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  1. That's a nice car!

    I know it isn't from the movies, but, gosh, it's such a nice car! And I've never heard of it before. It's a-----but first, I'll tell you where I saw it. There's a series some generous soul it good enough to upload regularly to YT which I like about as much as anything that's not a movie. It's called Antiques Road Trip, not to be confused with the more venerable and known Roadshow. In it, two antiques experts set off across different parts of the British countryside to find items to purchase and then sell later at auctions. The one who gets the most money wins. It's all cheery, energetic, and bouncy, and a lot of fun. Different pairs of experts set off in different classic autos, usually British, Triumph, MG, Jaguar. But for the segment that's being uploaded now, they're driving a 1968 TVR Tuscan. And its a beauty! Lookit:
  2. All racists these days deny being a racist. Then go ahead and be racist.
  3. programming changed

    So I guess it was another hit/run poster. Or someone posing. I don't think these posters' aims are as they state. They're not really upset at how TCM has changed. They want it to change from what it has always been. Think of the illogic of this OP. Just because TCM shows movies they don't want to see, they will stop watching the ones TCM shows that they do.
  4. programming changed

    Has longtimer already left?
  5. programming changed

    There's your next thread topic.
  6. programming changed

    Well, at least you are not one of those hit-and-run critics that start a thread like this with one initial post and are never heard from again. You still do, however, fail to acknowledge the many attempts of posters to disabuse you of your misconceptions. The best of these, of course, is MovieCollector's brobdingnaginan efforts at compiling a list demonstrating TCM's continuity. But to paraphrase Paul Simon, people hear what they want to hear, and disregard the rest. I'm afraid if you want to maintain your position, you will be the only loser by not watching TCM anymore.
  7. programming changed

    I'm getting that Twilight Zone feeling. . . . Am I mistaken, or did some posts disappear? And have some posters been disappeared?
  8. programming changed

    Aw, what the hell, let's just have one thread for everything. At the least, it would make discussion here a lot more lively.
  9. programming changed

    TCM wasn't created only to show studio-era movies. As has been repeatedly stated, and which you may have not seen here, being new to the Messageboards, in the very first introduction made by Robert Osborne, he said the channel was to highlight stars and movies from the past as well as those from today. And as has been repeatedly demonstrated, the percentage of movies from different eras has remained constant over the years, with a preponderance of studio era movies. Of course, as time has passed, newer and newer movies have been shown.
  10. To Lorna

    I have commented before on the absurd contradiction of having non-production code movies to discuss with language still subject to production code restrictions.
  11. Fred Astaire____spins into a chair.

    Thanks, sagebrush, for that clip. Perhaps I should retitle the thread: Fred Astaire__spins into--something. That's from Three Little Words (1950)?
  12. Fred Astaire____spins into a chair.

    And. . . .Fred Astaire___spins into a chair.
  13. They can do what they want with Astro pup, but keep your hands of Gigantor!
  14. You watch Mr. Astaire a lot, you will see patterns to the way he moves, techniques he habitually employs in the choreography. One that is salient is a twirl he makes at the end of a number, ending up sitting in a chair. He does this gracefully, seamlessly (of course) so it seems the most natural thing to do. The definitive instance comes from Top Hat (1935) after he soft-shoes Ginger Rogers--and himself to sleep: In Royal Wedding (1951), he ends up gazing at a pic of Sarah Churchill, understandable after dancing the walls and ceiling: He does something similar in The Band Wagon (1953), into a coach with Cyd Charisse in it (who wouldn't?):

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