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  1. Dargo

    That's a nice car!

    Seems you like "sports wagons", eh Tiki? Then I'll bet you also liked the Volvo P1800 ES here too, right?... (...I always thought it one of the better done takes on the concept)
  2. Uh-huh, or like that whole "oysters and snail" bath scene in Spartacus with Olivier and Curtis.
  3. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Okay, I admit it. I jumped the gun here and just watched this movie on YouTube. I won't be around starting tomorrow afternoon as my and my wife's trip to France will begin then. The print I watched wasn't too bad (there were two available), as the darkest scenes toward the end of the film that were shot within the old L.A. trolley storage barn were actually quite clear. This of course means that I'll unfortunately miss hearing Eddie's insights into this film, and one I found to be quite entertaining with very good acting all around (yep, even by the ill-fated Miss Payton...pretty good NYC street accent done by this Minnesota/Texas/California girl) and nice pacing to the story. Good direction too. (...now, after I watched it, I started reading some of the comments below the YouTube screen, and one of those comments had me laughing out loud...the comment by someone named Jeffrey Jones was: "Guess I picked the wrong week to quit counterfeiting!", a clear reference to those funny lines about quitting nasty habits said by Lloyd Bridges three decades later in the movie Airplane!...yep, I like this Jeffrey Jones guy, whoever he is...my kind'a guy!)
  4. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Thanks, Doc. And now I'VE learned something new today. Never heard of this song before, let alone ever having listened to it...until just now that is and after finding it on YouTube. And now on a little more serious note... I did in fact happen to catch that episode of Ken Burns' Country Music documentary on PBS that Kingrat particularly spotlighted earlier. The one set during the Vietnam War era. And yeah, like him, I also found it a fascinating study of our country's cultural divide by means of the various musical tastes spread across this big ol' country of ours, and began wishing I had caught the other ones as well.
  5. You probably know that Joaquin Phoenix joaqued, ahem, walked out of an interview during a press junquet, ahem, junket and after some reporter asked him if he thought his new movie might elicit some wacquo, ahem, wacko to engage in some form of mass violence against the public, don't ya spence? Btw, is there any truth to the rumor that his next movie is scheduled to be a remake of those old Joe Don Baker flicks where he carries around a baseball bat, and with the present working title of "Joaquin Tall"? And even more ironically set in the city of Phoenix Arizona this time? (...okay, sorry, THAT'S it...yep, I'm pretty sure I've already had enough coffee for today...okay, and maybe way too many Marx Bros movies of late TOO)
  6. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Yes, I believe somebody did. However, because I've heard that that somebody is presently experiencing a bout of depression due to their recently having their wife leave them, their dog running away and the repossession of their pickup truck, they haven't returned to it since they started it. (...okay SURE, I know that that's an old joke, but I'm a big believer in the practice of recycling ya know...yep, that's ME..."environmentally friendly"!)
  7. Dargo

    Misleading Titles

    Ah, but lets remember here, folks: Theirs never anything wrong with being a good speller. (...your welcome)
  8. Dargo

    GODZILLA, King of the Kaiju....

    Hey Lawrence! You see that third one up there? Godzilla Raids Again ? Well, word was when they were thinking of adding some American actors to this one for its release here in the states, instead of getting Raymond Burr again this time, there was talk for a while of getting Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich to do those added scenes instead! (...get IT?!...ya see........oh never mind)
  9. Well, regarding Eddie Murphy here spence, some people never learn to be gracious losers, ya know. In FACT, I know of a guy who NOW DAYS doesn't seem to know how to be a gracious winner. You might know him TOO? He does a lot of that "Tweeting" thing now days. Usually of course containing quite a few misspellings and a lot of questionable grammar. YEAH, sort of like your average 8th grader might send out for public consumption. (...and no spence, I'm NOT talkin' about Donny OSMOND here, dude) LOL
  10. Dargo

    GODZILLA, King of the Kaiju....

    LOL "Godzilla Season"! I love it! (...of course he COULD have replied back with somethin' like: "Yeah, and INSTEAD I'm now here in freakin' DETROIT in the middle of freakin' WINTER!")
  11. For some reason I never fully bought into the idea that he was Bobby Darin in that movie. I know that that was a passion project of his and he gave it his all, but still, I only saw it as Spacey valiantly attempting to channel Darin but not quite making it. (...maybe primarily because I thought by the time he made it, he was a bit too old for the part)
  12. I agree. I too have found it a shame THAT the shame of his off-screen behavior and subsequent banishment of his career has in effect deprived us of his talents. But as they say, "You make your bed and you lie in it", so to speak. (...and he was always very entertaining as a guest on late night talk shows...loved his impressions of other actors)
  13. No, don't think I've ever watched the Jeremy Irons version, but because he's always been good at playing some pretty creepy characters in films such as his Oscar-winning turn as Claus von Bulow, I can definitely see why he was cast in that role.
  14. Yeah, or remake it today, and they could cast James Woods or Kevin Spacey in the lead! (...of course if they'd cast the latter, they might have to consider changing the name of the title character to "Lolito" and all that that sort of name change would imply)
  15. Dargo

    Wizard of Oz tribute

    Yeah, Larry David has done his Sanders impression before on SNL of course, and is always great at it. (...and actually so was the host of the show Woody Harrelson as Biden, and so was Maya Rudolph as Harris)

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