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  1. Forgot about that one. Love it!
  2. Pretty much all of my favorites are here. How about you?
  3. lydecker

    Glenda Farrell finally gets her due.

    Slight correction needed on this article: "Farrell is the only member of the acting profession whose grave is located in the cemetery of the United States Medical Academy." Should be: United States Military Academy.
  4. lydecker

    Glenda Farrell finally gets her due.

    I am over the moon about Glenda Farrell as SOTM in November. Though I have seen 99% of what she has done, I'll be recording all month.
  5. lydecker

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    I think another problem with January/Kathryn Grayson is that it comes directly on the heels of Dick Powell as December SOTM. While Dick Powell did other genres there is an abundance of his early musicals in December (wishing ONE MORE TIME that Warren William had gotten the December SOTM nod!) and a shift in emphasis away from musicals would have seemed appropriate for January.
  6. lydecker

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    Hey, I worship Gershwin. But, Gershwin is about as far from Jeannette MacDonald & Kathryn Grayson "over the top" operatics as it gets. Now that I think of it, Porgy & Bess is probably the rare "opera" that I do enjoy, completely due to the Gershwin genius. No "Indian Love Call" in sight!
  7. lydecker

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    I agree that if she had done something other than musicals those of us who are not too thrilled about her January SOTM designation would be happier. The only non-musicals I can find in her filmography are Andy Hardy's Private Secretary (the MGM "try out" series for ingenues!) and The Vanishing Virginian.
  8. lydecker

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    Not musicals, per se (though I admit it is not my favorite genre.) In my case, "operatic-style" musicals make me cringe. They just come off as too silly to me.
  9. lydecker

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    I have nightmares thinking about a Kathryn Grayson/Jeannette MacDonald Film Festival with the two of them warbling away ad nauseum.
  10. lydecker

    January 2019 Schedule Up!! SOTM Kathryn Grayson

    I agree. Horrible choice!!! And they still can't designate George Sanders, Joan Bennett or Joan Blondell??????
  11. lydecker

    Una Merkel News!

    I totally agree. So many actor bios are so poorly written and edited. Often getting them is more a case of "it's better than nothing." I have held off on buying a couple of bios (Una Merkel and George Brent) for that very reason. But, I think the publisher knows they will never reach the library shelves so you are pretty much screwed if you are interested in even some of the content.
  12. lydecker

    December 2018 Schedule is up

    Totally agree. There are Dick Powell films constantly!! However, I figured Powell would get picked over Warren William since Warren William is less well known (which is why he should have been selected!)
  13. lydecker

    Battle Cry

    Only caught a bit of Battle Cry today (though I have seen it many times before) and I was reminded once again about how many great performances are in it. Van Heflin, James Whitmore, Nancy Olson, John Lupton and, probably the best performances ever, by Aldo Ray and Tab Hunter. Kudos to Raoul Walsh. Lydecker
  14. Or, you could do practically a whole day around: "Movies Where Errol Flynn and Michael Curtiz Drove Each Other Crazy!"
  15. I love them and I always download the ones you've done of my schedules past and present. Very special. Thanks.

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