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  1. Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    Okay then, and if you insist slayton, how about Inherit the Wind ??? LOL (...sorry, couldn't resist...okay okay, and NOW back to movies about CHARLIE...and we AIN'T talkin' 'bout the one starring Cliff Robertson here, folks...and besides, THAT one is spelled differently)
  2. Christmas-in-the-film vs Christmas Film

    Ooh, I've got another one of these I've just thought of now... (...btw, and speaking of "Cary Grant impressions" here...anyone remember the scene in which the P.O.W. pictured on the right foreground above, Larry Storch's real life brother Jay Lawrence, does a few impressions of WWII contemporary Hollywood celebrities, including Cary, for his fellow Stalag 17 captives?...sure ya do, huh)
  3. Christmas-in-the-film vs Christmas Film

    (...and now in my very best Cary Grant impression...) "When I'm dressed up like this at the end of My Favorite Wife, my friend!" (...any other questions here, James ol' boy?!)
  4. Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    Hmmmm...now THAT sounds suspiciously like a concept which has seemed under fire of late, ham. But then again and because this thread isn't in that "other forum" around here, what say we steer clear from the subject of the separation of Church and State. (...and 'cause I think by now you know how I feel about THAT subject, doncha?!)
  5. 20th Century Vole Presents

    And growing daily, it seems.
  6. 20th Century Vole Presents

    You forgot about the other cameo performance in this flick, Rich. Where they wheel in Bush Sr., and while testifying, he begins making vague references to magician David Copperfield. (...after of course pulling two little steel balls from his pocket and begins juggling them around in his right hand)
  7. Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    (...sorry folks, but I JUST can't resist posting the following here after reading this...) Guess you haven't heard that just before he died, Charlie asked Jesus to forgive him for all his sins, ham. And so NOW, at least according to what I've heard all of my life, Charlie has wormed his way into Heaven. (...and so I ask...if JESUS can forgive the SOB, can WE do less than THAT, ham ol' boy???) LOL
  8. Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    Well Mario, I doubt slayton had a certain 1960 Etta James hit recording in mind when he said that, dude! (...or even the early-'40s Glenn Miller original recording, for that matter)
  9. Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    Yeah Lawrence, I noticed those credits listed for him while perusing his IMDb page last night and after I posted my reply to slayton. (...still though, I always wondered if perhaps he, Michael Parks and Paul Le Mat ever got together and compared notes over a beer or two, if ya know what I mean?!)
  10. Charles Manson is dead. At last.

    slayton, after what appeared to be his star-making turn as Manson in this 1976 TV miniseries, and then some four years later co-starring with Peter O'Toole in the quirky but fascinating feature film The Stuntman (1980), I thought actor Steve Railsback would become a major star of the 1980s, but somehow his career never took off. (...I remember being very impressed with his turn as Manson...he was especially able to believably mimic those crazy/scary eyes of Manson's, as I recall)
  11. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    Btw, it's JUST for these sorts of occasions that I've always felt John Donne was remiss for not placing a qualifier at this end of his famous poem about "bells" and "for whom they toll", and how I'm somehow supposed to be "diminished" by the death of any ol' SOB out there. (...that whole "island" thing in it probably doesn't need a qualifier, though...just to be clear here)
  12. Hmmm...with the plot being about "an Italian bride", I wonder why this would be, James?! (...oh...wait...never mind)
  13. Flake "Muelling" Presidential Bid

    Excellent point here, James! (...and in fact it was SO excellent, that even the Nipster, as big a "I only voted for Donny to shake things us" fan that he is, gave you a "like" here, dude!) LOL
  14. Flake "Muelling" Presidential Bid

    Sorry Princess, but no. Flake being of sound mind and body, as they say, and in today's political environment, hasn't got a prayer, as they also say, in wresting away the Republican nomination from a sitting President, and even from a sitting President who appears, from all intents and purposes, as being NOT of "sound mind and body". AND, because there are WAY too many idiot "grass root" "Republicans" now days of the "non-sound mind and body" sort like the Nipster, Jake and MM who feel the honorable Senator Flake from the great state of Arizona is one of their dreaded "RINOs", and who represents in THEIR minds a Republican who has "forgotten what it means to be a true Republican". (...BUT of course, in REALITY, it's the OTHER WAY AROUND!)

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