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    Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford in the smae movie is all you need really.
  2. MoRB

    Favorite Bette Davis movie?

    My favorite Bette Davis movie is All About Eve.I am a fan of hers,but I´m also a Joan Crawford fan(I am so tired of the "feud" between Bette and Joan fans).Other favorite actresses include Gene Tierney(my all time favorite and shamefully underrated),Carole Lombard,Lauren Bacall,Katharine Hepburn,Ava Gardner,Myrna Loy,Natalie Wood.Stanwyck is outstanding as are Faye Dunaway.I´m also a great fan of Jean Harlows,she was so talented and funny. Edited by: MoRB on Oct 6, 2011 1:20 AM
  3. Ok,first off I didn?t even know there was a feud betweeen MM and Arlene Dahl( mother of Lorenzo Lamas).I?ve never been a great MM fan,but I do belive she was smart.Look at the role that Norma created(Marilyn Monroe),my theory is that MM grew to something she couldn?t controle in the end.If Norma wasn?t smart,Marilyn wouldn?t have succeeded at all because people wouldn?t have bought it.That?s my theory anyway.
  4. MoRB

    A Walk on the Noir Side

    I love *Laura* it?s a great noir film and Gene Tierney is amazing as Laura.Vincent Price and Clifton Webb are amazing.I like Dana Andrews as well,but Gene and Clifton Webb stood out a bit more,to me anyway.Gene Tierney is cool and mysterious in the role and so good as the mysterious Laura.I first discovered it on youtube,which is a great place to catch glimpses of old movies before you make a purchase or they come to TCM.I wish TCM Europe could air more film noirs.They have aired some Bogie/Bacall and Edward G Robinson ones, and I love them,but I crave more all the time.
  5. MoRB

    Fav Noir Bad Girls? Gene Tierney in Laura,she is mesmerizing. Edited by: MoRB on Dec 28, 2010 12:42 PM

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