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  1. The Onedin Line, a BBC series about the 19th Century shipping industry, played on PBS stations in the '70s. It used the musical theme from Khachaturian's Adagio of Spartacus ballet for its opening titles. Close your eyes, listen to the music and think of ancient sailing vessels at sea.
  2. TomJH

    Paulette Goddard-why not a bigger star?

    I thought that some fellow fans of Paulette Goddard might get a kick out of seeing the lady's 1959 appearance as a panelist on What's My Line? This was a few years after her retirement from the movies, and it's a pleasure to see that Paulette had lost none of her beauty, charm or graciousness.
  3. It was director Carol Reed who decided that the zither music of Anton Karas would be right for his production of THE THIRD MAN. It was a daring decision inasmuch as it was an unconventional choice for a film, never having been done before (nor since, to the best of my knowledge). I've seen a few posters on these boards who don't care for the sound of the instrument or, at least, find it too much for an entire film. I think, in retrospect, that the selection of this musical instrument is perfect for the film. Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), the film's lead protagonist, is a naive American stumbling about in the dangerous dark streets of post war Vienna far way from home. The zither has, to American ears, a decidedly foreign sound. Every time you hear that instrument play in the background it emphasizes that Martins is in a foreign land. The music starts at the 53 second mark:
  4. TomJH

    Hotties From Early TV

    These don't look like real cops to me. Now, THIS looks like a real cop . . .
  5. Yes, I found the Green Acres lyrics and imagery a hoot, too - the first thousand times I thought about them. But now I feel like they're haunting me.
  6. Do you have those lyrics memorized, Dargo? No matter what I try to do about it, I sometimes have the lyrics to Green Acres running though my mind. I should have spent more of my youth hanging out in pool halls.
  7. TomJH

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Retrumplicans have sold out their souls and any vestiges of integrity by supporting/keeping silent about this President's constant moral outrages. Bob Mueller has laid bare Trump's acts of obstruction of justice and we know that it would have been even worse if underlings of the President had carried out many of his screaming demands. Yeh, watch those Retrumplicans squirm as they try to please the base, fully knowing they are sellouts to any sense of morality. History will be very harsh on this cowardly crowd so frightened for their political skins.
  8. One of the great musical scores for any costume film, alternately bombastic, romantic and poignant. Max Steiner really was a genius for the mood of a scene. ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN:
  9. Victor Young's lovely, lyrical score for SHANE brings images for me of wide open vistas and rugged mountain peaks in the distance. The sensitivity found in this western is magnificently reflected by Young's strings accompaniment.
  10. Lonely nights in the big city, perfectly captured by David Shire for his score for FAREWELL MY LOVELY. Oh, that saxophone!
  11. TomJH

    I Just Watched...

    I have to admit, I'm afraid, that I haven't seen that much of Diana Rigg's post-Avengers work. Having said that, she is a glorious scene stealer as the self centred, delightfully ****y show biz star in Evil Under the Sun. I particularly love this scene, one of the highlight moments of the film, I feel, when she decides to entertain those at the holiday resort with her rendition of a Cole Porter hit only to have Maggie Smith do whatever she can to upstage her. Rigg's combination of style and ****iness only makes me wish she had been in the film more. She was my favourite performer in the all star film.
  12. TomJH

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    That's another thing about some Trump supporters (not all, thank heaven, but some): anyone they regard as different from them in any way, an "other," they like to point that out. They think it scores some kind of point. In this particular case, of course, it's also used as a distraction since the poster involved obviously has no answer to the accusations of obstruction of justice, repeated violations made by Trump, as reported by Bob Mueller, who felt he couldn't lay charges himself but left a path in his findings for Congress to follow, if it chooses. Now it's a political issue, and, as we know, the Senate will save Trump from being deposed. But history (and, hopefully, the American voter in 2020) won't. You have a President of the United States who cares nothing about the law of the land, and has to be constantly saved from his own worst instincts by those around him. His primary interest, as leader of the nation, is self preservation.
  13. Alex North's score for SPARTACUS has to be ranked as a classic. In combination with Saul Bass's title design, it creates a memorable effect under the film's opening titles. Is there anyone who doesn't feel a chill run up the back as North's music eerily underscores the fall of the Roman Empire as symbolized by the face of the Roman statue that starts to break apart before your eyes?
  14. Gorgeous orchestration for another marvelous musical score few know: Riz Ortolani's music for The 7th Dawn. This is a gem, and enjoy the beautiful photography, too, shown in the film's title design:

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