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  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

    They didn't know themselves how much they really worshipped the movie.
  2. That's a nice car!

    From the Antiques Road Trip front, a 1959 Elva Courier: Here's some info:
  3. Films and the old South

    I'd hate to imagine the reality people were facing that would make them consider Jezebel (1938), and Gone With the Wind (1939) as escapist. These are two heavy, powerful dramas whose characters face the most dire circumstances possible. The fact is, they were very definitely message movies. They had multiple messages, included among them is the post-bellum southern message that slavery wasn't that nasty institution those Yankees made it out to be, and that the slaves were really content with their lot, except for a few incorrigibles, and occasionally a certain sternness was required. The only movie that comes to mind that addresses the topic is of course, Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927):
  4. How do I add a photo?

    I think I understand you want to add an avatar from a photo on your computer. I don't know if you have a pc or apple, but the method will be similar. I have an apple computer. First, go to the top of a page and click on your name, then click on profile: You will see: Click on the little green square and you will see: The option to upload a photo from your computer will automatically be selected. Then click on the Choose Single File button and you can browse on your computer for the image you want: Your computer may look different, but select the image you want and choose it. You will see: Your image should appear in the screen. Click on the Save button, you will see: You can adjust the borders of the photo how you want, then click on Save. You will see: Your avatar! Lo! after all these many years! Hope this helps!
  5. Unknown

    Sounds like a gamin movie, Shirley Temple, or Margaret O'Brien, or the like.

    A few posts.

    Am I missing something from this thread? Have some posts been disappeared?
  8. Movie with showgirls during the war

    The closest I can come to is Four Jills in a Jeep (1944): Click on Read the full Synopsis for a detailed description.
  9. How do I add a photo?

    Your welcome! Hope it helps.
  10. How do I add a photo?

    I assume you are posting pics using the paperclip attachment thingie on the left side of the window, which allows you to upload pics from your computer. There is a limit to the size of the pic and the total amount you can upload. The way to avoid these limits is to use the 'Insert other media' tab on the right side of the screen. You can upload any pic you find on a site, with the exception of a few which are blocked. You have to copy the image's address and paste it into the box you see after you click on the button. If you have a mac, you select the image, a dialog box will open, and you can click on 'copy image address.' I don't have a pc, but I believe you right-click on the image you want, and there will be a similar dialog box which will allow you to copy the image address. If you want to post something that's already on your computer, you have to upload it to an image posting service. I like It's simple to use, but there's a secret to getting the address. After you upload the image, click on it. A separate tab will open with your pic on it. You can then select the image to get the address.
  11. Groucho's Real Moustache

    Dick who?
  12. Flora Robson Day!

    One of the few historical movies I like.
  13. Flora Robson Day!

    I just recently re-watched her series Elizabeth R. It also featured Robert Hardy, of later fame as Siegfried in All Creatures Great and Small.
  14. It is a measure, among many, of the respect and admiration Virginia McKenna has in her country that she was awarded the role of portraying Violette Szabo, who has the position of veneration in England which Private York or Audie Murphy have pale analogues here. Recruited for resistance work in France because of her heritage and language abilities, she died in captivity and remains a blazing symbol of British heroism, dedication, and sacrifice. This movie, a prime example of the class-act filmmaking of Golden-Era Britain, gives Miss McKenna one of her best opportunities to show what a really fine actress she is. She's of course known best in America for Born Free (1966), and The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1957), and maybe Ring of Bright Water (1969). But she has a long, varied, and well-rewarded career on the English stage and screen. Her roles range from Shakespeare, to musicals like The King and I and A Little Night Music, to children's favorites like Peter Pan (1976), to adventure (The Wreck of the Mary Deare, 1959), and historical epic (Waterloo, 1970). On early tomorrow morning 12:30 AM Pacific time. Westies can stay up to see it, Easties who aren't owls can record it.

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