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    So Many Classic War Films

    There are so many war films from the classic era that most of them get blinded by the box office hits like The Great Escape, A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day, The Battle Of The Buldge etc... and the B class movies seem to be swept under the rug. The B class war movies were some of the greatest, to some of the poorest, but the acting in them can prove to make it all the better. Like for instant I was on TCM ironic isnt it, and Beachhead with Tony Curtis and Frank Lovejoy. The movie was not the best but the different of thing from Curtis was one of his best for his war pictures. Another one was Dunkirk with John Mills and Richard Attenborough, the movie was a little dry but in the long run was a decent movie and kept entertained. Does anyone also agree with this statement and if so what are some of the b class or A class that made a great performance to you or someone you know.

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