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  1. I like this one, too, with Lionel Barrymore hiding from the authorities disguised as an elderly woman, while seeking revenge on those who wronged him. Devil Doll (1936) touts pretty impressive special effects, as well, considering when it was filmed.
  2. darrylfxanax

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    A couple of films I’d love for TCM to air are both from Paramount, I believe. Elephant Walk (1954) and Teacher’s Pet (1958) showing up on the schedule would be wonderful! Both are probably available to view online somewhere, and I believe I’ve got pretty good VHS copies I recorded decades ago in one of the 16 boxes of video cassettes I can’t part with. It’s just more of an event when shown on the channel and commented on by all who watch and post their thoughts.
  3. Charles Busch as Angela Arden in 2003's Die, Mommie, Die! has become a favorite of mine.
  4. darrylfxanax

    Mary Astor Doc

    Tops on my wish-list of Mary's films I'd love to see would be Desert Fury (1947. Sounds like it's right up my alley, and I've read that Mary's daughter says the character she portrays in it is the role most like her mother in real life.
  5. darrylfxanax

    Mary Astor Doc

    Yes, I hope this great documentary will be shown on TCM for all to enjoy. I was able to see it premiered at the TCM Film Festival this past April and came away knowing so much more about Mary's childhood under the thumb of her domineering parents, as well as her custody battle for her young daughter. As many know, Mary had kept a diary of her most intimate relationships. Her ex-husband hoped to use it against her to obtain sole custody of their daughter, Marylyn. All of this was playing out as Mary was filming the classic Dodsworth. For a nice writeup of the documentary, and it's talented creator, Alexa Foreman, please refer to the TCM Film Festival Forum section under SueSueII and scroll to the May 31st entry for SueSue Applegate's article.
  6. darrylfxanax

    High Class Pornographic Films

    Perhaps Caligula (1979) would fit the bill. It was produced by the magazine Penthouse.
  7. darrylfxanax

    Movies You Want to End Differently

    Oh, Cave Girl, if only! Since it is Xanax, I can't remember where I put it!
  8. darrylfxanax

    Movies You Want to End Differently

    This is a recent (fairly) favorite of mine. I admit, with no embarrassment, that I saw it six times in the theater, as it descended from first-run houses to the "dollar" theater. Each time I took someone I knew would be intrigued. I know there are many out there who didn't appreciate Haynes' homage to Sirk, if it can be called that. But with the angles that would have been unexplorable in the '50's, I bought into it completely. Without giving too much away for those who might want to enjoy this for the first time, I will say things don't work out for Julianne Moore and Dennis Haysbert. With her marriage over, and him leaving town, there is a very moving farewell scene at the train station, while the Elmer Bernstein score (I believe his last) swells.
  9. darrylfxanax

    Movies You Want to End Differently

    A few films that come to mind are Waterloo Bridge (1940), This Property is Condemned (1966), and I Want to Live! (1958). Guess there was only one way the last one could have ended and still be "true to life". On a more recent note, I'll add FAR from Heaven (2002). The endings, as they are, are probably one big reason these films are so memorable to me. But, can't help but wonder...what if?
  10. Sunday at 8:00 pm
  11. Glad to see that the toolbar message has gone away. At the same time that popped up, I started to get a message, in red, telling me that the website was "unsafe" when I'd sign in. Thought it would go away when the toolbar issue was corrected. Still there, though. The actual wording I see is "! Website Not Secure". I only see this on my Ipad. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. In the film "Planet Terror", part of the wonderful Grindhouse double-feature, Cherry Darling, played by Rose McGowan, loses a leg in a zombie attack. No problem! It's replaced with an assault rifle.
  13. darrylfxanax

    Early Charles Buchinsky films

    I like him in This Property is Condemned, as JJ, the sometime beau of both Natalie Wood and her mother, Kate Reid. Sort of an early role, and not a lead, but his screen time is effective.
  14. I like Margaux Hemingway getting a bead on Chris Sarandon in the 1976 revenge flick "Lipstick"! Would've posted a pic, but gave up after several failed attempts.
  15. darrylfxanax

    Unbilled Film Performances

    I recently watched A Letter to Three Wives again and realized that the always wonderful Thelma Ritter appeared in an uncredited role. True, her film career was just beginning, but it was a great part with some hilarious dialogue. It had been so many years between viewings I’d forgotten she was in the cast. A pleasant surprise!

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