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  1. dae666mon

    help with a movie?

    Thanks but no. I know that movie so well i can recite line for line . I am 50 years old so i am going to assume very early 60s and under. but thank you for your response. I am going to also assume low budget. Dae666mon
  2. dae666mon

    Sexy Noir Gals

    Nobody mentioned veronica lake . very hot . I know i will get killed for this but Elvis made a semi noir film called king creole based on a Harold Robbins novel.With a good gangster part by walter mathow. (sic) . I think if Elvis pursued more like this he would have been taken more seriously film wise. Was colonel parker a genius or an idiot? I think it was just about pumping out film after film to line his own pockets with money. Sad Dae666mon
  3. dae666mon


    Niagara is an awesome film showcasing Marlyn Monroe as a serious actress. Also as a male and lover of the starlets of the early days, the scene in the hotel room of mm putting on stockings is a bonus. Those were the days were a glimpse of stocking......... well you know guys. dae666mon
  4. dae666mon

    help with a movie?

    When i was a teen i saw a movie my mom was watching and i have only a vague memory of. I am pretty sure it was in the film noir genre and was also in black and white. The only desciption of it i can think of is there is a scene where someone is trying to escape someone or /fighting someone and they are at a gas pump and gas is squirted to aid in escape/or fight. Sorry all i have. thank you dae666mon( not sinister just an old gamer tag that stuck)

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