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  1. I note the short film and EXTRA listings appear to be back again. THANK YOU, TCM! Staff realizes, I guess (I hope), that shorts are an essential part of the TCM experience for many viewers. I feel so good about this, I decided to add another $25 to my annual support of the, uh, whatever that moving image archive and museum is called in Astoria, NY. BTW, if anyone has any info tabout giving $$$ to TCM's film restoral efforts, please post here. I can't seem to find any direct info on it.
  2. MuveeLuvr

    Unlisted shorts?? This is nutty.

    Gee, thanks for telling us about unlisted shorts after they appear. I guess there's odd comfort in knowing it was missed. I called the TCM message line twice (404-885-5535) over 3 days to register a complaint about this, but got a nice gal's voice telling me the line's message box is full. Full? (Wonder why?) This dumb no-listing policy really has me ticked, and I spoke with 3 neighbors who feel the same. One of them even got so ticked he simply stopped watching TCM, The shorts were a mainstay of his viewing. If I can find another number or email address to complain to, I'll try to pass it on here (after I vent thru those channels until I'm exhausted). But at this point I'm really, really disappointed with TCM.
  3. MuveeLuvr

    Unlisted Short Aired Today

    Sad to say, the TCM EXTRAS aren't in the listings since a couple of weeks ago, all the way to the end of March (!@#&*). No way I'm leaving my recorder on for 24 hours every day. Does this mean (gasp!) that EXTRAS are no longer being listed? I often watch TCM just to catch an EXTRA at the end of movies I've already seen. Anyone know the url of the Complaint Department?

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