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  1. svein

    Laurel & Hardy maybe?

    Thanks Clore, that's it!...not sure how we came up with L & H...
  2. Hi friends, looking for the title of a movie without much to go on...only scene I saw was a couple people locked in the basement of a building who think they are in an enemy submarine. They run around opening steam valves and generally trying to sabotage the 'sub'. Hope someone can help. Edited by: svein on Nov 21, 2012 8:22 PM
  3. Kyle-Thanks for making my choices harder!...thought I was going to Sabrina Thurs. night, but now you've got me considering Cleopatra. What a wonderful dilemma! I also want to say how much I appreciate your posts. Always full of great information and kind & patient with us newbies...I'm going to have an amazing time at the festival and you've contributed to that.
  4. For anyone looking at booking Iris tickets online, the promo code LAART2012 will save you 30%.
  5. svein

    Free WI-FI Access

    I sent this question to guest services at the Roosevelt, and they tell me that wifi is included in our room rates, so we can be posting pictures and updates to keep all our friends at home informed and jealous!
  6. Thanks Kyle - Definitely some Club TCM stuff that I want to see esp. the 'home movies', as well as the handprint ceremony. Am I getting excited?...I've been blissed out since I booked my room at the Roosevelt in September! Thanks again for the information; I want to be able to hit the ground running!
  7. WHEN can we expect the schedule??? We're only three weeks away now...this is my first festival too and I'm dying to see what's being offered, and to start making plans.
  8. svein

    Thursday events?

    Got another first-timer question...are there other films running Thursday besides Cabaret? I'm not a huge fan of the movie, and I'm attending by myself so the red carpet event isn't a big draw either.
  9. I second the suggestions of Agnes Moorehead and Keenan Wynn, and I would add two more character actors who seemed to pop up over and over again; Spring Byington and S. Z. 'Cuddles' Sakall. Edited by: svein on Dec 2, 2011 12:49 AM
  10. svein

    Thursday events?

    Great info, thanks so much! I booked my room at the Roosevelt two hours after the dates were announced, I bought my pass this morning and now I'm counting the days! What a lovely bunch of people here on the message boards, can't wait to spend the weekend among you all.
  11. svein

    Thursday events?

    Sounds great, thanks for the quick response!
  12. I'm looking at booking my flight from Winnipeg. What time do events begin on Thursday?
  13. svein

    High Barbaree

    Does anyone know if High Barbaree is available on DVD?
  14. svein

    High Barbaree

    Thanks Vallo Have you used this company?
  15. Great question, it really is a beautiful piece of music...
  16. svein

    High Barbaree

    Thanks for the quick response...unfortunately Blockbuster Canada just went belly up, and the .com site is 'down for maintenance' which doesn't seem to bode well's probably not appropriate to say that I WOULD CERTAINLY CONSIDER PICKING UP A BOOTLEG COPY if one were to be available.
  17. svein

    Sweepstakes 2011

    Why are the sweepstakes only open to US residents? I could undertstand if the prize was 'transportation from the nearest US gateway city'...I would happily make the trek...but to not even be allowed to enter makes me feel as if Canadian TCM fans are not valued as much as their US friends...

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