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  1. KidChaplin

    Different directors, producers

    Thanks for all of your insights, folks. I appreciate it!😉
  2. KidChaplin

    Different directors, producers

    I know actors are pros and should be able to adapt to anybody, but I would figure that from movie to movie. But I figured it might be hard for TV shows when one director thinks Laura Ingalls should be one way and another thinks Laura should be another way, etc. Not Laura's overall character, but maybe how one director sees her cry and get upset and then another director for another episode thinks Laura wouldn't get so emotional, etc. I know it would vary from what emotional trauma Laura is dealing with. But as I said, with directors being known for their own style and attack, I figured it could get conflicting. I can see Landon and French directing in and out because they both know Laura to a tee. Maybe I am overthinking the whole thing?
  3. I was wondering if someone could answer something I have been very curious about. Why do TV shows have different producers and directors and why do they seem to alternate in and out?? Example..I have been watching "Little House on the Prairie" and notice that Michael Landon, Victor French, Leo Penn and William Claxton were the directors. Why do shows do this? I also wondered if this doesn't throw the actors a bit since each director has their own style, flair or technique and it would kinda be difficult to mix them like this. How come shows don't just stick with one director? Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone, Been a long while since I have been on here, but I was curious in everyone's opinion on the newer Star Wars movies. Frankly, I like The Force Awakens ok, but The Last Jedi could've been The Last One for me. I really think it's going downhill fast. I never have taken to Adam Driver's villian. There's nothing to him. And before anyone jumps, I agree there was nothing to Hayden Christiansen either. Just my 2 Lincolns. Interested to see what everyone else thinks.
  5. What triggered the question was when I have seen old movies with hundreds of soldiers and wondered what happened to all of those costumes after shooting, plus I just read something of Stan Laurel who commented that he had packed up some of his old costumes and sent them to the Salvation Army. I can't imagine how cool it would be to buy a coat or something off of a rack that was once worn by Stan Laurel. Or any other major star for that matter.
  6. This probably seems like an "out there" question, but I was wondering if anyone knows where costumes from movies and TV go when the show or movies are done. I know there are auctions for things like this and collectors have some of it, but I mean the many years of costuming and large amounts in movies. For example, a silent movie like Buster Keaton's, "The General". Where did all of those Civil War soldiers costumes go? In TV, say like Little House on the Prairie, where did all of their clothing go from all those years? Do studios give them to the Salvation Army or thrift stores after awhile? Are the studios still hanging on to some of them? I know there are studio warehouses for props and scenery, but I couldn't imagine where all the costumes went! Thanks!
  7. KidChaplin

    Judging Jerry Lewis

    Jerry has had a reputation for being somewhat crass to his fans. But....I can explode that reputation to a degree. When Damn Yankees came to Kansas City, I waited for him at the stage door exit outside of the Midland Theatre. It was 11 degrees outside and lightly sleeting when the show ended and I was waiting at the door. Jerry came out and I quickly, but carefully, rushed to him and asked him if I could have his autograph. He looked at me with tired eyes and put out his hand so I could give him my program. He went to sign it with the ink pen I gave him and the pen wouldn't write. He handed the pen back to me and I panicked! I feverishly started to try to get it to write on my pants. As I did this, I looked up and he stuck one finger up like "Wait a minute." He reaches into a heavy sweatshirt he was wearing and produced a red Sharpie from his pocket. He signed the program and gave it back to me and stuck the Sharpie back in his pocket. I told him "Thank you, Mr. Lewis." He smiled politely and said "You're welcome." With that, he got into the back seat of a warmed up car and was driven off as I walked away. When I looked down at the autograph, he had adjusted the program in his hand to write solid and left his thumbprint in his "J." Remember...this was 11 degrees...while sleeting...and after a performance. I'd say I was a very lucky guy that night.
  8. It's been said that "The Nutty Professor" is Jerry's masterpiece, his crown jewel. What would you say is his second masterpiece? For me, I believe it would be The Ladies Man. The gags and the massive set worked well together and his imagination ran wild.
  9. KidChaplin

    Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    On The Waterfront . I knew the fame of it, watched it, and sat there afterwards like...."Nope. No effect." I wasnt really bored with it. I finished it. I just thought..."Ehh, it was ok."
  10. KidChaplin

    Finding my way thru old films

    Yep, scsu, I have seen Seven Days in May. I forgot about also seeing Fail Safe, Torpedo Run, The Gazebo, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Stalag 17 and The Great Escape. Funny how you forget things and then memory jogs.
  11. *Faye Dunaway is brilliant as *Joan Crawford & was "ROBBED" of another *Oscar shot!? Completely agree with this! I have seen Mommie Dearest about ten times and that ^^^ is the reason why!
  12. KidChaplin

    Finding my way thru old films

    Thanks, folks! I appreciate all the feedback. Makes me feel like I'm back in the TCM swing of things. I really love good classic "all star" movies like Judgment at Nuremberg, The Longest Day, etc. because I want to see how great stars mix and play off of one another. I remember when I first learned of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?. I saw Crawford and Davis and thought "Oh, this HAS to be good!" Even though it wasn't an all out all star movie, it was a dream matchup! One movie I was watching recently and didnt get to finish was "The Country Girl" with Holden, Crosby and Kelly. Holden's grit and Crosby's charm was a great match too. And Grace Kelly played the dressed down wife convincingly. Some of the more recent movies I have seen are Bad Day At Black Rock, Run Silent Run Deep, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Now Voyager & Marty. Pretty good variety, huh?!
  13. KidChaplin

    Hiding unpleasant avatars

    LOL! Now I am wanting to see what the fuss is all about. Stupid curiousity. It's like a car wreck, you know it could be bad, but you can't help looking at it.
  14. I haven't been on here in awhile and I used to go by the name of John Wayne's line in True Grit when he told Robert Duvall to "fill his hand." I haven't been able to watch films in awhile either and I am just getting back into watching some of the old classics. I just watched "Judgment at Nuremberg" for the second time and I found I was able to follow it better. It also made me appreciate the performances even more too. Montgomery Clift and Judy Garland really stood out! I also finished "North By Northwest." I say this at the risk of being blasted, but I didn't enjoy it all that much. Cary Grant was great and the storyline was really intriguing, but I thought it was a bit too long. I have "The Philadelphia Story" and "Arsenic and Old Lace" on hold at the local library as I have become a Cary Grant fan. His humor crossed with his debonair personality is a great mix. Much to my surprise, I have also found I am getting to be a big Perry Mason fan. I have only seen a handful of episodes, but liked them the more I saw them. Looking forward to a lot more episodes! I have the following on my list of "movies yet to see." HOLIDAY INN BELLS OF ST. MARY’S INHERIT THE WIND ARSENIC AND OLD LACE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY SOXER THE BISHOP’S WIFE THE PHILADELPHIA STORY VON RYAN’S EXPRESS A BRIDGE TOO FAR THE LONGEST DAY ALL ABOUT EVE IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT SHANE THE MIRACLE WORKER
  15. KidChaplin

    New name

    Thanks NipkowDisc, I think that line he yells at Robert Duvall in "True Grit" is the best John Wayne line ever!

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