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  1. Marion Davies article

    Congratulations on the positive review of your book. Even moreso, thanks for your continued effort to keep the legacy of the talented Marion Davies alive. I hope you are able to bring more of her films to DVD, and here's hoping TCM will continue to help in the promotion of those films. I hope, for example, that there may be a broadcast of Beauty's Worth. My two favourite Davies films are Show People and The Patsy, both of which remain delightful demonstrations of her skills as a comedienne.
  2. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    Even on a Manson thread? Give it a **** break, will ya? God, you're a bore!
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Once I would have said that is a gross generalization. Maybe it still is. But looking at the comments and conservative source only postings, the constant distractions, the refusal to acknowledge the fact that Trump is probably (I shouldn't even say "probably") a woman abuser, from the Trump supporters on these threads, there is a hell of a lot of credibility to what you say, Cid. Manson just died but these Trump followers here act like they're members of a cult, incapable of criticizing their "leader" or seeing the harm that he is doing to the nation. There will always be rationalizations or, in many cases, just mere silence from them in regard to his daily outrages. Yeh, I know, some call it political tribalism, but that's been going on for some time. With many here it's an obsession with the leader himself. I have no doubt that these followers would stand by and be supportive of significant civil liberties being curtailed by Trump (just so long as it doesn't seriously impact them, of course). Is there one of them here that trusts the mainstream media? Trump would be pleased with the answer. They listen for "the truth" from their exalted leader's mouth.
  4. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Here's hoping that for ONCE Trump does the right thing, despite his sons. I recall reading this remarkable story three years ago. Rampaging elephant smashes up house but then 'saves crying baby trapped under debris'
  5. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Your favorite President? Would have been far more accurate if he had written "Your crazy President."
  6. Anyone else get a kick out of this ad? What adds to the humour is that it's not that much of any exaggeration as to the way some people think.
  7. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Is he going to lock himself up?
  8. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    That sounds fair. The President of the United States stating that he should have left three Americans in a Chinese prison for potentially ten years because the father of one of them made a comment he didn't like. Yes, America, Trump really cares about you but make sure you give him plenty of credit. America, you now have a tiny little man in a very big office.
  9. Arturo, in case you didn't spot it, You Tube has this posting of Linda in a Climax episode, ironically called Trial By Fire. Wish the quality of the image was better.
  10. Breaking: al franken...

    If I had a nickel for every time you sounded fair minded and reasonable on these threads I'd still be looking for that first nickel.
  11. Yeh, they're praying no photographs are discovered.
  12. Breaking: al franken...

    You sound like you're anticipating that a lot more complaints about various Republicans/conservatives are coming. Must be wonderfully uncomplicated for you, MM, since you'll ignore them all.
  13. If true, that's sickening. I guess the Trump supporters here won't know whether or not they object until after they find out Sizemore's political leanings.
  14. "Leave my private jets and golf courses alone!"

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