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  1. Cinemascoped

    Films showing cropped

    I have noticed lately that TCM HD is showing films shot in 1.33 in a cropped version. Example: this morning's showing of 42ND STREET. This is not a good trend. TCM used to pride themselves on showing films in their original aspect ratios. I realize that sometimes you are at the mercy of your sources, but this is not a good trend. Here is a shot of this morning's broadcast.
  2. Cinemascoped

    TCM sound out of synch

    Once again sound is out of synch on TCM HD here in Richmond, Virginia, via Comcast Cable. Not sure where this can be remedied, but over the last four months I have seen it happen over and over again. I cannot remember any other channel ever having this problem, only TCM HD. Can something be done to fix this? It essentially makes watching the channel impossible.
  3. Cinemascoped

    TCM sound out of synch

    I have noticed in the last 24 hours that the sound on TCM HD is out of synch, made clear when anyone talks their dialog does not match their lips. I am not seeing this on any other channel so it is pretty clear something is wrong at the source. I have Comcast Cable in Richmond, Virginia. Please fix this. Thanks.
  4. I noticed over the last week or so that TCM showing more things in full HD. Now the "bumpers" between movies fill the full screen and many of the movies you are showing are clearly the HD versions, not upconverted SD. Also the window boxing of wide screen films with black on all sides of the image seems to be gone. Recent showings of GYPSY, PILLOW TALK, KISMET, and tonight THE TIME MACHINE have been blu ray quality... along with improved sound. Very impressive. I am surprised that TCM is not promoting this... it is a significant improvement. I know all of the films on this channel cannot be shown at this level of quality, but this is still incredible. Good job.
  5. TCM is currently showing THE WAY WE WERE in 1.75 aspect ratio. This is incorrect as the film was made in 2.35. I know you guys are usually very careful about these things and are sometimes at the mercy of the distributor in terms of how things are presented. But I wanted you to know there are plenty of people in your audience who know the difference and care about this being right. That said this appears to be in HD and looks better in terms of picture quality. Try to see it you can get it in the same picture quality AND the correct aspect ratio.
  6. Cinemascoped

    Dancer Bert May

    Just caught a bit of GUYS AND DOLLS on TCM and decided to check on responses about Mr. May. I am so glad that some of Bert's family has responded to this thread. He clearly had an amazing career. Please for his sake and all of us who love movie musicals, see that he gets to tell his story in some form, even just sit him down with a tape recorder and get him to talk. His career is pretty remarkable, not just for all the stars and great films he worked on, but for the simple longevity of his career as a dancer. I can't think of many dancers who had an active career for such a long span. Please let Bert know that people want to hear from him. I hope he will stay well and be with us for many years to come.
  7. Cinemascoped

    Dancer Bert May

    I guess it is a sign you've seen too many movie musicals when you begin to recognize a particular dancer in the chorus. But one guy has shown up in so many of them---ranging from the mid 1940's until the late sixties. The dancer's name is Bert May and he seemed to specialize in especially wild movements... often with startling flexibility. He is a thin man, dark, perhaps Italian looking. The earliest film I have seen him in is ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (in the "Great Lady Gives an Interview" sequence) and the latest was HELLO DOLLY where he appears as one of the waiters in the title number. According to IMBd he apparently is even in, god help us all, FUNNY LADY and AT LONG LAST LOVE. Among the better titles I have spotted him in are: THE PIRATE, SUMMERSTOCK ("Get Happy" number), THE BAND WAGON, GUYS AND DOLLS, IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (the incredible "Thanks Alot but No Thanks" number), and LIL' ABNER--- and onward til the mid 70's. Almost 30 years to have been a professional dancer is pretty amazing. Also a search on Bert May gets a Judy Garland site (actually more than one) that shows him speaking at a tribute at Garland's hometown in 1997 where he is said to have been one of "Judy's boyfriends" in the old MGM musicals. There is also a mention of him on a Fred Astaire tv special. Does anyone have any information about Mr. May? Looks to me like he might have had an amazing life.

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