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  1. This might be a fun and quite engaging thread. My favourite is the Donald claiming that he could see thousands of Muslims taking to the streets in New Jersey from his office tower on 9/11 to celebrate the World Trade Center attack. He never completely walked that one back. It sort of became metaphorically speaking at some point. Personally, I think this alone should have disqualified him from running for President of the United States. It was so hateful and inflammatory and so not true.
  2. Bogie56

    Comrade Trump

    The Trump campaign is now said to have been in constant contact with Russian nationals. Was not Paul Manifort's resignation tied to revelations that he was taking money from the Russians? Makes you wonder about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson too.
  3. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    What a soft way of saying that the hole is willing to sell out his own country and soul just to get elected. Is it any wonder that Trump didn't see anything wrong with taking help from the Russians to win?
  4. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The hilarious 'leave room for (no) applause' bit is at the start but if you have the patience not only is Mike Pence's speech absolutely dreadful there are some great cutaways to an audience that wished that they were someplace else.
  5. A pundit on the BBC described Newt Gingrich as a has-been, Rudy Guliani as a looney-toon and Kris Kristie as a criminally challenged individual.
  6. Donald Trump Junior is being lambasted by the London Press for his tweet politicizing yesterday's tragic terrorist attack at Westminster. Wes Streeting MP ✔@wesstreeting @DonaldJTrumpJr You use a terrorist attack on our city to attack London's Mayor for your own political gain. You're a disgrace. 7:16 PM - 22 Mar 2017
  7. Bogie56

    Chips Off the Old Block-head

    Perspective Why Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘loser teachers’ comment was ‘a chilling moment’ for educators around the world Three teachers — from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands — link his comment to other similar sentiments manifesting around the world. By Valerie Strauss • Read more »
  8. Bogie56

    The Appointments - Trump's Swamp

    All the best people. She was hardly qualified to begin with Opinion Heather Nauert nomination sunk by nanny issues The prospective U.S. ambassador to the United Nations withdrew herself from consideration Saturday. By Josh Rogin • Read more »
  9. Bogie56

    Bruno Ganz dies at 77

    Downfall is an amazing performance. Fans may wish to check out a very different late innings performance by Ganz in Sally Potter's The Party (2017). He is very funny in it.
  10. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Apparently Pence received little or no applause for his talking points at the Munich Security Conference. Guest Joe Biden was met with a very positive reception. Biden's message to Europe was that America will be back.
  11. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The BBC has reported that President Trump has threatened to release over 800 captured ISIS fighters if the UK, France and European Allies don't take control of them. The Allies learned of this plan in a tweet. This is the number one story on the BBC this morning.
  12. Bogie56

