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  1. Sweden’s Guldbagge Awards by the Swedish Film Institute started in 1963. The Best Picture Winner was … The Silence (1963) Ingmar Bergman, Sweden
  2. The 1963 German Film Awards Best Picture was … The Endless Night (1963) Will Tremper, Germany
  3. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Opinion What will finally turn Trump’s supporters against him? The past week has exposed him to damage that would have destroyed a conventional president. By Max Boot • Read more »
  4. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    You mean that ever-expanding single wholly jewish state? What do you care anyway? It is all part of the brainwashing you've been getting.
  5. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I guess he still believes in apartheid too.
  6. The winner of the 1963 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language film was … Any Number Can Win (1963) Henri Verneuil, France
  7. Monday, August 20 Stewart Granger 6 a.m. Captain Boycott (1947). I’ll go with the earliest Granger. Well cut me liver, it's got Alastair Sim and Mervyn Johns in it!
  8. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yesterday on Fox "News" Rudy Giuliani said the president wants to talk to Mueller but they think it will lead to a perjury trap. His example was that the president's story will not line up with that of Comey's and that they will take Comey's word and thus say the president perjured himself. Well if that is the case why doesn't the president just agree with everything Comey has said?
  9. The 1963 Academy Award Best Foreign Language Films … 8 1/2 (1963) Federico Fellini, Italy **** Los Tarantos (1963) Francisco Rovira Beleta, Spain The Red Lanterns (1963) Vasillis Georgiadis, Greece Twin Sisters of Kyoto (1963) Noburo Nakamura, Japan The 1964 Academy Award Best Foreign Language Films … Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963) Vittorio De Sica, Italy **** Raven’s End (1963) Bo Wilderberg, Sweden
  10. Bogie56


    Opinion Another epic economic collapse is coming The debt could well grow to 100 percent of GDP within a decade. By George Will • Read more »
  11. Sunday, August 19 Judy Garland 3 a.m. Judgment at Nuremberg (1961). Garland’s best screen performance IMO.
  12. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    This morning Victor Blackwell had on a Republican State Senator who was running for Governor of Georgia. He began by playing a montage showing how Trump and his administration has lied about major issues then changed their stories when caught out (Trump tower; knowledge of Stormy Daniels' payments and several other things). The Senator called it fake news. Asked to explain he said that the truth did not matter and took CNN to task for not concentrating on the president's accomplishments. Then Blackwell asked him what would his reaction be if a tape of Trump using the 'N' word came to light. The Senator said it would matter to him 'personally' but as long as the utterance was made before Trump became president then it was not important. And remember the Senator said this directly to a black man. Lastly, Blackwell pointed out that Trump had gone golfing for 148 days and even though he is a wartime president has spent 0 days visiting the troops in Afghanistan. The Senator said Trump was busy and delegated that responsibility to others. He stated that Trump was fighting for the troops at home by getting them a pay rise. Blackwell pointed out that pay rises in the military are standard. Is there any hope for these people?
  13. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Any idiot could keep the economy going by borrowing a trillion dollars. Why are people not talking about this!
  14. My top FF films of 1963 of the 24 that I have seen are …. 1. 8 1/2 (1963) Federico Fellini, Italy 2. High and Low (1963) Akira Kurosawa, Japan 3. Over There 1914-1918 (1963) Jean Aurel, France. [I saw a dubbed version. The narration is the only dialogue] 4. Contempt (1963) Jean-Luc Godard, France 5. Winter Light (1963) Ingmar Bergman, Sweden 6. The Leopard (1963) Luchino Visconti, Italy 7. Alone On the Pacific (1963) Kon Ichikawa, Japan 8. The Organizer (1963) Mario Monicelli, Italy 9. Muriel (1963) Alain Resnais, France 10. The Big City (1963) Satyajit Ray, India Amanita Pestilens (1963) Rene Bonniere, Canada. [there is an English and French version of this film] Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963) Vittorio De Sica, Italy Bay of Angels (1963) Jacques Demy, France Hands Over the City (1963) Francesco Rosi, Italy Il Boom (1963) Vittorio De Sica, Italy A Tout Prendre (1963) Claude Jutra, Canada An Actor’s Revenge (1963) Kon Ichikawa, Japan and I’ve also seen … The Fiances (1963) Ermanno Olmi, Italy Les Carabiniers (1963) Jean-Luc Godard, France The Silence (1963) Ingmar Bergman, Sweden Zatoichi On the Road (1963) Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Japan Attack of the Mushroom People (1963) Ishiro Honda, Japan. [dubbed] The Living Head (1963) Chano Urueta, Mexico. [dubbed] Brennus, Enemy of Rome (1963) Giacomo Gentilomo, Italy. [dubbed]
  15. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I wouldn't give the dotard even that much credit.

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