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  1. I had the luck of stumbling on a film that has absolutely knocked not only my socks but everyone else's socks that I know RIGHT OFF!! I have never seen it on TCM but they may have played it. It's called "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" and it stars Betty Hutton and Eddie Bracken. It's unbelievable crazy and hysterically funny! If you like screwball this is as screwy as it gets! SO GOOD!
  2. MissNicole

    Most Beautiful Musical Moments

    I think if we are talking beautiful and moving you have to include the close up of the rose in Gene Kelly's hand in the end of the dream sequence of American in Paris. Beautiful, hauntingly emotional and just plain great!
  3. MissNicole

    If you were lost in a jungle, what "musical celebrity" would you choose?

    I have to agree. Gene Kelly is so much more the practical choice. And practicality doesn't at all mean bland in this case! If you got to a safe space of solid ground he could spin you around and give you that winning smile. That combined with the athleticism needed to tote you through the brush makes him a natural male hero!

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