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  1. 2017 The Essentials

    Thanks for the kind words. I think that's a great image of Tura, too! Don't know how long newbie status lasts! I've enjoyed the message boards for years, but don't join in the fun often enough. Lots of interesting ideas here. I agree with your thoughts regarding The Days of Wine and Roses. Lee Remick won me over for life there! Can't even imagine the film in color.
  2. Spouses & Festival Passes

    i don't believe Spotlight passholders have seats reserved for them. The Spotlight line is given first entry to the theater. Regardless of pass level, it's best to queue up early to ensure a seat.
  3. 2017 The Essentials

    Hello, Victoria, and welcome! Yes, I heard Letterman's comment regarding The Days of Wine and Roses being filmed in color. Wonder how something like that gets by on the Essentials?
  4. 2018 TCM Festival Suggestions

    Yes, let's hear it for Teacher's Pet A wonderful choice SueSue! They could invite the fantastic Mamie Van Doren to introduce and reminisce. A dream pairing! As long as I'm dreaming, I'll share a few more I'd love to see. In no particular order... Night of the Iguana Sue Lyon A Summer Place Dodd Darin Come Back, Little Sheba Terry Moore All This, and Heaven, too June Lockhart The Carpetbaggers Carroll Baker The Best of Everything Diane Baker The Exorcist Ellen Burstyn (So right about her book, SueSue!) The Bad Seed Patty McCormack Splendor in the Grass Natasha Wagner Elephant Walk ??? I don't know who might appear with Elephant Walk! Any suggestions? I would just love seeing that one on the BIG SCREEN! I'll end my wish list with Valley of the Dolls! Paging Barbara Parkins!!! Pick up the pink Princess Phone!!!
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