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  1. TheGayDivorcee

    Classical Music

    Bad news for Verdi: I saw Aida a very long time ago in San Diego, a lavish production including animals borrowed from the zoo. Just read that it's being staged at the Met this season, so maybe things aren't so bleak.
  2. TheGayDivorcee

    Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize in literature

    A wonderfully audacious choice. Bravo, Nobel Committee!
  3. TheGayDivorcee

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate. Sure has a nice ring!
  4. TheGayDivorcee

    Classical Music

    Sorry to be late in replying! Somehow I don't remember that, but will go have a look on YouTube. Which can be dangerous, as one thing usually leads to another and I'm there for hours.
  5. TheGayDivorcee

    The FBI vs Roddy McDowall

    Funny, Lord Love a Duck is a favorite of mine! Such a dream cast with McDowell, Tuesday Weld, and Ruth Gordon and funny script. Oh, well, just goes to show how differently we all perceive things. Hey, hey, hey!
  6. TheGayDivorcee

    Favorite LP covers...

    Hope this means you're a fellow Sparks fan?
  7. TheGayDivorcee

    The Crying Elephant

    Here's the story on Mohan, 55, the elephant who was to be rescued at the same time as Raju, the crying elephant. After 2 years and 20 court hearings he's free, eating bananas, and starting his new life at a sanctuary in India:
  8. Just had a lively discussion the other night about this with friends. They insisted that a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Trump, and said I would be "throwing my vote away." I have really come to loathe this phrase! How does a third-party get off the ground if everyone thinks this way? Over the years I've heard many say they like someone but won't vote for them because they don't have a chance of winning. Well, no, not if you don't vote for them! If a vote for Jill Stein means that Trump is elected, doesn't that mean that HRC didn't make a good enough case? As a side note, when I told them my dad is voting for Trump you'd think I said he'd kidnapped the Lindbergh baby--they were apoplectic!
  9. TheGayDivorcee

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    I've been thinking a lot about Glen Campbell lately, and his Alzheimer's. Here he is with Roy Clark for an early Halloween tune:
  10. TheGayDivorcee

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    This song brings back such memories, Miss W, especially of one wild party that ended with police, furious parents, and lots of kids sleeping it off the next day. Who knew downers could be so potent?! Funny how this song brings me right back to that crazy time.
  11. TheGayDivorcee


    Loved Dangerous Crossing last night. Even knowing the ending it's one I try never to miss. From Jeanne Crain's glamour (those glitzy earrings!) to Michael Rennie as the ship's doctor dispensing sedatives like altoids--not to mention the free flowing hot toddies! Never mind there seem to be only a dozen or so passengers on board. It's suspenseful and great fun. (Wonder if the TCM cruise is as eventful!) Jeanne Crain was wonderfully dramatic and had some stunning close-ups. Thanks for this, Arturo. Vicki is just starting--yet more fabulous earrings!
  12. TheGayDivorcee

    Favorite LP covers...

    Their Satanic Majesties Request. Sorry it's Tom Thumb-sized. Back to the drawing board!
  13. TheGayDivorcee

    Favorite LP covers...

  14. TheGayDivorcee

    Libertarian Party option

    I will probably vote for either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Some will say it's a wasted vote, but I just cannot think that way. If no one voted for third party candidates, how would the parties ever gain traction and get off the ground?
  15. TheGayDivorcee

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    I'm in awe of his ability to sing so many lyrics without missing a beat. Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames:
  16. TheGayDivorcee

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    She's just great. Not to mention her wonderful '50s gowns. The other night I heard some of her songs on a PBS pledge drive--must have a look for them.
  17. TheGayDivorcee

    Does Bill Clinton Have AIDS?

    He's been looking gaunt for quite some time. Also, he doesn't seem quite as with it, as sharp as he was. He napped during Hillary's acceptance speech, or at least his eyes were closed. I was chatting with a doctor and he thinks there is something definitely amiss.
  18. Not one butterfly this summer. I did see a dragonfly circling the pool, but I assume they're more plentiful? Those West Virginia butterflies and moths are gorgeous!
  19. TheGayDivorcee

    Bonsoir, Brigitte-- For One Night Only

    She has been involved in animal welfare with her organization for over 40 years, and has no doubt seen many horrors. I think you have to toughen up to cope with it. I just have trouble watching the heart wrenching ASPCA ads on TV!
  20. TheGayDivorcee

    Bonsoir, Brigitte-- For One Night Only

    I know she was upset at the inhumane methods Muslim immigrants used to kill sheep, and I believe her public comments about this resulted in one of the charges of "racial hatred." I hope the French are as vigilant in charging those responsible for harassing and attacking French Jews, a daily occurrence in some cities. My husband knows a French Jewish family who were forced to leave their country for Israel because of such treatment. Sadly, this is not uncommon. But this is most likely a topic for another thread!
  21. TheGayDivorcee

    Bonsoir, Brigitte-- For One Night Only

    I am a big Brigitte Bardot fan. While she may not be known as a great thespian, she was delightful in comedies and held her own in dramas, especially Contempt. She was one of the most ravishing creatures (if one can still say that!) on the screen, yet also had such a sweetness, as rayon mentioned. She certainly was a force of nature! I adore her and was happy to see TCM devote a day to her movies.
  22. TheGayDivorcee

    TCM Announces August 2016 Guest Host for Robert Osborne

    An excellent suggestion. It would be great to see Ben officially step in as the new permanent host. I like Ben very much--it's hard to imagine anyone else filling the bill. And it's time, as things have been in limbo for awhile. Wonderful idea for Robert Osborne to do weekly segments, or whatever he's up for. I'm sure he knows the esteem and affection we viewers have for him; he's the heart of TCM. I hope to see him on air as long as he's able and game. But it's time for Ben to take the reigns.
  23. TheGayDivorcee

    Classical Music

    Yes, with my short attention span I left out nos. 2 and 3, but as a whole it's really lovely. Interesting to read that he described some of his pieces as "furniture music," not a description many composers would use for their work! That was such an exciting era for music, and so much more. Here's another favorite. I think I first heard it in Somewhere in Time, and it really stayed with me. Again, an abbreviated version:
  24. TheGayDivorcee

    Classical Music

    One of my favorite topics, laffite. I remember also having a nice exchange with you awhile ago about opera. I grew up hearing classical music around the house (along with lots of other types of music), so was never put off by it. Piano lessons went nowhere, as I didn't have the aptitude for playing, and it probably didn't help that my mother was my piano teacher. But I appreciate and love it, and have heard it almost every day in one way or another for many years. Here's a favorite piece, not on a grand scale, just delicate and heartbreakingly beautiful. I was so excited to hear a surf version of it on the radio one night! Satie:
  25. TheGayDivorcee

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    Thank you for bringing us this little known fact; they're always most appreciated! Boy, those Jefferson Airplane fellas sure had a wild side!

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