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  1. RhondaNY

    Passes Arrived!

    22 Days!
  2. RhondaNY

    Passes Arrived!

    Our Spotlight passes arrived today! Soooooo excited!!!!!
  3. RhondaNY

    SUE SUE II...

    So excited to have my Spotlight passes!
  4. RhondaNY

    Spotlight Pass Holder's Questions

    Thanks! No, I didn't see anything in the mail other than our passes. I was hoping to see the Spotlight events before we got to the hotel so that we could do some planning. And thanks for the advice on attire. Oh....what to wear!!!! Can't wait!
  5. We received the schedule today...so excited! Are there additional events/programs for Spotlight Pass holders? If so, where would they be posted? Also, any advice on what to wear to the Vanity Fair party? Is it formal attire?

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