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  1. So, tell, tell about Tom Hanks . . .
  2. I had a client that was a pet food company and also did a ton of work for Hoover vacuums so you cannot even imagine the number of animals and kids I had to work with through many years of commercial production. The commercial we shot which starred Mary Kate involved using the same cat in every scene. So, I decided to use my own cat since he had been shot many times and was somewhat of a "pro" when it came to doing what he was asked to do while being filmed. However . . . there was a scene in the commercial where the cat had to be rained on pretty mercilessly and I wasn't going to make my cat endure that!! So, we hired a look-alike, "stunt" cat to do that one scene. Well, "stunt cat" would have NOTHING to do with being rained upon so, in the end, we had to use my cat, anyway. Like the pro he was, he did the scene in a couple of takes and, after being blow-dried and given some warm milk, he was ready and willing to do the next scene. Pretty funny.
  3. One more thing about Mary Kate. The commercial we were filming was for a pet food company and it takes a LONG TIME to work with animals. We had started shooting at 8 AM and were still shooting (with one more set-up to go) around Midnight. I had sent Mary Kate up to a bedroom in the house we were shooting in to take a short rest while we lit the last scene. I walked upstairs to get her so that we could complete the last shot and through the door I heard her crying to her Dad: "Daddy, I'm so tired, I want to go home." "Oh, s---!" thought I. I figured her father would say "Enough's enough" to us and take her home. Instead, as I got close to the bedroom door I heard Mary Kate's Dad say: "Now, Mary Kate, you wanted to do this. It was your choice and you have to finish what you started. Dry your tears. You'll be done soon." OMG. What an incredible dad! Fortunately, the last shot we had to film was Mary Kate laying on "her" bed next to her cat, writing in her diary. Mary Kate very nearly fell asleep on the bed as we finished the shot and the cat actually did -- it had been a tough day's work for both of them. We had joked throughout the day to Mary Kate's Dad that he should let her skip school the next day since she had worked so late. He said that she had an important aptitude test the next day and so she had to be at school no matter how late she worked. Oops! I guess she scored pretty high on her aptitude test (even at age 7!) to eventually get into CMU. Such a great kid and such a super dad!
  4. Years ago I was sitting in a theatre watching "Apollo 13" and I kept thinking: "I know that kid, I know that kid." The "kid" I was referring to was the actress who was playing Tom Hanks' aka Jim Lovell's daughter, Barbara Lovell. I was so curious that I stayed through the credits to find out who she was and then I knew. Barbara Lovell was played by a young actress named Mary Kate Schellhardt and years before I had cast her in a TV commercial which just happened to be her very first acting gig. She was probably 6 or 7 at the time, gave an incredible performance and worked for hours and hours without complaint. Way to go, Mary Kate! Her father (who worked for Associated Press and was on set with Mary Kate when we shot the commercial) was a super smart, super nice guy who was eventually transferred from Pittsburgh to Chicago so we lost access to Mary Kate for a while. But, when it came time to choose a college, Mary Kate decided to return to Pittsburgh and attend Carnegie Mellon University so we had a chance to re-connect. She was a natural talent from the very first moment she auditioned for me and turned out to be a lovely young woman who has continued working in film and TV.
  5. Can you remember when he played a straight hood? I'd love to check out those films. Always wanted to see him in a more dramatic role.
  6. Just saw Edward Brophy in a fairly prominent role in "Nine Lives Are Not Enough" and coming up next is "Steel Against The Sky" with Edward Brophy as steelworker. Love this guy! Absolutely one of the "Hollywood Reliables" and a great character actor. Worked constantly from 1920 to 1960 (the year he died at 65) and has well over 100 credits. He's a gem!
  7. Nick Charles as cop?

    Yep, that struck me as wrong, too. As far as I know Nick was never a cop, always a PI. I do have the Dashiell Hammett book here, so, I'll take a look at that. (Not that Hollywood follows every novel to the letter but I have seen "The Thin Man" about a zillion times and it was never my impression that Nick was a cop turned PI.
  8. Rose Marie, 1923-2017

    I thought she was great in "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and her role as a TV comedy writer on the show (in a time when 99% of woman's roles on TV were wives, mothers, teachers or nurses) was an inspiration to many a little girl. The whole cast was wonderful from the leads to even folks with smaller roles like Mille & Jerry Helper. Not to take anything away from Mary Tyler Moore but I always preferred the office scenes to the home scenes. Sally, Buddy, Rob, Mel and Alan Brady always cracked me up. Carl Reiner is/was a genius. The show still remains as funny today as it was all those years ago. RIP Rose Marie.
  9. Not a Peter Sellers fan by any means so I'll pass on BT. But, hey. At least it isn't the 99th viewing of "North By Northwest . . ."
  10. Absolutely love William Powell and Ginger Rogers in "Star of Midnight" (the best -- IMHO -- of the "Thin Man" wannabees) and, wished they had re-teamed again.
  11. I think the idea of doing Oscar nominated films in prime time in February is fine but please, please, the idea of "All Oscar All The Time" again in February and early March gives me the willies!! We've all seen the same films repeatedly with no respite in February for years and years and years. I'm sure the programmers are all out of ideas on how to present the same material since they have "packaged" Oscar month films in every conceivable way. Clearly they were so sick and tired of doing it that they went "alphabetical" last year. Keep Oscar Month if you must but use non-prime time blocks to salute other people and subjects. As has been said many times, stars and behind-the-scenes folks with February birthdays have been given short shrift for years.

    Talk about carbo loading!

    I think one of the reasons I am not a huge fan of the Tracy/Hepburn film pairings (yes, I know, I am a heretic) is because her character always comes off as somehow "lesser" than his. He's so damn smart/superior and she is consistently shown up by him. See: "Adam's Rib," "Woman of the Year," "Desk Set," etc. etc. Makes me more than a little crazy.

    I thought (think) Molly Haskell is terrific and have long wondered why TCM has not utilized her more often. I'd kill to have seen this segment where she discussed career women being dissed in Hollywood films.

    Irene Dunne is one of those actresses I was aware of but didn't really know much about her work in depth, until TCM. I've really grown to admire her, even in those "women's pictures" she so decried. Something so very solid about her work and she was very versatile.

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