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  1. MaryLyn2

    In character with S.Z. Sakall

    Thanks TomJH for a direct quote from Cagney regarding Sakall.
  2. MaryLyn2

    In character with S.Z. Sakall

    TopBilled - my son bought "The Story of Cuddles (my Life under The Emperor Frances Joseph, Adolf Hitler and The Warner Brothers)" from someone in England. I wondered why my son bought the book from someone in England. And then I saw the book was published by Cassell & Co., London.
  3. MaryLyn2

    In character with S.Z. Sakall

    I liked him in the scene in Rick's Bar in the movie Casablanca. The older German couple were showing off to S.K. Sakall their newly acquired command of the English language. And S.K. Sakall said something to the effect " You will fit right in". But he did have so many priceless lines in all the movies he was in. That is why he was so popular. My son bought his autobiography for me. I really think he was part of writing the book because "it does sound just like his character".
  4. MaryLyn2

    William Powell

    Thanks for sharing that William Powell was on today. That settles it - I am going into work to attend a mandatory meeting and then leaving to watch William Powell.
  5. Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed hearing directly from her about her Mom and her career. What a charming lady.
  6. MaryLyn2

    Lady For a Day: A Modern Fairy Tale

    I, too, had no idea who Warren William was until about a year ago. And now I try and "catch up" on his movies. And along the way I "fall in love" with other less known (at least to me) actors and actresses.
  7. MaryLyn2

    Lady For a Day: A Modern Fairy Tale

    It is a movie I always try and watch when it is on. The cast really makes the movie. I saw the Bette Davis version of the movie before Lady for a Day. Doesn't compare. Then when I saw Lady for a Day, I was hooked. It is a delightful cast of characters.
  8. MaryLyn2

    1939 Movies on today

    WHY? Oh Why, did I not check the schedule sooner. I missed Goodbye Mr Chips. Thanks TCM for showing so many 1939 movies today.
  9. MaryLyn2

    Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

    A few thoughts: The guys who played the Sherman brothers are delightful -they come across as funny, clever, sweet -oh, and musically talented. Richard Sherman gave two talks in September about the Movie *Saving Mr Banks* and working with Walt Disney. He said that the 2 actors who played him and his brother spent a day at his house. He played some of the audio tapes for them and taught them to play some of the music from the movie Mary Poppins on the piano. A video clip of the 2 actors playing music and singing Mary Poppins songs was also shown during Richard Sherman's talk. The video clip was from a DC23 event (A Disney event). They did a remarkable job - I am sorry there was not more screen time of them in the movie.
  10. MaryLyn2

    Meet Me After the Show (1951)

    I looked up the movie and there is a song sung by Betty Grable that might be it "It's a Hot Night in Alaska" I have no idea why the scene was cut. There were 8 songs in the movie.
  11. Wish I read your post yesterday. I had set the TV timer - I wanted to watch Bright Eyes. And to my surprise there was Henry Fonda instead of Shirley Temple.
  12. MaryLyn2

    Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

    I have to agree with you Kingrat. I do think that this movie will appeal to many TCM fans. Thanks for mentioning it. And I stayed to watch all the credits too. And listened to a portion of the tape recording of P L Travers discussing the movie.
  13. MaryLyn2

    Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

    Finally saw the movie! And so glad I did. Very impressed with the everyone in the movie. And so glad I heard Richard Sherman talk about the movie and working at the Disney Studios.
  14. MaryLyn2

    Looking forward to Downton Abbey : Season #4

    I can not wait! I finally watched the last 3 episodes of Season 3. I started watching Downton Abbey in 2013, I bought Season 1 & 2 and have marathons getting caught up on the show. Things were going so right
  15. MaryLyn2

    Looking forward to Downton Abbey : Season #4

    NOOOOOO! I have not finished watching Season 3 yet!

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