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  1. I could be wrong of course, but when Robert Osborne was giving the lead in synopsis of "Run Silent, Run Deep" just prior to the showing of the movie, he made a statement that made me do a double take. He made reference to the Herman Melville quality of the ships captain (Clark Gable) wanting revenge against a Japanese destroyer. He stated that the revenge was based on the characters (Clark Gable) wife being killed while on a transport by the destroyer. If you will recall, the captains wife was not killed on a transport due to the simple fact that she was in a scene during the beginning of the movie at Perl Harbor before the captain left on patrol. I do believe that he was confusing the sinking of a transport with the Glen Ford movie "Torpedo Run" where the Glen Ford character's wife dies on a transport as a POW. The Clark Gable characters revenge was based on his submarine being sunk by a destroyer. If I'm right then Osborne really was confused. And thats not something I've ever seen from him.

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