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  1. megawolf

    DISH Network dropping AMC channels?

    probably with free cable and internet...
  2. megawolf

    do you still use a VCR

    I'm an old guy so's I'm just gonna butt in here and say that the LP has much sound than the CD. I'll sit back down now.
  3. megawolf

    DISH Network dropping AMC channels?

    Whatever happen to that congressional concept of cable viewers being able to select the channels that they wanted and pay for only those selections? Paying to watch infomercials and commercials that are 4 minutes long in series shows is inane. Thank you Ted, for TCM.
  4. megawolf

    Pin-up boys?

    now I remember reading that women "sexy up" to "show off" to other that true?
  5. megawolf

    The Best Giant Monster Movies of the 1970s

    gotta have Gorgo in there...the big mama won!!!
  6. there are some clips and trailer of the movie SECONDS here on TCM's site. tyoe in SECONDS in the search box, play the clips; maybe that will help...
  7. now there was a movie called SECONDS with Rock Hudson in it about a man who paid to have his idenity changed; made in 1966 (B&W?). Is that it?
  8. megawolf

    It always gets me.

    King Kong remake with Jack Black,,,hate to admit it, but I got watery eyes...over something that wasn't even real.
  9. megawolf

    Dr. Strangelove....A comedy?!!!

    I just can't father flew B-52s and we lived on a SAC base when this movie and Fail Safe came out. SAC was so upset with either Dr. Strangelove or Fail Safe that the Air Force would not show it at the base theater, but I believe it was Fail Safe that was expelled. However, all SAC people liked A Gathering of Eagles...
  10. megawolf

    Classic Westerns

    "Valley of the Gwangi"...well, it did have cowboys and six shooters...
  11. megawolf

    Science Fiction

    living things are constantly being's called evolution....
  12. megawolf

    Laurel and Hardy

    And lets have some more WC Fields flicks, other than The Bank Dick...
  13. megawolf

    Science Fiction

    Mass Murder? Wasn't he just following orders? Adjacent to that would be to label Curt LeMay and Tibbets as mass Murders.
  14. megawolf

    Science Fiction

    ah yes, a farmer is a man outstanding in his field....

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