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  1. slaytonf

    Question about "The Women"

    PT 109 (1963).
  2. Mine is Direct TV. When I click on the button I get the following: There was a problem verifying your account with your TV Service Provider Please try again But trying again never works. I have a Macbook Pro with OSX El Capitan 10.11.6. I tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Nothing works.
  3. slaytonf

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    There are many great video stores across America. You might try contacting them. Here's a site that lists some of them: You can search for more. I searched: 'best video stores in America.'
  4. slaytonf

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    An Actor's Revenge (1963). You may wonder as you watch this excellent movie by Kon Ichikawa wether it is the Japanese incarnation of The Count of Monte Cristo. That's understandable, as almost any revenge fantasy can be identified with it. And this movie does have three offenders. But the revenger is not the direct victim, his parents were. And he's not a fabulously wealthy man of mystery, just a fabulously famous Kabuki actor (female impersonator). Wellanyway. The movie is only slightly infected with the flying martial artism that cripples so many later ones. It tells a bleak, cynical tale of an inherently corrupt world, filled with double-dealers, deceivers, and naive innocents. Where everyone is either a taker or taken, a thief or thieved, where the guilty and innocent alike suffer. Lots of fun. Ultimately, revenge is sweet--or would be it the one seeking it liked sweets.
  5. slaytonf

    honolulu moon

    This it (don't give up too soon, the guy doesn't star singing until 1:30)?:
  6. slaytonf

    One Good Turn Deserves Another

    John Lovitz in A League of Their Own (1992), channeling Ned Sparks. Not very well, though.
  7. slaytonf

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    Lots of good music from this movie! And Hellen Mirren!
  8. slaytonf

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    If I remember it has aired more than once. But I am not so fanatic to undergo the extreme agony of searching the schedules.
  9. Attentive viewers will have recognized in the opening shots of the cafe scene with Jerry Mulligan and Milo Roberts, as the camera pans across the crowd scene, Benny Carter in the jazz band. One of the great alto saxophonists, Mr. Carter was also a band leader, and major composer, with a number of songs that have become standards, including "Cow Cow Boogie," "When Lights Are Low," and "Because of You." You will hear playing over it a leisurely rendition of "But Not For Me," but I can't say if it's him playing.
  10. slaytonf

    "Roman Holiday" Disney promo

    I also have no doubt Dalton Trumbo fully knew the meaning of the phrase, and deftly played for the maximum amount of irony, counterpoint, and sentiment, considering who gets hurt and how, and who derives pleasure at who's expense at different times in the movie, with the final scene belying the meaning of the phrase.
  11. slaytonf

    "Roman Holiday" Disney promo

    Seems to be you.
  12. slaytonf

    CLARA BOW and early Jean Arthur

    The man standing behind Grant Withers in pic 7 looks like Otto Hoffman.
  13. slaytonf

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    You've hoped to see it. You've posted about it any number of times. You've entered it in Suggest a Movie. Time passes. Years. And you think, almost, it will never air on TCM. That's what I meant.
  14. slaytonf

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    Another soul in limbo. . . .

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