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    TCM Classic Cruise, December, 2013

    If you have mobility problems I don't think you would like the Buena Vista Theatre. You could sit at the top entrance area, but it has stadium seating with stairs. Actually, anyone with mobility problems might have trouble at all the large theaters on both ships that have steps. I Iiked both large theaters on the Disney ship because they were like real movie theaters. And they also had a large built-in outdoor screen on the pool deck. The large theater on Celebrity was very attractive but had uncomfortable seats. And the Celebrity Cinema was small. I never looked around for a clock because my phone has a clock. I wish I had been able to see a Broadway-style live show like they have on all the other Disney cruises. I've never been able to meet any of the big stars! Usually they would come out on stage from a side entrance and later go back in and disappear. I did see them going to the elevator after the Sailaway Party but there were many people around them. My cabin had one half bath with a sink and bathtub/shower and another half bath with a sink and toilet. My mistake, I thought all the rooms had that. Sorry you didn't like this cruise as much as the previous ones. I thought it was a lot like the other two. I bet it would make a world of difference if they had freestyle dining. You could then eat anytime you wanted to and meet new people at every meal. I didn't eat at any of the restaurants other than the buffet (which closed early) because I didn't want to miss any programs. Maybe they should also have more singles get togethers. Edited by: tcmfilmfan on Dec 27, 2013 8:18 AM
  2. tcmfilmfan

    TCM Classic Cruise, December, 2013

    Compared to the previous cruises, I felt the Disney ship was more favorable for watching films and conducting interviews. The Walt Disney Theatre was huge and the smaller theater was pretty big. The Poolside screenings were well done. Most of the interviews conducted in the smaller lounge rooms were standing-room only but at least you had a second chance to go to them. I did miss the casino. I liked the double-bathrooms in each stateroom. Hopefully on the next cruise they'll fix the dining problems. Assigned dining times don't work well on this kind of cruise. The freestyle dining on the other two was much better. An all-day buffet would help too. Maybe next time they could include the option of seeing one of the Disney Broadway-style live shows. I hear they are very good. Overall I thought they did a good job. And thank you TCM for the open bar at the Farewell Party.
  3. tcmfilmfan


    On the previous cruises they did show some previously screened films during port times. They didn't announce which films until we were already on the cruise. Don't worry about missing too much. If you check the schedule you will see that BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, NO WAY OUT, SWING TIME, THE DEFIANT ONES, and DOUBLE INDEMNITY are each played twice. The final day of the cruise includes four more TBAs which could possibly include previously screened films (I hope not). I think they need multiple activities going on to accommodate the large crowds. The TCM Film Festival has a similar schedule of about five screenings and interviews going on at the same time. It keeps the festivals interesting. You just have to pick and choose your favorites.
  4. tcmfilmfan

    Party on board ship

    There looks to be lot to enjoy on the cruise. All the many interviews sound great, and I can't wait for the ones with Jane Powell, Margaret O'Brien and Robert Wagner. The almost nightly "Trivia With Trebek" was a big hit on the last cruise. And the poolside films look like fun.
  5. tcmfilmfan

    Next cruise announced

    The first film stars announced for December's cruise are Jane Powell, Robert Wagner and Theodore Bikel. Stay tuned for additional announcements in the coming weeks. Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Arlene Dahl, Sally Ann Howes and Norman Lloyd sailed on the previous cruise, with surprise guest Alex Trebek hosting trivia contests.
  6. The TCM Classic Cruise might not have as much access to actors as the L.A. TCM Film Festival, but I loved the interviews before and after with all the legendary stars. I hope they expand on them. The Cruise could have: 1. Special hour-long tributes with Robert & Ben interviewing actors & showing film clips from their careers. Maybe even repeat the next day if multiple events are planned at the same time. 2. A number of meet-the-stars special get-togethers and/or autograph signings. 3. Performers like Angela Lansbury, Debbie Reynolds, etc. putting on an actual stage show. 4. Bingo game with someone winning dinner with a classic film star. I'm not sure how many movie screens are on the ship but they could create new ones in meeting rooms and other places.

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