go?

    If you love classic films, it's *essential*, to borrow a TCM word, that you go in 2012. I'm not outgoing, and yet I found it very easy to begin a conversation with other enthused fans--all of whom were very respectful towards, and wise about, classic movies. I had the Classic pass and stayed at the Renaissance. Be sure to book a room at the Hollywood Roosevelt as soon as they go on sale. I waited a little too long and they were already sold-out.
  12. chicagovet

    2012 Festival Theme ideas

    It'd be nice if TCM could screen one of these classic, train-oriented films within L.A.'s historic Union Station.
  13. chicagovet

    Smiles All Around

    Jack, My flight was 1/2 hour late. I travelled from LAX to the Renaissance via taxi, and arrived at about 1:45. However, my room was not ready, and wouldn't be until almost 4 pm. Was worn out, snoozed for an hour, then caught GIRL HAPPY, poolside. Very sorry I couldn't meet up with you guys, but will try again next year!
  14. chicagovet

    Smiles All Around

    Not to make light of addictions, but I am acting like Sinatra in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, in that I'm experiencing bad Festival withdrawal symptoms. What can I do?!? Wish I'd gooten there early enough to meet you folks on this board. But I am grateful to have met some very friendly & nice people in such a joyous, loving atmosphere. It's difficult to come down from it. Can we have the 2012 Festival next month??
  15. chicagovet

    2011 TCM Film Festival Line-up

    fwiw, I just checked my iPhone app, and it's not shown on the schedule or list of films.

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