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  1. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Joseph Schildkraut
  2. I agree. That's probably what's happening with some of the voting. Though I'd imagine if some of those lost films are ever found and seen by a mass audience, the rating will become more accurate.
  3. Your second paragraph is related to what I just posted to Calvin. Namely how B films should not be rated against the big David Selznick type epics. Some of the comparisons people make when evaluating films are unrealistic. I mean if you're expecting a Bowery Boys comedy to be as grand and polished as GONE WITH THE WIND, then of course you're going to be disappointed and have to give it a 2 out of 10. LOL
  4. I've been around, posting up a storm. Surprised you haven't noticed! LOL I did stop doing reviews on the IMDb in the last part of 2017 because I was busy. But I have added some new reviews this week for westerns I watched. I tend to upvote some things, because I think people get a little too harsh/negative online. Like when I see something that I feel is a 7 with an average score of 5, I give it an 8 to help balance out the naysayers. Also, I feel a common mistake reviewers make and people who rate titles make is that they are comparing B movies to A movies. You have to look at it in context of what the producers' artistic aim and budget was with the film. Then judge it within those parameters.
  5. ClassiCategories

    This is a new thread. It works the opposite of 'What Do They Have in Common,' and I will try to make sure the subjects are different than that game. For example, the main idea of each round will be stated up front. Like if I said the category was 'Married to Liz Taylor,' then we would list all her husbands. Bonus points could be earned if someone mentioned people she was engaged to but did not marry. That sort of thing. Categories will focus on marriages and divorces; actor-director collaborations; home towns or home countries; children and grandchildren of the stars; movie release dates; and any other category relevant to classic Hollywood we can think of discussing!

    Has anyone else seen this Julie Christie romance drama? It's rather obscure and only had very limited release in North American when it first came out. Universal seemed to have lost faith in the film, because it bombed with test audiences and the studio didn't publicize it. Professional critics weren't much nicer. I watched IN SEARCH OF GREGORY earlier today on YouTube. And gave it a score of 9 on the IMDb. Very whimsical and charming. The whole thing rests on Christie's performance. She's in 80% of the scenes. But I felt she really carried the story well. A lot of the critics missed the point of what producer Joseph Janni was trying to accomplish. I do agree that director Peter Wood was probably not the best choice. Antonioni or Joseph Losey would have brought more visual style to the screen if they had filmed it. Some blasted the casting of Michael Sarrazin as the leading man, but I didn't have a problem with him. It almost makes the story more amusing if the object of her affection (obsession) is not a super attractive or super mysterious person. There's some really good comic relief with John Hurt who plays her brother. Such a different, quirky, fun and hopelessly romantic picture. I love it.
  7. I think the whole topic about votes for lost films is an interesting one. Does this mean the IMDb should disallow someone from voting for a film because it's non-existent? The IMDb was launched in October 1990 (over 27 years ago). It's possible that some of the votes for the non-existent films were from actors, directors or crew still living in the 90s that worked on those lost silent films. So technically a film does not have to be around today for it to have been seen by some of the voters.
  8. *A to Z of Movies*

  9. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Dey, Susan
  10. *A to Z of Movies*

  11. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Burton, Richard
  12. TopBilled’s Essentials

    Thanks CH for the comment about the victims in the story. I went back and edited that part of the review. I agree this is something Brooks probably wished he had been able to film himself.
  13. TopBilled’s Essentials

    Starting next weekend, I am going to be reviewing at least one classic film per week in this thread. I invite others to join in and share their thoughts about the titles I will be discussing. My essentials will be slightly different than what you see on TCM. These will primarily be titles outside the Turner library though every now and then I may overlap with what TCM broadcasts. In 2017, I plan to explore themes that include serials, animation, non-English language films and low-budget classics. Here is my tentative schedule: Theme for July 2016: 30s romantic comedies Saturday July 16, 2016 THE RAGE OF PARIS (1938), starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Danielle Darrieux. Studio/production company: Universal. Source: Amazon Prime. Saturday July 23, 2016 MY LOVE FOR YOURS a.k.a. HONEYMOON IN BALI (1939), starring Fred MacMurray & Madeleine Carroll. Studio/production company: Paramount. Source: Amazon Prime. Saturday July 30, 2016 THE DIVORCE OF LADY X (1938), starring Merle Oberon & Laurence Olivier. Studio/production company: London Films. Source: Amazon Prime. Theme for August 2016: Joan Bennett produced by Walter Wanger Saturday August 6, 2016 TRADE WINDS (1938), starring Fredric March & Joan Bennett. Studio/production company: United Artists/Walter Wanger Productions. Source: Amazon Prime. Saturday August 13, 2016 VOGUES OF 1938 (1938), starring Warner Baxter & Joan Bennett. Studio/production company: United Artists/Walter Wanger Productions. Source: Amazon Prime. Saturday August 20, 2016 THE HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY (1940), starring George Raft & Joan Bennett. Studio/production company: United Artists/Walter Wanger Productions. Source: Amazon Prime. Saturday August 27, 2016 SCARLET STREET (1945), starring Edward G. Robinson & Joan Bennett. Studio/production company: Universal/Walter Wanger Productions. Source: Amazon Prime.
  14. I was looking at 1918 births on Wiki. Anne Shirley and William Holden both were born on April 17th that year. So maybe one of them will be Star of the Month. My guess is that Holden might be picked.
  15. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Monday February 19, 2018 Bette Davis on TCM THE LITTLE FOXES with Herbert Marshall THE GREAT LIE with Mary Astor
  16. This thread will look at how much people watch TCM (or if they are watching competing channels more).
  17. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Ruth Terry
  18. *A to Z of Movies*

  19. First movie that comes to mind. --- geography

    SONG OF NORWAY Next: colonial America
  20. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Zeta-Jones, Catherine
  21. *A to Z of Movies*

  22. *A to Z of Movies*

    Q & A with Nick Nolte
  23. First movie that comes to mind. --- geography

    STOPOVER TOKYO Next: Connecticut
  24. Actor/Movie Association Game

  25. *A to Z of Movies*


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