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  1. Then there's only one conclusion. The movie doesn't exist.
  2. slaytonf

    The Little Kidnappers

    Here's some info:
  3. slaytonf

    Fill In Segments

    Do you mean The Great Race (1965)? If so, that filler was Prophet Without Honor (1939): Lots of short movies like this are listed on the schedules. Go to the top of almost any TCM Webpage and click on the SCHEDULE tab. Select either the FULL TCM SCHEDULE, or MONTH SCHEDULE to find them. Sometimes they are posted on YouTube:
  4. slaytonf

    That's a nice car!

    Dusters have a long and venerable history in movies and TV, including Streets of San Francisco, Cagney and Lacey, Kojak, The Deer Hunter (1978), and Car Wash (1976). But aces in my books is its appearance in Alice in the Cities (1974):
  5. slaytonf

    Old King Arthur Movies

    Of which the above movies are on the IMDb list. The question is what would be the cutoff date for the Original Poster's definition of old movie. Most Arthur related movies seem to have been made post-2000.
  6. slaytonf

    Old King Arthur Movies

    Not as many as one would think, considering the prominence of the myth. Go to IMDb, type in King Arthur. In the dropdown menu click on See all results for "King Arthur" and then look for the key-words option. You can scroll to your hearts delight. Some titles include Prince Valiant (1954), and Knights of the Round Table (1953).
  7. slaytonf

    more interesting movie photos..........

    Without going to the trouble of watching the movie: that should be from the part of the movie when he (Howard) goes to the nut-case's (played by De Havilland) house. And the woman with her back to us has a hair style similar to hers. And she has a petite figure. So that could be her.
  8. slaytonf

    more interesting movie photos..........

    I think I have it. The image is from The Divine Woman (1928). Compare: So my guess is it is Lars Hanson.
  9. slaytonf

    more interesting movie photos..........

    so. . . .who's the guy? Antonio Moreno?
  10. slaytonf

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    Hey! That's my vid!
  11. slaytonf


    I know this from personal experience. It is the pure distilled essence of evil.
  12. slaytonf

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    I believe it's "Black History Month."
  13. slaytonf


    I assure you, it is more evil.
  14. slaytonf


    Although they may not have aired on the scheduled date, quite a few of the titles you list have been aired.

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