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  1. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    From the IMDb trivia section for the film Some Like It Hot: The Nehemiah Persoff role originally was offered to Edward G. Robinson, but Robinson had vowed never again to work with George Raft, with whom he had a fist fight on the set of Manpower (1941) when for a scene Raft spun him around too hard. (Despite the avowal, Robinson did co-star with Raft in A Bullet for Joey (1955)) However, the role of Johnny Paradise, the kid homaging Raft's "cheap trick" of coin-flipping, is also the man with the Tommy gun in the birthday cake who mows down Spats and his gang. The actor is Edward G. Robinson Jr.
  2. Dargo

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    I've always said Robert Taylor would have made a very good Linus in this movie. Yeah yeah, I know. Many people think he was a big stiff as an actor, but considering the Linus character IS one staid dude, this aspect of Taylor's would have worked to his and the film's advantage. (...and besides, he would have been 43 years old at the time, almost a decade younger than Bogie and the perfect age for the part, and when this movie was made he still had leading man looks and sex appeal enough to be believable as the man that young Sabrina would have ultimately picked over whoever played the younger brother)
  3. Dargo

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Wow, karlofffan! Gotta say I always thought Jan Sterling was not only EXTREMELY well cast by Billy Wilder in Ace in the Hole, but I also always thought she ACTED great in the role of that frustrated and desperate women stuck out in the middle of nowhere and looking for her one and only chance to escape her predicament. Now, THERE'S ya an "actor" who CAN'T act! Case in point AGAIN: (...eeh, I probably shouldn't be so hard on the hack here...he was probably just high on some kind'a drug at the time when this was filmed!!!)
  4. Dargo

    Groovy Movies!

    Ya know here Sarge, Laughlin's next Billy Jack movie (the 1971 one that used the titular character as the title) was filmed in Prescott AZ, a town I would first retire to about 9 years ago and before then moving here to Sedona a couple of years later. (...Prescott was also where the following year in 1972, Peckinpah would film the Steve McQueen starring movie Junior Bonner)
  5. Dargo

    Groovy Movies!

    And starring another of those "next James Dean" actors...Christopher Jones.
  6. Dargo

    Sidekicks and Second Bananas

    Aah, aah, AAH! Has someone forgotten about...WILSON ???
  7. Dargo

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    Yeah, ya know, you don't hear a lot of Pig Latin spoken much anymore, do ya. (...although I sure remember it being all the rage for a while back when I was a little kid in the '50s)
  8. Dargo

    Where’s Ben?

    Funny, but whenever I do my Brando impression (usually either his "I could'a been a contendah" OR yes, this "STELLA" thing), I actually DO do it with a nasally sound, CG! I mean, isn't that how he usually really sounded anyway? (...well, along with that whole mumbling thing too, of course)
  9. Dargo

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    Here ya go, CJ! HERE'S ya an old expression you don't hear much anymore and which was probably said by some characters in some movies back in the day: "Now, THAT boy ought'a be bent over somebody's knee and taught some manners!" (...I was reminded of THIS one while channel surfing last night, and when this certain big-butted and big-gutted man-child with this funny orange-y colored hair suddenly appeared on my TV set while he was mouthin' off about somethin' again with those thin little protruding lips of his)
  10. Dargo

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    And re this whole "turning the lights on and off" thing here... I now have to ask if back in the day when Dandy Don Meredith sang his old signature closing line song on Monday Night Football and when there was no doubt as to the outcome of the game, if it would have really had the same ring to it had he sang instead, "Switch out the lights, the party's over"??? (...probably not, huh)
  11. Dargo

    Stalker Movies

    So THEN CJ, are you attempting to say that she DESERVED the fate she got???!!!! (...jus' kiddin', o' course)
  12. Dargo

    Where’s Ben?

    Wait! "Anti-Semitic" you say here, Sepia??? Well, tell ya what here, dude. If YOU won't let it slip that I've recently shaved my head and joined the Neo-Nazi Party, then I CERTAINLY won't!!! LOL (...look ol' buddy, ANYBODY who'd dare accuse me of being "Anti-Semitic" simply because I don't and have never found Ben's voice to be a "pleasant" and/or a "resonant" and/or a "mellifluous" one, would be a, well, they'd pretty much be a damn fool and REGARDLESS their religion and/or creed...but YEAH, I sure as hell know that there ARE a lot of damn fools out there in the world today, and hell MAYBE even some that might actually BELIEVE I've now "shaved my head and joined the Neo-Nazi Party"!!!) LOL
  13. What, and no mention of Max Steiner's stirring score for the Flynn flick here, Tom?!!! (...you're slippin' here, dude)
  14. Dargo

    Best movie ever

    Well, I DO have to admit that ANY movie which begins by showing a Brough Superior SS100 being run through its paces, can't be ALL bad, anyway! But then again, you must realize my deep-seeded affinity for classic motorcycles has a little something to do with my opinion here, MCL! (...yeah, LoA is certainly a great picture alright, but personally I'd watch another showing of The Best Years of Our Lives before another one of this Lean movie)
  15. Dargo

    Where’s Ben?

    Wait! Now, are we SURE Ben didn't finally take my advice around here to take a few days off and have his adenoids checked out by a good ear, nose and throat doctor??? (...well, I suppose I'll find out tomorrow when I tune in to see if he's still talking through his nose while introducing these journalism flicks, huh!)

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