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  1. At least we get Davis. I'd like to see a Hayward and Russell day as well.
  2. What is the name of the film where he encounters a young girl (I'd say no older than 13 or 14) dressed as Mae West? The girl sings a song to a small crowd including a couple of sailors with a monkey. After she is done, Grant runs up takes her hand and comments "Goodness!" on her diamond rings. The young girl responds, in Mae type fashion, "Goodness had nothing to do with it."
  3. carrowsboy

    Underground Premieres 2015

    Nothing this month?
  4. carrowsboy

    Expand the Underground

    YES!!!! I guess TCM heard me.... This month they are airing Darktown Strutters!!! If you've never seen this film, I cannot stress enough how much you need to.
  5. carrowsboy

    Summer Under the Stars

    Anyone know if they will air Walk On The Wild Side for either Fonda or Stanwyk's days?
  6. carrowsboy

    Mourning Becomes Elektra

    Now you are seriously making me want to hop over to Amazon and order it. However used copies of the DVD sell for $35-88.00. While brand new copies sell from $250-400.00
  7. carrowsboy

    Expand the Underground

    Thanks for the welcome! I was being sarcastic about The Baby, but I am a huge TCM Underground (and underground cinema) fan. The first day of each month, I come straight to the TCM website and check the schedule for Underground. Then Joan, Bette, Susan Hayward, etc... films and when they'll be airing. I'm guessing August will be the annual "Summer Under The Stars" event so no Underground til September. There are a ton of Underground films I wish TCM would air. Any of the early John Waters films, Titicut Follies (haven't seen this baby since college), early Ken Russell (but especially Crimes of Passion), Pasolini's Canterbury Tales, Arabian Knights & Salo (though that one may be tricky), Ms. 45, Straw Dogs, Darktown Strutters, The Pack, Lipstick, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Reform School Girls, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, The Anniversary... just to name a few. Anyone remember about 20 years or so ago, TNT used to air late night movies under their title of: 100% Weird! That is where I first saw that weird Hitler movie from the 60s, which was more an unintentional comedy than biopic.
  8. carrowsboy

    Mourning Becomes Elektra

    Have been keeping a look out for this Ros Russell film for months now. Any idea when they'll air it again? I know it is not as important a film as "The Baby" (which requires multiple airings) but I'd love to see this film without breaking down and purchasing the DVD.
  9. carrowsboy

    Expand the Underground

    Everyone else excited for THE BABY airing tonight? Seems like ages since they last showed it.
  10. carrowsboy

    Expand the Underground

    Be sure to tune in next week (7/12) at 2am for.... THE BABY (1973)

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