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  1. lydecker

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    Absolutely. He had a marvelous, distinctive voice.
  2. lydecker

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    Loved this guy. He was a great addition to any film he was in, despite the size of the part!
  3. lydecker

    TCM has a new owner

    TCM is already running commercials!! I laugh every time they say: "We are commercial-free." What about: "Join TCM BackLot." "Join TCM Wine Club." "Buy DVDS, books, etc." What is amusing is, if you have any old recording of TCM films from, say, 5 years ago, you realize the breaks between films were generally filled with film-related stuff, such as interviews, shorts, etc. Now the breaks are longer and they are selling TCM programs and products ad nauseum.
  4. lydecker

    Starring John Boles March 4

    Jeffrey Lynn was such a stiff!!!
  5. lydecker

    Starring John Boles March 4

    You said it! I have been counting down The F---ing 31 days!
  6. lydecker

    Starring John Boles March 4

    He did another Shirley Temple film, The Littlest Rebel, in 1935 as well.
  7. Hey, I may be the only one but I am excited about TCM giving a small tip of the hat to John Boles. His acting style was "of its time" but he always put in a fine and believable performance. And, I recently found out that he was a fine singer, too.
  8. These are some of my favorite portrayals ever. (Bette Davis in Baby Jane excepted!)
  9. lydecker

    And Your Favorite Howard Hawks Film Is...?

    Only Angels Have Wings (Way out in front as my #1) The Big Sleep Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Ball of Fire Scarface
  10. lydecker

    Woody Allen has been shelved

    OK. Clearly I was under-caffeinated when I posted! It has been corrected.
  11. lydecker

    Woody Allen has been shelved

    Another "middle-aged man sleeping with a teenager" plot? Doesn't Woody have anything but art imitating life in his repertoire?
  12. lydecker

    OK, I'm back(...and where I've been)

    So very, very sorry to hear about the death of your wife. I can't even imagine how difficult that is. Hang in there. Lydecker
  13. lydecker

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    Really glad to see that Leave Her To Heaven is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
  14. lydecker

    Favorite Movie Lines

    "I should be sincerely sorry to see my neighbors' children devoured by wolves."
  15. lydecker

    Glenda Farrell as SOTM November 2018

    Nor is there anything "wrong" (or less laudable) in working consistently for decades and handing in stellar performances on a consistent basis. I'm going to check out his intros tonight and see if he is any more enthusiastic about Glenda. So far, he's really bugging me . . .

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