    Great One-Liners

    I thought maybe a thread devoted to people's favourite, or even favorite one-liners in films might be fun. Sometimes a real zinger can cut right to the chase and tell you a lot about the film and its characters. So perhaps we can give the quote followed by the actor or character and a little context. Who the line is spoken to, or what the context is. "God was wrong" - James Mason, suffering from psychotic delusions as the result of cortisone is about to kill his own son. He responds to his wife who had tried to reason that God spared Abraham's son. In Nicolas Ray's Bigger Than Life (1956).
  13. South Korea’s Grand Bell Best Picture Award of 1988 went to … Diary of King Yonsan (1988) Kwon-taek Im, South Korea
  14. Your Top Foreign Language Films Hello everyone. I enjoyed posting the ’Your Favourite Performances of…’ each week so I thought this might be an interesting carry-on. The main purpose of this and the performances thread was to gather lists of recommended films. For this thread you are simply to consider the overall film. Hopefully there will be some discussion about them too. The format for listing the films should be like this …. 1. Day for Night (1973) Francois Truffaut, France. Lots of films are co-produced by many countries. I usually just try to pick one representative. The predominant language or the nationality of the director may be the best judge. I ask only a few things of participants. First, to wait until I have changed the year of the thread before posting your own choices. Second, to go by the generally accepted theatrical release date of a film rather than the year it was released in North America or nominated for an Oscar. The imdb and wikipedia are pretty good sources for these initial release dates. Film festivals and most premieres count as release dates. I have my own rule of thumb when it comes to films that have been banned from public release for many years. The Soviet block countries had a habit of doing this. In these instances I use the date the film was completed. Films simply shot in a foreign country do not qualify. Orson Welles made a lot of films in Europe but they were in the English language. Similarly, Antonioni’s The Passenger (1975) with Jack Nicholson is an English language film. I would think that films like The Longest Day or Tora Tora Tora or Last Tango In Paris which have big segments in a foreign language would not qualify as they are primarily English language films. Sergio Leone’s westerns with Eastwood would be English language films as the main cast performed the film in English. And The Artist (2011) is too cute to qualify. If you are like me, you probably try to avoid dubbed versions of foreign films but in some instances they are the only ones available to us. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not to include them but you might mention if the versions you screened were dubbed. There really isn’t a limit to the number of films one can list but remember they are supposed to be “favourites.” That can mean different things to different people. Excellent films are usually my favourites. Please list them in your preference, i.e., number 1 through 10 and runner-ups. As in the performance thread at the end of each decade I will do a recap of the number one choices and then call for choices of the best foreign language film of the decade. We generally try to avoid short subjects or television movies. But, as in the case of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage many foreign tv movies have also had theatrical releases or played in film festivals. Those films are fair game. A film should be at least 40 minutes in length to qualify as a feature film in this thread. This time I am going to start with films prior to 1920 for a week then after that films from the 1920’s for three weeks. After that we will go year-by-year doing one year per week. Saturdays will usually be the turn over day for new posts. For the silent films, and countries like Japan which were still making them in the early thirties, qualifying films should come from non-English speaking countries. It may take a little while for this thread to gain some steam. Personally, I have not seen very many foreign films in the 1930’s. But in prepping some of this I have noticed that when going year-by-year one gets a greater appreciation of the careers of some of the directors and a greater focus on their films. I plan on mentioning films that have won major awards in foreign countries or film festivals. But as you are no doubt aware they often win these awards years after their initial release dates in their own countries. This could get very messy. I will endeavour to mention the awards a 1967 film has won while we are on 1967, etc. You don’t have to have seen many to participate. Just have a favourite.
  15. The winner of China’s Golden Rooster Award for Best Picture of 1988 was … Red Sorghum (1988) Zhang Yimou, China The winner of China’s Golden Rooster Award for Best Picture of 1991 was … Jiao Yulu (1990) Jixing Wang, China The winner of China’s Golden Rooster Award for Best Picture of 1992 was … Decisive Engagement I, II and III (1990) Pingfen Li, Chao Shi, Jun Wang, China
  16. China’s Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Picture of 1987/88 included … Red Sorghum (1988) Zhang Yimou, China China’s Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Picture of 1988/89 included … A Woman For Two (1988) Zifeng Ling, China
  17. The 1988 winner of Japan’s Academy Award was … The Silk Road (1988) Jun’va Sato, Japan
  18. The 1989 National Film Awards of India Best Picture was … Birth/Piravi (1988) Shaji Karun, India
  19. The 1988 winner of Mexico’s Ariel Best Picture Award was … Esperanza (1988) Sergio Olhovich, Mexico
  20. The 1988 winner of Russia’s Nika Best Picture Award was … The Cold Summer of 1953 (1988) Aleksandr Proshkin, Russia The 1989 winner of Russia’s Nika Best Picture Award was … Ashik Kerib (1989) Sergei Parajanov, Dodo Abashidze, Russia
  21. The 1988 winner of Spain’s Goya Award for Best Picture was … Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) Pedro Almodovar, Spain
  22. Italy’s David di Donatello 1988/89 Best Picture winner … The Legend of the Holy Drinker (1988) Ermano Olmi, Italy
  23. Monday, February 18 8 p.m. High Noon (1952). Great real time western by Fred Zinnemann. It is playing in the big theatre at the BFI in March which I'm going to try to catch. It should be a different experience altogether.
  24. I would be hard pressed to pick anything tomorrow! But perhaps this thread can include anyone and everyone's idea as to what might be worthwhile to catch the next day.
  25. Bogie56

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The tabloids at the check out counters of supermarkets are generally not targeted at college educated people. But I understand that there is a big market for that kind of "news."

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