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  1. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    We differ on The Last Hunt, Lawrence. For my money, probably Robert Taylor's most effective performance as a cold blooded Indian hater and gunman. This is a solid outdoor western, despite the fact that it does feature actual culling of buffalo. The final image of Taylor in this film is both unexpected and memorable.
  2. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    I understood this film about as well as I understand quantum physics.
  3. `Whatta ya mean, `Rename the airport`
  4. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    O'Hara may be more likeable but Gina looks more like a genuine dark skinned gypsy to my eyes. Maureen, bless her, has County Cork all over her gorgeous features.
  5. Ann Sheridan spoke in an interview a few years before her death of how she played a prostitute in a cameo in this film. Her scene was cut, replaced by another actress. I was a little surprised, though, that Sheridan didn't realize this was done. I can only conclude that the lady presumably never saw the John Huston classic.
  6. Well, he certainly dresses like me.
  7. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    The Weapon (1956) Efficient British crime drama/thriller about a young boy who finds a small hand gun in some building rubble, accidentally shooting a playmate in the chest. Believing he has killed him, the frightened boy runs away, and soon the London police will be in a city wide search for him. Jon Whiteley gives a winning open faced performance as the boy, with Lizabeth Scott as his frightened mother and Steve Cochran as a U.S. army man stationed in England who is also called in on the case when ballistics show that the gun involved also killed an American soldier ten years earlier. Cochran is a hard nosed type, with no real interest in the missing boy, just in retrieving the gun. Herbert Marshall also appears as an English police superintendent. Directed by Val Guest, this satisfactory little drama moves at a brisk pace and particularly benefits from its on location shooting in the streets of London, bringing atmospheric authenticity to this tale of a search for a small boy in a large city, as well as a time capsule quality to the production. There will be a final showdown between Cochran and the killer of the American soldier, who is also in a hunt for the boy so he can retrieve the gun. The most sensitive scene in the film takes place in the apartment of the former girlfriend of the slain soldier, now a hardened French call girl, played by Nicole Maurey. In an exchange with Cochran Maurey suddenly drops her tough facade and, in tears, bemoans the harshness of her life. "I am a dead woman," she says. Tough guy Cochran softens in response to her emotional anguish, showing his own human side. At one point Maurey walks to her window to peer at the night sky as she says, "I sometimes look at the sky this way, hoping that maybe some day a star will fall down and hit me in the face and I won't have to be me anymore." A few seconds later she will ask the empathetic Cochran to kiss her and when they embrace they are two "tough" guys finding warmth for a moment in each other's arms. It's an unexpectedly touching scene. Olive Films has released yet another of its strong DVD releases with this film. Sure it's a typically barebones edition but the black and white print is lovely and a constant pleasure for the eye. The three stills posted below are all from the DVD. 2.5 out of 4
  8. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    Maybe it's me but somehow that just doesn't look like a friendly smile.
  9. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    I never heard any story of Kathleen Crowley being assaulted before and am sorry to hear it, if it is true. I primarily remember the beautiful actress from a handful of appearances she made on the Maverick TV series, usually as an elegant con artist trying to out wit the Maverick brothers. She showed a subtle humourous flair in those shows, and she always looked like a million dollars.
  10. TomJH

    The Rise of Hoax Hate-Crimes

    If Jussie Smollett tried to pull a fake attack scam that is deplorable and he should pay a price for it. On the other hand, racists will love the fact that his scam is now being exposed because it will give them the opportunity to try to make a case that fake hate crimes are on the rise. They can't compare to the rise of real hate crimes. Both acts are deplorable, but the bigots of this world have an agenda so, to them, this incident is only a gain that they will exploit. They might even create a thread about it on these message boards.
  11. TomJH

    The Rise of Hoax Hate-Crimes

    Hate groups hit new high, up 30 percent in last 4 years, Southern Poverty Law Center says Hate groups hit new high, up 30 percent in last 4 years, Southern Poverty Law Center say By Peter Martinez Updated on: February 20, 2019 / 5:24 PM / CBS News 2018 saw the fourth straight year of growth in the number of hate groups in the U.S., according to a new report Wednesday from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks white supremacists and other extremist groups. The 30 percent increase coincides with Donald Trump's campaign and presidency. It comes on the heels of three consecutive years of decline near the end of former President Obama's time in office.
  12. TomJH

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Mueller report out next week. Roger Stone in trouble before a judge today. Michael Cohen giving testimony before Congress next week. So how long before Donald Trump tweets out some kind of distraction?
  13. You don't think there are genuine racist/homophobic attacks? Or are you just exercising your "brilliance" now as a Monday morning quarterback?
  14. Didn't they say that about Trump?
  15. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    First Kill (2018) So when did Bruce Willis stop caring? He cared when he became a star in the mid -80s on TV's Moonlighting, and demonstrated an adept ability at both comedy and romance, with a marvelous delivery of comedy dialogue. He cared in 1988 when he made the first Die Hard, with a performance of charm, as well as some humour, demonstrating his ability to play a more human super hero in the movies. He cared in 1992's Death Becomes Her when he was cast against type as a wimpy little man who gets in over his head in this bizarre surreal black comedy. He cared when he made Pulp Fiction in '94 (even though he was overshadowed in the reviews by Travalta and Jackson), as well as the first two Die Hards followups (though neither film was remotely as good as the original). He cared in 1999's The Sixth Sense when he delivered a highly effective understated performance as a child psychiatrist, and he was still caring as late as 2006 when he played an alcoholic, pot bellied cop approaching retirement in the thriller 16 Blocks. But some time after that Willis stop caring and just started going for the pay cheques, often in small supporting roles, falling back more times than not on macho monosyllabic performances. First Kill is another action thriller with Willis in support, this time as a small town sheriff investigating the case of a cop killed and a man (Hayden Christensen) whose son is kidnapped by a criminal looking for a key (to a locker full of stolen loot) in exchange for the return of that son. There is worse than First Kill. Willis has been in many of them, other low rent action flicks like Catch .44 (in which he was a real low life criminal), The Prince, Vice and Fire With Fire. Recently he was in a remake (which I haven't seen) of Death Wish which didn't have much of a critical reaction. First Kill is yet another film that showcases the sad decline of an actor once capable of giving effective performances (his John McClane portrayal in the first Die Hard remains quite extraordinary) into a human cash register interested only in the money and to hell with a film legacy. 2 out of 4

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