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    Theme of the month: American Civil War Movies

    Holy Hannah! This is the first I have heard of a Twilo Zone (Laura, what's with all those walnuts?) . . . uh . . . Twilight Zone dramatization of the great "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"! Can you tell me the year of the episode and where it might be available for viewing? I mean, that Bierce story is the Nuts! Have you or anyone else here seen the "Creepy" magazine rendition of this classic story?
  2. DofEarl

    The Anti-War Theme

    I've heard the cliche' "The best war films are anti-war films," but are there any good war films made WITHOUT the "war-is-hell" perspective? Is this even possible?
  3. DofEarl

    The Anti-War Theme

    Thanks for prompting some definitions. I'll define "war movie" in your second sense--movies that have war themes, plots, and settings--explosions, good/bad soldiers, politicians, boot camps, prison camps, people being blown to bits and all that. The whole military scene. Maybe it's morally impossible to make an honest war film without it being propaganda. You know, you have two options, both of which become propaganda messages in time of war: "War is hell and is never justifiable" (pacifism) or "War is hell, but it's necessary anyway" (pick the political justification). Maybe it's a daft question. And you exactly comment on my point with a conclusion I'm coming to, probably for that very reason: "I can't think of any serious war film that maintains that war is a totally positive enterprise. (I'm sure someone else can, though.)"
  4. DofEarl

    Great Lines From Westerns

    How can we leave out "The Outlaw Josey Wales?" It's got some of the best dialog in movies, period, not merely Western. Wales: "Boy, you get them holes to leakin', I'm gonna whomp you with a knotted plowline." Kid: "Hell, I'm as pert as a ruttin' buck!" Carpetbagger: No, no, Mr. Wales; there is such a thing in this country as justice!" Wales: "Well, Mr. Carpetbagger, we got a thing in this territory called a Missouri Boat Ride."

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