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  1. TCM Primetime Themes

    Steve McQueen as SOTM. Yawn! So, I assume the July Schedule is up somewhere??
  2. Thursday is Scary Spouses Day

    Pretty weird to see Barbara Stanwyck as a "victim!" And, of course, that's the 2nd film in which Bogart is willing to kill to get Alexis Smith (the other film being Conflict.)
  3. I am loving this month's spotlight on Michael Curtiz!! He's always been one of my top 3 favorite directors and I have long thought that he has never gotten the credit he deserved. The theory seems to be: "Yes, he directed some of the top, top classic films ever, but, he was not an auteur, whatever that's supposed to mean." Hitchcock was a shameless, world-class, self-promoter who had a TV show which helped to launch the passion and adulation which continues to this day for his films. And, yes, he was a very talented director (most of the time) but he did seem to be constantly falling back on the same formula. Curtiz could and did DO IT ALL. Every genre! Most actors didn't like him but, hell, when you're a great director, you don't have time to win popularity contests and we can all imagine how difficult Flynn was to work with. The author of his bio is terrific on camera with Ben M. and has wonderful stories (sounds like he did extensive research from the Warner Brothers production files.) I can't wait to get his book!
  4. May 2018 TCM Spotlight: Movie Series

    "Heaven, I'm in heaven . . . "
  5. Thursday is Scary Spouses Day

    And, it will have a hashtag #ScarySpousesDay!
  6. Based on an old Irish blessing: "May the road rise up to greet you, May the wind always be at your back . . ."
  7. Thursday is Scary Spouses Day

    Well, ya never know about those TCM Programmers . . .
  8. Thursday is Scary Spouses Day

    Yes, Suspicion makes me crazy -- what an idiotic, unbelievable ending. And, despite the fact that Gaslight is very well made with good performances, I'm really not a fan of that film.
  9. Just looked at the schedule and saw that tomorrow's daytime theme has to do with Scary, Scheming (Sometimes Homicidal) Spouses. Sounds like fun! Which is your favorite from tomorrow's Scary Spouse Schedule? Murder on A Honeymoon? Two Mrs. Carrolls? Conspirator? Gaslight? Suspicion? Undercurrent?
  10. Definitely George Brent's finest hour!! Amazing cast (Maria Ouspenskaya is truly grand) and a wonderful dramatic turn for Myrna Loy.
  11. She is absolutely wonderful in this film!
  12. The End of "TV"

    A stylist wasn't going to be enough. She simply wasn't comfortable on camera (to say the least) and it showed. Glad TCM management finally "got it" and found some folks to be on air hosts who could do the job.
  13. I'm a huge fan of "Executive Suite." I can watch it repeatedly and never get bored. Stellar performances by everyone (I even like June Allyson and Shelley Winters in this film and that is saying something) and Holden's speech at the end of the film is killer. Reminds me of those "all star cast" films which were so wonderful in the 1930's. Kudos to Robert Wise.
  14. Flora Robson Day!

    Wow. I had forgotten all about Glenda Jackson (though I still would choose Flora Robson as my penultimate film QE I.) I'll have to go back and revisit Glenda's performance as "The Queen." She had an amazing voice and great presence.
  15. Flora Robson Day!

    What a great story!!

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