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  1. Dargo

    Remakes, Sequels & Adaptations

    Well James, I DO hear another thing that mildly irritates Speedy sometimes is when people finish a sentence with a preposition. (...oh, wait...that's not Speedy, that's one of MY little irritants...YOU know, like that whole superfluous-u thing) LOL
  2. Dargo

    Dan Duryea

    Dang Tom, I was gonna mention this one of Dan's. Always one of my favorites of his, too. (...btw, ever consider the thought that there's a whole lot in common between Dan's Waco Johnny Dean character in this western and with that of Doug Jr.'s Rupert of Hentzau in the Zenda flick?...I'll bet you have, huh)
  3. Yep, word is that one always played especially well for George in Altoona, PA.
  4. Dargo

    Titles that have never been used

    Okay okay, if we're gonna put a "first-person spin" on a previously unused movie title, might I suggest: DARGO GETS THE BOID ...the woeful story of an ornithologist who is constantly being given the middle-finger by those who know him best. DARGO'S GREATEST ADVENTURE...loincloths come into play here, along with his tree house live-in who looks a lot more like Ava Gardner than she does Maureen O'Sullivan. DAR, GO (BLANK) YOURSELF...each secondly character gets to tell the lead character what he should go do. (...so, whaddaya think here, TB?...do we got box office bonanza or so bad they're future camp classics written all over these babies here?)
  5. Dargo

    Titles that have never been used

    Hmmmm...well, ya know, I don't think I've ever seen the following movie title used before: YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?! (...the story of a guy with evidently much too much free time on his hands)
  6. Dargo

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Actually HF, Monument Valley while also being majestic, and thus the reason John Ford often filmed his westerns there, is a much more desolate environment than is Sedona (where all my previously mentioned films were shot), as this town sits within Arizona's Coconino National Forest. In fact, many of the first time visitors to this place will often remark about how much more green it is than they expected it to be. (...and it sounds as if Hoganman would agree with what I've just said)
  7. Yeah, gotta agree with Cid here. ALL of 'em. ALL of 'em will eventually be forgotten. Well, except of course for Will Ferrell. (...his brand of highly sophisticated comedy will live on in the pantheon of cinema history and in the public consciousness for centuries to come)
  8. Dargo

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Yeah, come to think of it, many of those westerns were filmed in some beautiful locations in the Southwest, weren't they. And so, I think I'd like to maybe visit the place where Johnny Guitar, Broken Arrow, Pony Soldier, Station West and Angel and the Badman among many others were shot. YOU know, where those big majestic red rock formations and the lust high desert greenery that surrounded them were the backdrop for the action in 'em. (...wait...never mind...I don't need to "visit" that place...I LIVE in that place)
  9. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    No CG, you just need to take a nice little nap like Dana is doing here, that's all... (...and when you awake, you'll feel like, ahem, a whole new person)
  10. Hmmmm...ya know laffite, I think I DO remember the young lady you're referencing here. I remember being highly impressed with some very young teenager back in the day who also possessed that "old soul", anyway. (...yep, it very well might be the same young person you're speaking of here...couldn't swear on it, though)
  11. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Just one of the many "suspensions of disbelief" one must facilitate in order to appreciate this movie, I would say. Others being: 1-Eddie is knocked out by that gym ring(as Vautrin here noted), but not only for a few minutes but for hours, as he awakens hours later and after the wedding. 2-Eddie then, and even after suffering this head injury which is later said to result in a knot on his head the size of a golf ball, then calmly indulges in a game of checkers with the store owner after purchasing a bottle of aspirin. 3-After Eddie calls D.C. and tells his department associate he doesn't think Welles is his guy, he suddenly awakes from his sleep that night remembering that Welles says during the evenings dinner party that "Marx was not German, but was a Jew'. One would think that THAT would have immediately registered with him that Welles very well might be the Nazi he's looking for. 4-This whole story takes place just a year after the end of WWII, and so how did Welles manage after fleeing Europe so shortly after the fall of Nazi Germany and to become not only employed as a member of the faculty of that boy's school, but also to become a respected member of the local community AND to woo and then wed who appears to be the most eligible bachelorette in town? And all this without, IMHO, being a particularly personable or even attractive sort. (...still though, and even with these observations of mine, I, and like MissW here, found myself enjoying this film a little more than I remember previously enjoying it the first two times I'd watched it)
  12. Just wanna say I'm lovin' reading the thoughts of these three young(er) people here. And lovin' it 'cause all three of 'em have "old souls". (...and that would be a compliment, you three)
  13. Yeah, that is probably a still from that scene, Speedy. I just couldn't resist that whole "orangutan" thing, 'cause that's what it reminded me of, that's all. (...btw, re your new pic of your boy Errol you're now using as your avatar...maybe it's due to him being sans his famous mustache, but I have to say I had to think and look twice to make sure it was indeed him, and 'cause for a second there I thought maybe you had a NEW crush and it was on Steve Forrest, as I think that pic almost looks as much like Dana Andrews' brother as it does Errol...maybe it's also because his image there appears to be a bit stretched from side to side, and thus making Errol's face seem wider and fuller than as I mostly remember it being in his younger days...jus' sayin')
  14. In this last example of yours here slayton, I've always thought Boyer played it a little more "sensitively" than Grant did, and I also liked Dunne more in the role because she plays it a little more "tough" than Kerr was able to muster. (...and btw, you also have DeMille doing a remake of his The Ten Commandments, and also Hawks basic redux of his earlier Rio Bravo with El Dorado)
  15. LOL Yeah, good point here, Lawrence. Guess I forgot about ol' Clyde here, didn't I. (...okay then, Louis Prima will now come in a very close second in this regard)

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