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    TCM: time to air Blade Runner

    I'd love for TCM to air Blade Runner someday. It is one of the best movies ever made, and a classic in every sense of the word. Would make a perfect double billing with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Blade Runner should appeal to fans of classic cinema. It's basically a film noir in a futuristic setting. Harrison Ford's Deckard is not unlike the type of roles Bogart would have played. Sean Young's android Rachael has a 40's femme fatale look to her. The soundtrack is jazzy and bluesy. And in the original theatrical version there's a voiceover narration. And while they're at it, TCM should also air A Clockwork Orange sometime too. As dark and provocative as it is, it is a classic. It's time for TCM to start airing more of the classics of the last 30-40 years. Remember, A Clockwork Orange is 41 years old - which means that when it's older now than Casablanca or Gone with the Wind were at the time. And Blade Runner is 30 years old, making it older than The Sound of Music was at the time... Edited by: soniquemd21921 on Mar 26, 2012 10:41 PM
  2. soniquemd21921

    TCM: time to air Blade Runner

    The term your looking for is "dystopian". The first film in that vein was Metropolis, which was arguably the first true sci-fi film. Now that's a movie ahead of its time by several decades (just like 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner were decades ahead of their time - which is why they hold up so well today).
  3. soniquemd21921

    Maltin: On the money or off-target?

    Sometimes he gets it right, but many other times he doesn't. He definitely has a tendency to overrate any movie from the 30s or 40s (it's rare for him to go lower than 3 stars for those). And then there's his truly awful ratings: 1.5 for Blade Runner and 2.0 for Taxi Driver and The Shining. I'm going to be totally honest here, and I'm not trolling in the least: I definitely think 30s and 40s movies do have a tendency to get vastly overrated, and a large number of them are vastly overrated. I can't stand musicals, and melodramas are boring, dreary, and bordering on unintentionally goofy at times.
  4. soniquemd21921

    Actors/Actresses Who IRRITATE You!

    Joan Crawford. Annoyingly over the top; her acting straddles the line between awful and unintentionally hilarious. Also the least attractive lead actress of that era. And, of course, Jane Fonda and Sean Penn, for reasons I've already mentioned here. (Dis) honorable mention: Mickey Rooney. "If you stepped on Mickey Rooney, he'd still turn around and smile." Edited by: soniquemd21921 on Mar 24, 2011 11:06 PM
  5. soniquemd21921

    Only 26 year old that loves TCM?

    I'm 23 myself.
  6. soniquemd21921

    AMC is totally ripping off TCM

    The other thing I'm not 100% about also is why TCM airs post-1950 Warner Bros. films on a very limited basis. If the Turner library is now incorporated into the post-1950 Warner film library, and TCM has to license the films from Warners, then why do the post-1950 WB titles air very seldomly?
  7. soniquemd21921

    AMC is totally ripping off TCM

    I'm aware that the Turner catalog is now owned by Warner Bros., but my point was that I almost never see the Turner-owned Warner Bros. titles on any network other than TCM, TNT or TBS, which is why I was surprised to see The Dirty Dozen on AMC.
  8. soniquemd21921

    AMC is totally ripping off TCM

    Speaking of AMC, I caught The Dirty Dozen on AMC the other night. This is one of those Turner library films, so why is a Turner film airing on a a network that isn't owned by Warner since I was under the impression that TCM/TBS/TNT had exclusive rights to the Turner catalog?!
  9. soniquemd21921

    This is awful

    It's TCM's 31 Days of Oscar, they always do this every February.
  10. The Goldwyn Follies. I caught this on TCM a while back and I could not believe how god-awful it was. A producer decides to start making films based on the opinions of average people, where everything is "happy"? Please! And don't get me started on all those musical numbers this thing had. For all the people who complain about how there hasn't been any good movies made in the last 30 years, here's a film that's proof that there have always been, and always will be, crap movies.
  11. soniquemd21921

    And the worst "classic Hollywood" movie of all time is...

    Didn't Gershwin die when he was writing the score to this film?
  12. soniquemd21921

    Going My Way--NOT

    Why on earth did The Greatest Show On Earth win best picture?!
  13. soniquemd21921

    40s vs. 50s hairstyles

    The long hair that girls had in the 40's made them look really sexy, and while many girls in the 50's still had that beautiful flowing hair, like Anne Francis, I'm no fan of that rather unflattering ultra-short hair look that seems to have been in vogue in the 50's. It aged girls badly: Compare how sexy Jane Wyman was in the 40's: in Johnny Belinda she looked like a teenager, but by the time of Magnificent Obsession she had that ultra-short hair and looked like she was pushing 50. Audrey Hepburn was IMO the only one that was able to pull that really short-hair look off. On others it looked unflattering and not sexy. Edited by: soniquemd21921 on Feb 5, 2011 7:13 PM
  14. 1987 - so I'm now 23; I've been into older movies off-and-on since late 2005. My favorite film from the year of my birth is Good Morning Vietnam.
  15. soniquemd21921

    40s vs. 50s hairstyles

    Yeah that's the type of short hair style I like on girls. These are the hairstyles I was specifically referring to as being unflattering (IMO): Wyman was pushing 40 but looks like my grandmother in that pic (actually, that's sort of accurate: when she was a teen she was said to resemble both Wyman and Claudette Colbert)
  16. soniquemd21921

    Focus on Fritz Lang

    Gloria Grahame: Delicious!
  17. soniquemd21921


    As much as I loathe Jane Fonda's political views, I will admit that she certainly was a looker in the 60's.
  18. soniquemd21921

    40s vs. 50s hairstyles

    Not sure what to call this hairstyle that Gene Tierney has here: || Looks like a bun style to me.
  19. soniquemd21921

    Who was actually better: STREISAND or HEPBURN?

    Audrey Hepburn, naturally. Streisand is for poofs.
  20. I'm not homophobic at all, I'm just curious: why does Joan Crawford have such an enormous gay male following? Is it because of her appearance or her over-the-top acting, or that film Mommy Dearest, or...I dunno. It seems that much of her gay male following is based on her character in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, although Johnny Guitar seems to have a lesbian following as well, no? (BTW, the only Joan Crawford film I like is Mildred Pierce.) Edited by: soniquemd21921 on Jan 26, 2011 10:42 PM
  21. soniquemd21921

    Please stop showing political movies.

    I was the one who mentioned Fonda and Streisand. I didn't mean that all their films were political, I meant that I could not stand them personally, particularly Jane Fonda for that North Vietnam trip.
  22. soniquemd21921

    Please stop showing political movies.

    The Way We Were and Julia.
  23. soniquemd21921

    Please stop showing political movies.

    I too dislike political films that present one-sided views, like Michael Moore's "documentaries" and Oliver Stone's wackjob conspiracy theory films. Heck, anything starring Barbra Streisand or Jane Fonda, for that matter. Why didn't Hanoi Jane's career dry up after her little trip to Vietnam? Edited by: soniquemd21921 on Jan 31, 2011 12:59 PM
  24. soniquemd21921


    Anne Francis (RIP): Yum, yum, yum!
  25. soniquemd21921

    Gail Russell

    I had heard of her name before, but I hadn't really paid attention to her until the other night when I caught "The Uninvited" on TCM. Damn, what a babe! After reading her wiki biography, it's quite depressing what happened to her: sounds like she drank herself to death, and was only in her 30's when she died.

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