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  1. Please point out one statement of mine of "unconditional support for Hillary." Good luck in your search. I oppose the moral obscenity currently in the Oval Office. I never made a continuing series of pro-Clinton statements. Your memory serves you ill because that is simply not true. I have always been anti-Trump, never pro Hillary, towards whom I was generally indifferent (though,obviously, I wish she had won the election instead).
  2. So predictable. You have no answers so you finger point. To view Trump as a dictator-loving moral disaster does not make me tribal. It means I think America and the world needs something better. Whether that means a Democrat or another Republican or even an independent, something better than this man is needed in the White House. Those who ignore his constant attacks on the media that dares to criticize him (in turn, send out messages to other world autocrats, including the Saudis) should take another look at their own value systems. And why do they ignore/agree with his attacks on the free press? Because Trump is "their man." Call it tribal or personality cult worshiping, whatever. It boils down to the same thing.
  3. That plane roll scene in Flight is one great sequence, with Denzel's cool headed in control performance bringing credible power to the presentation. And I'll tell you something else: substance abuser or not, I'd rather have Whip Whitaker at the controls of any plane in crisis I was on than that squirming, squealing co pilot who will be so damn judgmental of Whip after this sequence.
  4. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    The Vice Squad (1931) An intriguing crime drama from Paramount, as well as an indictment of real life vice squad corruption ripped from contemporary newspaper headlines. SPOILER: Lost in the drama of this pre code production is a murder committed in the film's opening minutes in which, after the film ends and you stop to think about it, the killer gets away with it. Paul Lukas plays a diplomat, innocently involved in a murder, who is coerced by a corrupt vice squad officer into working for him as a stool pigeon. Lukas will use his gentlemanly demeanour to lure innocent girls (possibly, but only possibly, flirting with prostitution) into inviting him into their homes. Once inside he will give a signal to vice outside. Lukas will disappear as the girl is arrested for vagrancy and faces time in prison. In real life bribes would be accepted by the vice officers to let the girls off. This part of the scheme, for some reason, however, is never fleshed out in the film. Two years pass and Lukas, filled with self contempt for his role in framing young women, breaks off an engagement with society dame Kay Francis, and becomes a lush, living in a small flat. In a bar one night he drunkenly chases off some would-be molesters of a young girl (Judith Wood), the latter feeling an indebtedness to him and following him after he staggers out of the place. She saves the despairing man from suicide by subway and takes him back to his place where a doctor tells her that he needs nursing for a couple of days. Wood agrees to do this. Circumstances will soon lead to Wood becoming an innocent girl that the vice squad wants to frame, and it will be up to Lukas as to whether or not he will expose himself as a stool pigeon (and public ridicule) to save her from prison. This expose of real life police corruption is well paced and involving. Lukas works well in his role, though original casting choice William Powell might have been better. Kay Francis is largely wasted in a shallow part, under utilized and with her character ill defined. Rockliffe Fellowes is granite jawed slime as the vice squad cop blackmailing Lukas. Third billed Judith Wood, an actress with whom I was unfamiliar and who disappeared from the film industry by the late '30s, is pretty and appealing as the real leading lady of the film, an innocent victim of the vice squad. Wood makes her character likable and vulnerable, and a genuine moral dilemma for Lukas at the end to do the right thing even if it may ruin himself in the process. Wood's warmth and wide eyed appeal in this film makes me intrigued that her film career didn't go more places. She was talented enough that she played the role of Kitty Packard in the original 1932 Broadway production of Dinner at Eight, the role that would go to Jean Harlow in the film version the following year. Wood had a auto accident which required a lengthy period of recuperation, as well as a number of affairs (including one with William Powell, her none co-star of The Vice Squad). She would, in fact, have only three tiny films roles after the '30s, her next to last an unbilled part as a waitress in Bette Davis' Beyond the Forest. After failing to break back into the movies, she worked as a costume designer on everything from opera to porno films. She once called her entire life a "near miss." She at least did have a lengthy one, though, dying at 95 in 2002. The pretty and talented "near miss" Judith Wood, with Paul Lukas. 3 out of 4
  5. Recipe stealing? That's the best ya got, Mad One? We live in a surreal world of political partisanship today in which, to some, it's okay for a President to be, among a myriad collection of character flaws, a racist, a man who had a policy of separating children from their parents and a woman abuser, having one of his affairs while his wife was pregnant At the same time, though, it's not okay if a politician of a different party affiliation may have stolen a cooking recipe 30 years ago. I realize the latter is petty stuff, not to be taken seriously. Still, that's the indiscretion that some Trump supporters would choose to emphasize while conveniently ignoring and refusing to address all of those involving their own candidate. Talk of this nature is circular. It goes no where except to further illustrate how many are deeply dug into their tribal ditches and are beyond a rational discussion. They merely want to point fingers at the other person.
  6. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    "No, you have NOT seen the last of Fu Manchu. You will repeatedly dream about me, and I will have you tied to a chair in those dreams beside a broken DVD player. You will hate going to sleep at night for fear of seeing my face again. NO MOVIES FOR YOU, Florida boy!!! Fu Manchu has spoken."
  7. Trump won't let up on it. Bullies never do unless they are somehow bullied themselves into quitting. But Warren at least showed that her claim of native ancestry is not bogus, even if it is by only a small degree. She can also make a claim to transparency, unlike a certain slimeball who won't release his income tax forms (undoubtedly for self preserving reasons). Eventually, I'm sure, though, they will eventually see the light of day after the midterms. Anyone want a bet about Russia connections?
  8. I think that David Niven is outstanding as Scotty, as well. All three actors are very impressive, doing some of the best work of their careers in this film. This was the film which really helped to put Niven on the Hollywood map.
  9. I have a feeling you may get this one yet, Bogie.
  10. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    I briefly saw a bit of it with Myrna Loy doing a naughty dance. It was a long way for her from screen siren to mother of the year in Best Years of Our Lives.
  11. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    Thanks for the notification of this rare 1929 version being on You Tube, calvinme. I don't believe it's been on TCM. Nor do I believe it is available on DVD.
  12. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    Poor June Cunningham. In Horrors of the Black Museum she will soon learn one of the true moral signatures for women in horror films: if she's a s l u t, she must die! (Unlike virgins, who may be terrorized, but will still be alive at the end).
  13. TomJH

    The Mummy's Hand

    "And I really want to thank the band. They're really giving it their all, aren't they, folks? Last time I saw this kind of enthusiasm was when Lon Chaney was getting made up as the Mummy."
  14. TomJH

    The Mummy's Hand

    We wanted to keep it under wraps.

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