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  1. lydecker

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Well, you would know! How did they miss getting their hands on a "classic" like that???
  2. lydecker

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    I must ask: Has "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" every made it to TCM Underground? Seems like a perfect film for TU.
  3. lydecker


    Lots of wonderful schedules this time around so time to give a round of applause to: SansFin: Your selection of Vera Kholodnaya for the "What If She Had 100 Years" inspired me to find out more about her. What a fascinating career and life and what a tragedy she died so young. I loved "Hump Day" and "Variable Movies" along with "Black Friday" and Ronald Colman as your SOTM. Bravo! Stevo: Donald O'Connor is a brilliant SOTM selection as is Stephen King as your TCM Host. "Butlers" was fun (we were obviously thinking along the same lines!) and I am a huge fan of Saul Bass so I was really glad you selected him for some special recognition. Finally "Deborah Kerr Wrangles Unruly Children" was truly inspired -- I absolutely laughed out loud. Great schedule, as always. CinemaInternational: I liked the "2 Sides of Mary Tyler Moore" and "Actresses Directed by Their Husbands" (very clever!) along with "Long Time, No See, TCM." Your choice of production designer Alexander Golitzen was terrific and Carole Lombard as the "What If" actress was perfect -- She could go between screwball comedy and serious drama with ease and her death was a huge loss for Hollywood and all of us. Another wonderful schedule by CI. Speedracer5: Wow. So much to like here. "Christmas with Barbara Stanwyck," Jean Harlow as your "What If" actress (I seriously considered her, too) "5 W's and an H," Flashbacks, the "Perfect Lineup" and your Carole Lombard salute. (She got a lot of love from you and CinemaInternational.) Best of all was your selection of Rod Serling as your TCM Host -- I can absolutely see him in that role. Tough decision since I liked so much in all the schedules but, my vote goes to Speedracer5. Great, great job, Speedy!
  4. Al Pacino in The Godfather Trilogy Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind
  5. lydecker

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    12 years!! Never would have thought that . . .
  6. While I think I know the rationale for TCM having added TCM Underground a few years ago -- Get "younger demos!!!" Acquire films for a cheaper price than you would pay for "classic films," etc. -- I must confess that I rarely, rarely watch it. Most of the offerings seem to me to be less underground and more drive-in/went-straight-to-home-video rejects. I mean titles like Motel Hell and Eye of the Devil do not exactly inspire me to tune in. Which makes me wonder . . . do other people on the boards consider TCM Underground "Must See TV?"
  7. lydecker

    Noir Alley

    Totally agree. And, be safe!
  8. lydecker

    Noir Alley

    I noticed that as well and one of the things thing that made her look especially bad was that really, really unflattering wig -- another "punishment" from Hughes via Preminger, I'm sure. I also think they deliberately lit her poorly -- again, to screw with her. Preminger probably had "plausible deniability" about the poor lighting since they were on such an accelerated shooting schedule but I'm sure he did his best to make her look as bad as possible. No doubt Hughes was hoping to completely scuttle Simmons' career by putting her in a film looking less than her usual gorgeous self, playing such an evil character but, the joke was on him! -- Her performance showed other studios that she had a lot more range than they might have originally thought. In any event, Eddie M's remarks about what she went through at the hands of Hughes and Preminger (especially that slapping incident) was pretty hard to take though, I have to admit, Mitchum's taking on Preminger: "Is that slap hard enough for you, Otto?" absolutely cracked me up.
  9. Ah, I am an idiot. Sorry about that. How about . . . Next: Actor or actress who father or mother was "in the business" though not necessarily as an actor.
  10. lydecker

    Ben Mankiewicz & Keith Carradine

    I think Carradine really shines as part of a duo, where there is a back and forth exchange. He'd be a catch for TCM and clearly knows his film history. As far as The Essentials goes, I wouldn't mind it returning but perhaps as a once a month program as opposed to every week. That way, there would be better film selections and (hopefully) no repeats over the course of the year.
  11. Wow. If they would do it, I think we have a great new The Essentials team. I was so impressed by Carradine's knowledge and ease during his recent guest programmer stint. He and Ben seem to really work well together and of course, they are both "legacies" of Old Hollywood. I know Keith C. is working on Madame Secretary but Alec Baldwin has/had other gigs as well and managed to do the tapings. What do you think?
  12. Film with food mentioned in the title.
  13. lydecker


    Frank Morgan Susan Hayward James Dean and, the King of Scenery Chewing: Mickey Rooney!
  14. lydecker

    November 2018 schedule is up

    Glenda Farrell as SOTM!!! How great is that??

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