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  1. Was there already a John Payne thread?

    For what it's worth, and although I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the following around here in that past, but Payne always reminded me very much of my father, as Pop not only looked a lot like him but the sound of their voices were also similar. (...and so I always wondered how good Payne's Tarzan yell might have been, 'cause I gotta tell ya, Pop's was great...REALLY it was!)
  2. The President And The Porn Star

    Are you KIDDING, Tom?! Haven't you noticed the looks that Melania shoots at her husband now days in public? (...and so MY guess would be that she'd WELCOME such a thing)
  3. Eeh! Haven't you heard, Bogie?! Filibusters are SO "old school" now days. (...in other words, Mr. Smith would be at home or at his office "tweeting")
  4. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    LOL HEY now N&N! I KNOW you're relatively young and all, but let's not overdo this whole "babe in the woods" thing here, okay?!
  5. Hey! Where's my nice car thread?

    Ya know, with this new and "updated" program around here, THAT is good question! Back when there was a "who's online" feature, and when I wanted to contact "Mod-1"(usually about this very sort of thing...asking them their rationale for the deletion of some post/thread), I'd see their name within that feature and click upon it and then hit the pop-up "send a PM to this member" button, and then fire off a little note to them. But now, I'm not sure how one would go about this. (...saaaay, MAYBE if you'd type a "dirty word" in THIS thread, you could grab their attention THAT way?!!!!) LOL
  6. Hey! Where's my nice car thread?

    Btw slayton, might I suggest you send a PM to Moderator-1 asking what was up with this move of theirs, as I suppose there IS an outside chance that they mistakenly deleted it while they were cleaning spam off the boards. (...and something they wouldn't HAVE to do IF ONLY they'd get on the damn stick and find a way to inhibit the damn stuff BEFORE it hits the boards...AND of which many many many MANY have offered up ideas for methods to do just THAT in that "Spam Fairy" thread since this has become a daily problem months and months and months ago!!!)
  7. Hey! Where's my nice car thread?

    Geeez! I also can't believe that some moderator must've thought your car thread "didn't belong" around here somehow, slayton! What a shame. It was a good thread, and in most cases the submissions offered up for consideration within it DID pertain to autos featured in films, and as you noted. (...ya know, I've given up trying to figure out this moderator corps and the "reasons" for their actions)
  8. "Don't you get sick of being right all the time?" -Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (...although of course, in the movie, Redford says that to Newman in more an ironic fashion)
  9. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    Yep, and getting back to High Noon here... Yep, sorry slayton, but I too am not buyin' your earlier premise that Grace's "religious principles", and be they newfound or ingrained since childhood, would've overridden her will and desire to help her husband survive. (...been wantin' to say this since your initial post, but of course fracturing song lyrics must always take precedence in my case, ya know)
  10. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    Wait! Forget what I said about Coop lasting even one around with Ali. Ya see, I suddenly remembered how bad his boxing form was in Ball of Fire and when he took on Dana Andrews. (...and THAT didn't even last 1 MINUTE as I recall!)
  11. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    Hmmmm...and so I guess we're now at a point in this conversation to contemplate how many rounds Gary Cooper would've lasted in the ring with Muhammad Ali. WITH of course the stipulation that they both would've been in their physical prime. (...my guess?...1 round, tops...although, Coop DID have quite a reach with those long arms of his ya know, and so maybe 2...and IF of course he could keep Ali at bay for a while with a few stiff left jabs)
  12. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    Actually Stephan, while it has pretty much been on the record that both producer Kramer and screenwriter Foreman thought of this film as such, director Zimmemann always denied such an assertion and claimed he never viewed his film as any sort of political statement. (...of course there is the possibility that he stated and stuck to this opinion only because he feared running afoul of reactionary forces in the country at the time and so perhaps wished to stay out of the fray, but I doubt anyone will ever know this for a fact)
  13. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    Hmmm...yeah, good point here I suppose, Lawrence. And so in that case, I'll take back my earlier approval of James' idea. (...yeah, BAD idea James, BAD...you dunderhead, you!!!)
  14. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    Yep, this whole waning of interest in the Oscar thing does seem to come about as we age, doesn't it. Somehow the "magic" in and of it seems to dissipate as we get older. Kind'a reminds me of the time I went to Disneyland as an adult and after going as a kid years earlier, and coming to the realization that the Tarzan's Treehouse attraction (the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse when I was a kid) was actually made of concrete. (...yeah yeah, I know...kind of a strange analogy here, huh...but you folks know what I mean)
  15. Mary Poppins Returns Teaser Trailer

    'Cause I've heard there ain't no dancing penguins in this one, I'm gonna boycott it! Gotta have dancing penguins, ya know! I mean, that'd be like makin' "The Wizard of Oz Returns" and leavin' out the flyin' monkeys for chrissake, RIGHT???!!! (...the preceding has been brought to you by Animal Stars Equity, and where our motto is: "When fur and feathers abound, everybody benefits")

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