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  1. Finding TCM

    Thanks, jimmymac71, Will this be the exact same programming I can see on my current TV service?
  2. Finding TCM

    I hope I have put this in the correct category to get my question answered. Where can I find TCM if I decide to drop my TV service? I currently have a service that includes TCM. But for people who are streaming, is there a way to get TCM that way? Thanks
  3. Music in "The Princess Comes Across"

    Thanks for all the help. I have listened to the Youtube video posted on here and have decided it could be "Paris in the Spring" as slaytonf suggested. It's hard for me to tell. I'm going to go with that idea. So once again, thanks for the information. I think I have my answer.
  4. Can someone tell me the name of the piece of music King Mantell (Fred MacMurray) is playing on the concertina in the movie "The Princess Comes Across", shown on Sept 15? He plays the concertina more than once. I'm interested in the first time he plays it, right after he changes the card on the flowers. It appears to have a Hungarian or Gypsy theme to it, and I would like to know the name of the piece and any suggestions for other music similar to this. Thanks for any help.
  5. Name That Tune/They Were Expendable

    Slaytonf, Thanks you so much for your expertise and research. You gave me a lot of information that is very interesting. As with many people, I believe the music played in the movie is very beautiful. Thanks again for your help.
  6. There is an instrumental piece of music woven throughout the movie "They Were Expendable". It appears to be the theme music for Army Nurse, Sandy Davyss (Donna Reed). It is playing at the dance that Sandy invites Rusty (John Wayne) to attend. It comes in when they do the dinner that Sandy attends. It is very beautifully playing on the radio in the bar after the funeral scene. I would really like to know if anyone can tell me the title and if possible the band playing the version that's on the radio in the bar scene. Thanks
  7. Manhattan Murder Mystery

    Thanks for your additional information as well, jamesjazzguitar. I hadn't even thought there might be vocals. Now I can try to find a recording with vocals and see how that sounds.
  8. Manhattan Murder Mystery

    Oh, Wow, Thanks MilesArcher. You hit the nail on the head. I finally found "Out of Nowhere" listed on Itunes. It was on the album: Benny Carter in Paris (Jazz En France 1937-1938) Benny Carter and Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra I like it because it sounds like a happy piece just rambling along. Thanks again for your help.
  9. The Woody Allen movie "Manhattan Murder Mystery" just recently played on TCM. I would like to know the name of the music that was playing during the rolling of the credits at the end of the movie. If anyone knows the band playing this particular piece, that would be icing on the cake.
  10. Laura (1944) - question on plot (spoilers)

    I agree with this idea. I think he was interested in Laura because it enhanced his image to have a young, vivacious beauty on his arm when he went out. So I think he must have thought Laura was brushing him off for someone else that evening. And if she became interested in someone else, he would be out of the picture. So he went to her apartment just to double check his feeling. We may never know, conclusively what the answer to this question is. Part of the fun part in watching a movie is to fill in the parts that aren't clearly explained in the acting and dialog. If everything were clearly spelled out in the film, I don't think it would be as interesting to watch. I don't think there are very many movies that don't have some mystery about the inner workings of the plot. For those we have watched and rewatched, we aren't even aware that some things we take for granted aren't really addressed in the movie.
  11. Robert has taken time off before during the late summer and early fall. This could be just a time he takes to R and R. Of course we are concerned for him, but I'm not going to worry because I would suspect he's off in one of his favorite haunts having the time of his life. I hope so.
  12. Inappropriate Films?

    I have a similar pet peeve. I notice TCM can have just shown a "G" or "PG" movie and then runs a trailer for a feature coming sometime in the future. If there were any "R" rated words in the upcoming movie at all, they end up in the trailer. Many times these are trailers composed by TCM, not the trailers made by the movie production. I understand the original poster's concerns and sympathize with her. The only alternative I can see for a fool proof TV session without "R" rated word is to use DVD's. PBS is no longer a guaranteed go-to station for "G" programs.
  13. Fibber McGee and Molly movies

    This Way Please "Loving The Classics" transfers movies from film to DVD. Sometimes their copies are not what we expect from current DVD's. They can look just like the copy of the film they have transferred from. But they sometimes have the only copy availabe to purchase. http://www.lovingtheclassics.com/this-way-please-1937.html Look Who's Talking According to the review for this movie collection, Look Who's Laughing is one of the movies included. You be the judge. http://www.amazon.com/Lucille-Ball-Comedy-Collection-Volume/dp/B005H8DHN2/ref=pd_cp_mov_0
  14. Music From "The Shop on Main Street"

    Thanks to **whistlingypsy** and *Metry Road* for their posts. This is exactly what I was hoping to receive. All of the links to YOUtube are just what I wanted. Thanks
  15. I would really like to know more about the musical piece Mrs. Lautman play on the wind up phonograph. I would like to know the name, possibly where I could purchase a recording of that version (if possible) or a source to find other music of that genre. I recognize it as being music often applied to Jewish themes of the 1900-1930 time period. I would also like a name for that style of music for further reference if anyone knows what that music is called. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I really liked that piece.

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