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    Top 10 Disney films of all-time (not pixar)

    Disney/Pixar have so many great one (both animated and non-animated) but if we limit it to Top 10 Animated, then our Composite Ranking (of all member rankings) looks like this: 1. The Lion King 2. Ratatouille 3. Toy Story 4. Up 5. Wall E 6. Monsters, Inc. 7. Beauty and the Beast 8. Aladdin 9. Lady and the Tramp 10. Pinocchio [more Disney Movie Rankings|http://www.rankography.com/movies/component/user/?task=otherusers&mode=list&catid=403&uid=70]
  2. Rankography

    best romantic comedy ever?

    Here is our Composite Ranking of the Best Romantic Comedies based on all the members rankings: 1. When Harry met Sally 2. High Fidelity 3. Bringing up Baby 4. Pretty Woman 5. Roxanne 6. Annie Hall 7. It Happened One Night 8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 9. Happy Accidents 10 (500) Days of Summer

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