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  1. jlundenberger

    Somewhat Off-Topic: What have you been reading lately?

    I recently read the Barbara Stanwyck biography too. It meanders a bit but it's never not interesting. I really liked the author's take on "Remember the Night." Looking forward to part 2. Just finished "Fredric March: A Consummate Actor." It made me really excited to see "The Best Years of Our Lives" at the festival in April.
  2. jlundenberger

    Younger People Attending Festival? What to Expect?

    There are people of all ages at the festival, just don't be afraid to talk to your neighbors in line and at the screenings. I haven't seen 23 in quite a while either and so 2 years ago, at the 2012 festival, I was unsure about talking to the two twenty-something guys sitting next to me at a screening of "The Scarlet Empress." I finally said hello, though, and we had a wonderful conversation. And I think they knew more about the movies than I did! Have a great time!
  3. I don't need to share accommodations but I wanted to mention that I met a woman at the 2012 Festival who was staying with someone in their apartment nearby. She had found this place through an online service that connects people with homes to share with people looking for places to stay. She was very happy with the situation in terms of comfort, cost, and convenience. I don't remember the name of the site she used but I just did a search for "apartment sharing for travelers" and there seem to be quite a few websites offering that service. Don't know if this is any help. Enjoy the festival!
  4. jlundenberger

    Passes Purchased! Who else is counting the days?

    Our fourth year too. We've ordered our passes and are counting the days. And planning our wardrobe. I'm sure it will be great!
  5. jlundenberger


    Thanks for sharing your video Cinemaven! It really has a feel for the richness and joy of the festival experience. It was great meeting you there and I look forward to seeing you next year! Jeff (of Ed and Jeff)
  6. jlundenberger

    Next Year's Festival

    If I may chime in re. "There's Always Tomorrow"... I turned it on not knowing anything about it and I absolutely loved it! It looked great and I loved everyone in it, especially Fred MacMurray. I don't think I've ever seen him so vulnerable. Would love to see it at the festival! Jeff
  7. jlundenberger

    SUE SUE II...

    Hey Sue Sue It was great seeing you at the festival and I'm really enjoying your recap! You really got around! Jeff

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