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  1. YEAH, I do, and as a matter of fact Lawrence, it's my favorite film of all time. Funny I didn't think of this one first, isn't it. And it's almost another half hour longer than "Blimp"! (...and so there ya go...if one is captivated by a particular film, then like you just said here, it doesn't matter how long its running time might be)
  2. (...aaah, I love when they quote me) Actually slayton ol' buddy, while I think that, yes, there are probably more than a few films with running times well over the customary 2 hour mark that could or might have benefited by a trim job here and there, and perhaps GWTW would be one of them, I also think there might be a few other examples where such a thing might actually be to the film's detriment. Now, the first film that came to my mind that runs past that mark but always holds my interest front start to finish would be The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. Yep, I love every single minute of its 2:23:00 running time. (...and given enough time, I'm sure I could probably think of a few more examples in this regard)
  3. Dargo


    I've got a question here. So, it seems it was the 119th anniversary of Cagney's birthday the other day, and yet TCM failed to honor the guy with a showing of a few of his film, eh?! And so my question is: Is there some kind'a special significance to a 119th anniversary of ANYTHING that I wasn't previously aware of here??? (...and if there's NOT, then BUCK UP all you here who are ticked off about this whole thing, 'cause MAYBE they'll honor the guy on the anniversary of 120th birthday NEXT year...GEEEZE!!!!!)
  4. Dargo


    Wow! I dunno about that, Lee baby. Nope, it's always seemed to me that whenever Ben is introducing a Cagney flick, he pretty much sounds like he ALWAYS does whenever he's introducing any OTHER actor's films. Yep, with the very same use of inflection, the very same cadence, the very same attitude, AND with that very same nasally voice of his! LOL (...yeah yeah, I know, all you oldtimers around here...you're tired of this, aren't ya) LOL...some more
  5. Dargo

    I Just Watched...

    Gotta ask... Ever watched North Dallas Forty, laffite? I've always placed this one at the top of my list of movies with a Sports theme. (...just sayin')
  6. AH yes! The ol' San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, situated along I-5. (...or as I'd always refer to it while driving between L.A. and San Diego back in the day, "The Dolly Parton Nuclear Generating Station")
  7. Dargo

    I Just Watched...

    Hmmm...well CG, have to say I was right with ya here UNTIL I got to that third paragraph of yours. And 'cause, and allow me to remind you here that one Julius Henry Marx was born in New York, New York, and thus making HIM an American. (...and as far as I know, HE never spelled any words with that oh so needless superfluous-u EITHER!)
  8. Dargo

    I Just Watched...

    Actually CG, it was George Bernard Shaw who coined that line. (...but if it were ME, I of course would have also made mention of that whole superfluous-u thing too!)
  9. You're a very perceptive man, slayton! You see, I've heard that GWTW's director(okay the second one, anyway) Victor Fleming actually filmed a scene in which he had Butterfly McQueen(no relation to Steve, I understand) gazing out upon Atlanta with an almost maniacal look on her face while that city was engulfed in flames and uttering for the first time in recorded history the phrase "Burn, baby burn", and years later of course a phrase to become most associated and synonymous with the Watts Riots of 1965. Well, and of course also later to be associated with that hit recording of the 1970's, "Disco Inferno". However, and as is often the case, Fleming would later decide to leave that bit of footage on the cutting room floor. (...supposedly his reason for this was that he felt the movie's running time of 221 freakin' minutes was already too damn long!!!)
  10. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    CJ, it looks as if you've dispelled that earlier comment of yours about HH's supposedly being fixated on actress with "bog boobs" here. (...'cause, from just going down that list here, I really didn't see that many of those actresses who could legitimately be described as "zaftig" more than they could just as "well proportioned")
  11. Dargo

    Another Bad Statue

    Now, why on earth do I suddenly have a strong urge to book a hotel room with Trivago???!!!
  12. MacMurray's duplicitous and gutless character in The Caine Mutiny has also been fairly worthy of being hit with the ol' pitchfork too. (...although I suppose we'll just have to be content with Jose Ferrer tossing his drink in his face, huh)
  13. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Yeah, probably. Except, for maybe one the best horror films ever made...The Haunting. Albeit, this one being shot not on any MGM Hollywood sound stage, but instead at the MGM-British studios. (...and so perhaps your point is still well taken here, Janet)
  14. Yeah TB, but I noticed there IS at least a Wiki page for Yancy Derringer.
  15. Yeah, or an old Warren Zevon song. (...wait...that was "Lawyers, Guns and Money", wasn't it...sorry, never mind)

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