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  1. alix1929

    Your Favorite Cult Movies

    What are your favorite "cult" movies? Anyone want to get this discussion going?
  2. What was the last pre-Code movie you saw, either on TCM, FMC, DVD, or other source? How well did you like it?
  3. alix1929

    "THE DIVORCEE" (1930)

    One thing I like about pre-Codes, is despite the clothing styles, and outdated cars, the themes are still similar to today. I like very much that Jerry is a modern girl who works after marriage. When her hubby cheats, she sets out to settle the score, much to the old-fashioned outrage of the cheating husband. With different clothing and actors, this story could probably play today and be somewhat successful. Of course, we'd see much more skin and sex...
  4. alix1929

    Pre-Code in the Jungle

    Would WHITE ZOMBIE count too? Not too sure where this one takes place, but it seems like it might be an island.
  5. alix1929

    Great Pre-Codes in October

    Arsine Lupine is fabulous! I saw it another time it played on TCM. I also wish we had some Kay Frances movies playing in October. How about Ann Harding too?
  6. alix1929

    Three Cornered Moon (1933)

    I absolutely LOVE Mary Boland! She is always wonderful in her film roles. Is this scheduled to air?
  7. alix1929

    #1 Pre-Code Lady

    Who would you nominate as the #1 pre-Code lady? The woman who most embodies the spirit of the pre-Code era of movie making?
  8. alix1929

    Rare Columbia pre-codes on TCM in September

    Evelyn Trivia: Was she Curley's wife...? (just kidding!)
  9. Has anyone seen this? I was going through some old VHS and found this--it probably aired 15 years ago or so on TCM, and I think it was made in 1929. It is an all talkie, but you can tell it's an early one. The lead character is Olive Borden. Does anyone know anything about her other than what's on the She is very cute and looks like the personification of the 1920s flapper with her rouged lips, fringe dress and bobbed hair. I believe she died fairly young, but I was wondering if anyone had anything new to share about her.
  10. alix1929

    Olive Borden - "Half-Marriage"

    Thanks I will check it out!
  11. alix1929

    silent film crushes

    Did Colleen Moore really have one brown eye and one green eye, or is this just a colorization error? (By the way...the photo is lovely!)
  12. alix1929

    Rare Columbia pre-codes on TCM in September

    Drednm, what do you think of Evelyn Knapp? Why do you think she wasn't a bigger star? She was certainly beautiful (saw her in Sinners Holiday).
  13. alix1929


    Has this been released, or are there plans to release it?
  14. alix1929

    "Men Will Fight"

    Did anyone catch this one? I thought it was pretty interesting that this pre-Code focused on a 1940 war with "Eurasian States." The airplanes in this movie set in 1940 looked like the planes in the 20s/30s. Guess they thought that was as state of the art as flying machines would go. I also watched with wide eyes as Lewis Stone talked to Phillips Holmes on a video-telephone type machine. I liked Lewis Stone's performance a lot. He seemed very honest and gave a realistic performance. He also seemed pretty ruthless when he told his son about his real father & mother. It kind of seemed out of character. Was the actress who played "Peggy," any relation to the director? I think I caught the titles, and it looked like they had the same last name.
  15. alix1929

    #1 Pre-Code Lady

    There are so many...Kay Francis, Barbara Stanwyck, Jean is hard to make a real choice!
  16. alix1929

    documentaries that you can't seem to forget

    I saw one on HBO in 1985 or 1986 called "Radium City." It involved a town where the women were employed painting the dials of clocks & watches with radium, so they would glow in the dark. The women were taught to put the paintbrushes in their mouth, and draw it through their lips to get a nice point, and then paint...thus poisoning themselves w/radium! The cancer & leukemia suffered in this town was tremendous, and I believe as of the mid 80s, the ground was still contaminated, and a geiger counter still brings up high readings. I saw this once, and then set up the VCR to tape it...forgot to label it...and taped over it! I have regretted it since, and have never been able to locate another copy.
  17. alix1929

    Would you buy a Warren William box set?

    I would love to buy a set of Warren William! How about these: Under Eighteen Match King Beauty & the Boss Three on a Match Actually, anything w/Warren William would be awesome. I love his line in the pre-Code UNDER EIGHTEEN: "Why don't you take off your clothes & stay awhile." It doesn't get any better than that!
  18. alix1929

    Kay Francis pre-codes

    Wonder Bar -- Bleeech! I really don't think Al Jolson translated well to the big screen, although I know he was larger than life in person.
  19. alix1929

    has anyone seen the movie call her savage?

    Question about "Call Her Savage..." When does Nasa get pregnant by the husband? Is it on the wedding night, or does he actually rape her when she comes to see him in the hospital? She looks very slim & fit when she goes to visit him, but then afterwards, there's a baby. I could never quite figure out the timeline of these events...
  20. alix1929

    What Precodes Have You Watched Lately?

    Is Hot Saturday out on DVD?
  21. alix1929

    Kay Francis pre-codes

    Too bad TCM can't acquire some of Kay's movies that haven't shown since....well, forever.
  22. alix1929


    How did you manage to see this? I don't know if I've ever seen this up on TCM. Private collection print?
  23. alix1929

    Cary Grant pre-Codes

    I just saw two Cary Grant pre-Codes today!! THIRTY DAY PRINCESS (with Sylvia Sydney) and KISS & MAKE UP (with Genevieve Tobin)! They were on the same disk from Universal, even though they were Paramounts. What a shock to find two Cary Grants available from Netflix--and pre-Codes to boot! THIRTY DAY PRINCESS was a darling movie, and although KISS & MAKE UP was silly, it afforded the opportunity to see Genevieve Tobin. Has anyone else seen these two movies?
  24. It's been so many years since his death, and many theories abound. What is the current, leading theory on who shot & murdered this director? What are your thoughts and why? I've always thought this topic would make an excellent movie, much along the lines of THE CAT'S MEOW, which dealt with the death of Thomas Ince.
  25. alix1929


    Hey, I'd second that motion...Lon Cheney as star of the month.

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