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  1. coopisclassic

    what is everyone's favorite war film and why?

    Sergeant York, Glory and Band of Brothers (TV Series) hihi
  2. coopisclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    What's with all the Coop hate? I tried, note, tried, to watch YouTube clips having Cooper in it. It makes me sad, really darn sad to read all the Coop hate. It's really having me torn apart. Being glad that he had cancer? He died at an early age? Ranting that he be the costar of Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon? Seriously they must be thankful that Gary accepted such a project... with such fine performance. Too natural and just perfect. I'm glad there is a thread created for this. I'm eternally grateful. I love Gary Cooper more than any actor and I'm proud of it!
  3. coopisclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    > {quote:title=jamesjazzguitar wrote:}{quote} > I really don't understand Wayne's complait about High Noon. To me that just shows that Wayne was a little thick. When I heard about his complain I gave High Noon a second, third, fourth look. AM I CRAZY OR WHAT BECAUSE I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING BAD OR EVEN IMMORAL ABOUT HIGH NOON! Never liked Wayne.
  4. coopisclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Photos are awesome, Coopsgirl.
  5. coopisclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    True confession: I've been reading TCM forum threads everytime. But I didn't care making an account and spill the things I've been longing to say. I wasn't, however, able to suppress temptation. I just love Coop so darn much. I just thought it's time for me to tell this to ya. I didn't like Coop at first because his name is always not mentioned, out of the list of overly hyped classic actors. I stuck for Grant, Bogey, etc because they're bumped and always mentioned. However I gave Coop a try via Ball of Fire. He won my heart. I watched many of his movies, and proven that this guy can do absolutely no wrong. So natural, nothing too corny, nothing over-acted, just perfect. And even "perfect" is an understatement for him. I hope you welcome me with open arms. Dang every night I just rant to myself and my brothers that what Coop receives now is definitely NOT what he deserves. He deserves more than what people can offer Grant or Gable. Gee, even Grant's name was patterned from Coop's greatness. (Don't misunderstand, fans of Grant, I too am an avid fan still)
  6. coopisclassic

    best romantic comedy ever?

    *Ball of Fire* (gotta admit, Coop won my heart on this one although he was a perfect stranger to me before. I only had my eyes fixed on Bogart, Grant, Peck and Taylor. Missing out on Coop is missing out on everything) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Sabrina Roman Holiday Holiday The Lady Eve His Girl Friday
  7. coopisclassic

    Favorite Weddings

    The best one for me must be in The Philadelphia Story. Haha different name from the invitation and the actual wedding.
  8. coopisclassic

    Most Romantic Couple

    Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman. Dang they were both too real. "Every woman who knew Gary... fell in love with him." -Ingrid Bergman ?In my whole life I?ve never had a woman so much in love with me as Ingrid Bergman was. The day after the picture ended I couldn`t get her on the phone.? -Gary Cooper I also like Bogart and Bacall. They're really sweet.

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