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  1. While I admire Dick Powell for his noir films, I find nearly all of his musicals tough to take. Not his fault but I really, really hope Warren William (and all of his wonderful pre-code films) is the SOTM pick for December.
  2. lydecker

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    We'll see . . .
  3. lydecker

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    Warren William for sure!
  4. And, about time . . .She still deserves to be a SOTM!
  5. lydecker

    Well, It's happened again. . . .

    I think Robert Preston is fabulous in just about anything he does from noir to musicals (especially Victor/Victoria!) I'm a major fan of this guy and know he deserves a SUTS Day or to be a SOTM.
  6. And, besides, everybody LOVES Myrna Loy!
  7. I've been worried that we will never ever again see the likes of the more esoteric (like Kay Francis, etc.) actors for SOTM but I thought it was a good sign that they selected Leslie Howard for June. I think at least a couple of the SOTM selections per year should be for the 1930's and 1940's stars who "had their day" but aren't well known today except for those of us who are mad about classic films. But, having said that, I have absolutely had it with Judy Garland, Kate Hepburn, John Wayne and Natalie Wood as SOTM again! I like them all but enough is enough! They already get lots of airtime since their films are constantly played in the regular TCM rotation.
  8. Yes, they barely scratched the surface on wonderful character actors/actresses the first time around!
  9. They could do that again, any time, so far as I'm concerned!
  10. 2018 has been rather light, so far, on female SOTMs. Thus far, we've had only Elizabeth Taylor and Marlene Dietrich while, for male SOTMs, we've had (or have coming up) Charles Boyer, William Holden, Leslie Howard, Steve McQueen and Dean Martin. October's designee has lately been a "horror" SOTM (drives me crazy but that's another rant for another time) and those tend to be more frequently men rather than women. Come on TCM. What about a salute to one (or both) of the "Joans," Bennett & Blondell?
  11. lydecker

    C. Aubrey Smith

    Sepiatone: Possibly "Colonel" from 101 Dalmations?
  12. lydecker

    C. Aubrey Smith

    Are you perhaps thinking of the cartoon character, Commander McBragg which was definitely based on C. Aubrey??
  13. lydecker

    Films of 2018

    Wow. "Only" $148 million. Actually, this is one of the best Star Wars films in recent memory. An actual plot and lots of wit. Go see it!
  14. lydecker

    This Month on TCM: May 2018. Did I miss it?

    Wow. May, 1999 promo on TCM. Wonderfully written and produced including original lyrics and music, all for a "This Month on TCM" promo. No Wine Club shilling, No Back Lot BS. Those were the days . . .
  15. lydecker

    Allyn Ann McLerie (1926 – 2018)

    No idea she was in All The President's Men! Really liked her in Calamity Jane.

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