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  1. jassmine12

    Women In Action

    There are many women oriented [action movies|http://www.tcm.com] like these. Amongst all these actresses i must say Angelina Joli made her own special peak. She is awesome. Edited by: TCMWebAdmin on Dec 17, 2011 10:43 AM
  2. jassmine12

    Breaking Dawn The Movie

    The triangle of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner is about to set the world on fire. I am really too excited about the movie. Movie is gonna release on 18th of november. There are lots of suspense is about to be opened this time. So stay tuned for the movie. For More [Download Breaking Dawn|http:/tcm.com]
  3. jassmine12

    Top 20 Horror films of all-time

    Here are my top horror movies list:- Paranormal Activity 2 The Last Exorcism Saw Resident Evil Piranha 3d Ghost Rider Scream 4 Vaccancy Evil Dead 2 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Exorcist Dawn of the Dead Mad Love The Bird with Crystal Plumage The Thing Torso The Horror of Dracula Rosemary's Baby Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Mr. Vampire
  4. Hi guys, I am here after quite a long time. Talking about AMC i was also very much used to it but as you were suddened by the changes in it the thing i want to say about it that changes are part of the websites and other things related to it world. I was also bit disappointed and became a user of download movies for quite a long time. But i never thought like that. thanks to TCM that i have been able to see this thread and your post. Okay. That's all i have to say. Thanks:)
  5. jassmine12

    Most Romantic Couple

    Brad Pit And Angelina Joli.
  6. jassmine12

    best romantic comedy ever?

    The Back Up Plan is my favorite.
  7. jassmine12

    There Goes My Heart

    This is really a good movie and i really enjoyed watching this movie a lot.
  8. jassmine12

    "Don't Go To Sleep" (1982)

    It seems really horrible just by its name. And when i feel such sizzle just after hearing any movies name then it becomes more interesting.

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