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  1. Dargo

    "The Swimmer"

    Well, seein' as how my gal Ava's name keeps poppin' up in Burt's thread here... OH, what a hunk o' woman!!! (...and yeah, "brunette"...definitely)
  2. Dargo

    Tongue in Cheek Movies

    Recently I'd say the Coen Bros' film Hail, Caesar! qualifies in this regard. There's so many Hollywood "inside" jokes about the studio system of yore in this baby that I couldn't stop laughing throughout it! (...BUT of course, I seemed to be in the minority of those in the audience at the time of my viewing this film...I got the distinct impression that there were few others in that same audience with me who knew much about the studio era and so who could also appreciate the parodies being presented within this film)
  3. It that a young Steven Hill on the left here, CJ? Now THERE'S ya a GOOD actor. (...I'll never forget how good he was in that one restaurant scene in the film Running on Empty (1988) with Christine Lahti, especially)
  4. Dargo

    Clint Walker R.I.P. 1927-2018

    Always thought Clint would've also been well cast in (and speaking of Chuck Connors earlier) the Connors role as Stephen "Adam" Burkett in another Doris Day rom-com...the remake of My Favorite Wife titled Move Over, Darling (1963), and the role that Randolph Scott(please now remove your hats ) played in the original.
  5. Dargo


    Yeah, I suppose there's some resemblance between the two of these fat, ugly and obnoxious men here, Im4, and although Beery's nose was a little more pronounced. Weinstein Beery (...but are you sure you're not just being influenced here by the fact that indeed one WAS and the other IS a fat, ugly and obnoxious man?)
  6. Dargo


    A couple of Teutonic beauties... German film (primarily) actress Barbara Rutting, and who I watched playing a Luftwaffe test pilot in the British-made WWII film Operation Crossbow last evening... And, Swedish actress Viveca Lindsfors...
  7. Dargo

    Religious Propaganda Films

    This suggestion of yours here calvinnme, has reminded me of the Fritz Lang film Liliom (1934). I mean, if this image of a young Charles Boyer being escorted by these two and up to some ethereal "way station" to await his eternal fate isn't some cautionary tale against the Christian sin of offing yourself, I don't know what would be... (...and btw and in a similar manner, both the films Outward Bound (1930) and its remake Between Two Worlds (1944) would be this same sort of religious themed cautionary tale against suicide)
  8. Yeah, and word was Darren McGavin was pretty taken with Kathie too after seein' her sportin' that little number in that episode, CJ!
  9. Dargo

    Clint Walker R.I.P. 1927-2018

    Yep, this would've been during Wilt's Kansas U. college career of course, and during a time he was fairly lean and lithe, and similarly to how if looking at old pictures of Chuck Connors during his college and then even later during his short professional career with the Boston Celtics, he too was fairly lean and lithe. And so then regarding your earlier positing the thought that Walker might have been scouted for basketball due to his height, because Clint was always more musclebound, I doubt he would've made a decent basketball player. (...Clint might have made a pretty decent defensive lineman in the NFL though, and once again depending how quick he could've moved in a distance of 5 to 10 yards)
  10. Dargo

    Clint Walker R.I.P. 1927-2018

    This of course would've all depended upon upon how well Clint could've played that sport. (...not that many extremely tall guy actors were or are as much of a natural athlete as the 6'5" Chuck Connors was, and who played in both the MLB and NBA leagues back in the day, ya know Princess)
  11. Dargo

    Which One Is The Best?

    And then of course, there's another "odd pairing" with Marlene that's always worked too... (...don't know if it's true, but I've heard her role in Destry Rides Again reignited her Hollywood career)
  12. Dargo

    film colorizing should be re-engaged

    Actually Tom, in a manner of speaking and as I'm sure you've seen(the following video is now about 4 years old), there's this hit Bruno Mars song "Uptown Funk" which was used in place of the original music used in these various films' clips, and truth be known, I've always thought this video was very well done and quite entertaining... (...and although I know this wasn't exactly your point here)
  13. Dargo

    The Final Girl Concept

    Okay, so you're not gonna give any props to Angela for being in The Sound of Music then, eh Lawrence?! Well, I can understand that. Never been a big fan of the movie myself. Always thought it way overrated. And so in that case, how do ya feel about that star-studded '79 flick, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure ??? Angela was in THAT one TOO, ya know. (...give her any credence in the thespian department NOW, dude???) LOL
  14. Dargo

    The Final Girl Concept

    Yeah, this was mentioned earlier, Lawrence. (...both CG and I agreed with you here)
  15. Dargo

    The Final Girl Concept

    Yeah, I think I remember her on the Daniel Boone program, Lawrence. But, who I remember a little more seeing on that program was Ed Ames, and who played the Indian character Mingo. AND, who I ESPECIALLY remember seeing on this following VERY memorable episode of the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson... (...bet you remember this too, doncha?!) LOL

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