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  1. Flynn's probably concerned Harpo might try this on him. Do you blame him?
  2. Don't sweat whatever you said, Stephen. If it was an individual post or two all the moderator had to do was delete those comments, not have an over-the-top reaction and kill the entire thread. This is on the moderator.
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    It's too early to make any kind of declaration statement one way or the other. Months from now we'll know if this was the beginning of a new social movement that will change America.
  4. Judge for yourself. He's in the second photo. Not bad. Harpo seems to like him.
  5. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    He's not all bad. Don't forget he also gave her a horsey back ride.
  6. A re-posting, due to popular demand, along with an explanation. In the autumn of 1950, Flynn consented to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for a charity event that would later be described as "the Friar's Club Frolic." The event was held at the Shrine Auditorium. Flynn hosted a series of slapstick comedy routines featuring Burt Lancaster, Broderick Crawford, Robert Mitchum, Van Johnson, Harpo Marx, Betty Hutton, George Jessel (whom Flynn hated), and Ed Wynn. Flynn sang a duet with Hutton who appeared dressed as Annie Oakley to help promote her film Annie Get Your Gun. Burt Lancaster appeared in a skit dressed as a woman along with Broderick Crawford and Robert Mitchum. The sight of three macho stars dressed as women was reportedly quite funny. Unfortunately, years later the photos of these three men wearing women's clothing would appear in various mainstream and underground publications and helped foster the mistaken impression that they were secretly homosexual. From Errol Flynn: The Life and Career
  7. "Well, I like seeing other people have fun!"
  8. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    That scene where he makes Claire Trevor sing then denies her a drink is Rocco at his most sadistic. What a swine, and what a pair of marvelous performances we got from those two actors in that scene. I love Eddie G. as Rocco but, to me, Cagney's Cody Jarrett is the most disturbing portrayal of a psychopath that I have seen - up until the making of White Heat, at least. And I can't agree with you, James, that Cody is one dimensional. That scene in which he emerges from the woods at night, having just been "taking to Ma," is subtle, eerie and effective. And for one scene, at least, in the film Cagney makes it apparent that Cody is lonely now that Ma is gone. You don't feel sorry for him, of course, because he's a psycho ready to shoot anyone in the back (or front or wherever) but the actor makes the audience feel that the animal he is playing is in a lingering pain from that loneliness. If anything, though, that makes him even more dangerous.
  9. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    As played by Cagney, Cody Jarrett is a force of nature. He comes on gang busters in his first scene in the film and never lets up, least of all at the film's finale. Rocco goes out like a mouse at the end. His men gone it's him versus Bogie and he loses a shootout on a boat. Come on! That's a tough guy? Jarrett blows up a gas refinery, trying to take as many cops as he can with him. The final image of White Heat, thanks to Jarrett, is of a burning hell. In Key Largo bad guy Rocco is vanquished and Bogie is peacefully returning home to the little women. Sissy stuff! Johnny Rocco couldn't have done what Cody did in that gas plant finale if only because I can't see Rocco mounting those stairs! My vote goes to the insane one, Cody Jarrett. P.S.: By the way, while I didn't mention it above, Robinson is marvelous as Johnny Rocco. It's a great performance, too.
  10. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    "Call me a sissy, will ya? Okay, so I blink my eyes a lot when I fire a gun. Nobody's perfect!"
  11. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    "What'd ya mean you pick Johnny Rocco?"
  12. Psychiatrist who briefed lawmakers: I'm reporting Trump as a 'dangerous' threat The Yale psychiatrist who briefed lawmakers about President Trump's mental health has penned an op-ed reporting him as a "dangerous leader."
  13. "Did I just hear someone call my name?" It was a fun thread. Even if someone did post something out of line (which I didn't see, by the way), why take down the entire thread over it? Just eliminate the post or posts.
  14. It was a pretty innocent thread. Someone complained? "I hope it wasn't my knees."

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