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  1. TopBilled

    A to Z of Characters

    Zaza -- played by Claudette Colbert in 1939 movie of the same name
  2. TopBilled

    Actor/Movie Association Game

  3. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Xavier, Michael
  4. TopBilled

    *A to Z of Movies*

    skipping x THE YAKUZA (1974)
  5. TopBilled

    ANN DVORAK "Housewife" with Bette Davis

    Photo 1: Dvorak and Ruth Donnelly Photo 2: Dvorak and George Brent Photo 3: Dvorak and John Halliday Photo 4: Dvorak, Halliday and Brent (not sure who the guy is on the far left) ***** She became a character actress at the end, but would still get top billing or else be listed as a secondary lead. I think she was at her best in those later roles as a character actress. She didn't let herself get typecast and she was skilled in many genres. Check out: FLAME OF BARBARY COAST (a western with John Wayne where she plays a saloon gal); OUT OF THE BLUE (a screwball comedy where she plays an uptight spinster with mental problems, which reunited her on screen with George Brent); THE PRIVATE AFFAIRS OF BEL AMI (she plays a wealthy woman victimized by scoundrel George Sanders); OUR VERY OWN (she plays a working class woman who gave up a daughter for adoption); THE SECRET OF CONVICT LAKE (a western where she plays a pioneer woman held captive by Zachary Scott).
  6. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Ustinov, Peter
  7. TopBilled

    *A to Z of Movies*

    VARSITY SHOW (1937)
  8. TopBilled

    A to Z of Characters

    Van Orman, George -- played by Jerome Cowan in MY REPUTATION (1946)
  9. TopBilled

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    Grayson's had two Star of the Month retrospectives. There was an evening of Teresa Wright films, though not when she died. They like to come up with new themes for primetime. An evening of Carol Channing movies would be right up their alley, and her passing gives them a reason to do one about her.
  10. TopBilled

    The McGuerins From Brooklyn

    My understanding is that it's a standalone story. But I guess you'll know more when you watch it.
  11. TopBilled

    The McGuerins From Brooklyn

    These were 45-minute features that Hal Roach did in the early 40s, called Streamliners. He made other ones featuring other characters/actors. But the ones with the McGuerins were a continuing series. The full list is here:'s_Streamliners
  12. TopBilled

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    TCM did not do an In Memoriam retrospective for a group of stars at the end of 2018...instead, they gave the whole night over to Burt Reynolds. I can see them doing something for Carol Channing in the months ahead, instead of waiting till December when someone "bigger" might die and get the whole night again. We'll see what happens. To say she's not a film star, or to say she's not important enough for TCM programmers to do a tribute, is a bit unfair. My opinion.
  13. TopBilled

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    She's someone TCM can still market to its viewers, since she did make some noteworthy films.
  14. TopBilled

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    St. John, Jill
  15. TopBilled

    *A to Z of Movies*


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