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  1. 23 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Ham's reaction is typical of someone that will vote for a politician that pushes issues that are important to them regardless of that politician's character.

    I wouldn't expect otherwise;  if all those other accusations,  the 'grab them by,,,' video and just his general character didn't always change how they voted in 2016 or how they plan to in 2020,  it is silly to expect this latest (really old),  accusation to move that needle.

    PS;  these really old accusations also provide Trump supports fuel for the POV that the Dems can't beat Trump on the issues and his actual performance as President,  but only by piling on dirt.   

    While that is BS (E.g. Trump's handiling of foreign policy gets an F and that alone should be enough to make him a one-term President),    Dems should focus on issues and his performance while in office and a lot less on his character.


    Well the woman who came forward did not do so for political purposes.  You have to see the full interview for that.  She was asked about Trump's allegation that democrats have paid her or simply put her up to it.  Of course when listening to her some people are going to say he is not fit to be president and that is political.  But you cannot really blame the victim for that.  Trump is trying to make himself the victim just as Kavanagh did.  These women are accosted a second time when that happens.  Can you imagine.

    This is news, election or no election.  How many countries have leaders who are rapists and serial sex offenders and make payoffs to porn stars?  Or maybe what's even worse: how many countries where 40% of the citizens don't even care.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Arturo said:

    New York State no longer has a statute of limitations for rape.  Donald Trump can be indicted for this if the woman chooses to press charges.

    btw..... whatever happened to all the lawsuits Trump said he was going to file against his myriad accusers!?!?  That he hasn’t done this should be another reality check about the scum in the WH!


    She still has the dress in her closet.  DeBlasio has offered to look into the case for her.  

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  3. 1 hour ago, hamradio said:


    Making this claim after nearly 30 years!

    (Kavanaugh 2.0)


    and don't give me another I'm too ashamed crap. :angry:

    You obviously didn't even bother to watch the interview.  Your reaction is typical of those who choose not to believe because it just doesn't suit them to.  They mention that in the unedited interview.  It is part of the reason why they do not come forward.  That and the death threats she is now receiving from Trump supporters.

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  4. Incredible interview this morning of E. Jean Carroll by Alisyn Camerota.  This is not the entire thing but you might get the idea.

    By this account Trump should be serving time in federal prison and not behind the desk in the Oval Office.


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  5. 21814325.jpg

    I had forgotten that originally this is really a foreign language film though the version that is available to most of us and the one that I saw was narrated by Morgan Freeman.

    I will always remember one particular thing about seeing this film.  I had taken my young grandson to see it and as the film began and we hit about the fourth production company credit he declared "I'm bored."

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