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  1. Oldmoviemomreturns

    Is there a way to have posts in threads with

    Okay, thank you. Just wondering if it changed since last I was here.
  2. Oldmoviemomreturns

    " The Witch" (2016)

    Wonderfully crafted film. The way you just started without opening credits, the cinematography, the speech patterns - quite wonderful. Such a feeling of desolation, isolation and fear. I was fine with the ending. One of the better horror films this year.
  3. Oldmoviemomreturns

    "It Follows" (2015)

    I viewed it, and was not impressed. It just didn't go anyway for me. I know there is a huge fan base for it, but I liked The Babadook and The Witch much better.
  4. original post on top, with answers in chron order? I recall when I posted here years ago, if looking at a new thread, you had to go back to the beginning, sometimes pages, to find the original post, and work backwards to follow the responses. This new format looks different, but still don't see an option where you can change the order of how posts in threads appear. Thank you in advance.

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