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  1. OH yeah! When his final record is tallied and then written by future historians about Donald J. Trump, surely his oh so grand good-natured-ness and oh so well-developed sense-of-humor will be his primary lasting legacy, alright! LOL In fact, this MIGHT be why the guy is so universally loved! (...I mean ya know what they say, doncha?!..."How can you hate a guy, ANY guy, who possesses those saving graces of a keen sense-of-humor and an overall good-natured personally", RIGHT?!!! ROFL...now
  2. AND btw "Sir Nip", Oh so stout and hardy defender of the double standard...you have YET to answer my earlier question in regard to my positing the thought that it was the idea that the person being grilled was a WOMAN(and a "good little conservative ladylike one" at that) as being your primary impetus for starting this thread. (...'cause oh stout and hardy AND "chivalrous" defender of the double standard, I STILL say that THIS is why you started punching those keys with that one finger of yours on your keyboard and posted this whiny little thread!!!)
  3. Well, seein' as how SO many freakin' people in this country like YOU seem to believe that acting in a civil and intelligent AND articulate manner is somehow "wimpy" and apparently SOOOO freakin' "unmanly" and "weak", then what the hell is your damn problem with a Democrat acting in the same manner as your freakin' fatazzed "savior" Donny, I ask?! What?! Just the thought that a Dem doing the same thing can't then "hold the higher moral ground"? (...yeah, THAT'S it, isn't it, "Sir Nip"...that same old crap of yours...that classic "double standard" mindset of yours, but in THIS case, it's a double standard in regard to civil behavior and not in regard to gender roles/behavior, huh!)
  4. Soooo, in essence, IF your obnoxious idiot man-child Donny is the "goose", then in THIS case, there would or should be no "gander"! (...is that about IT, "Sir Nip"???)
  5. Strange things in 50s and 60s sci-fi movies

    LOL Yeah, I'm sure YOU could have made those suckers MUCH more fun, huh!
  6. And Introducing....?

    And which of course seems very much like a John Williams' homage to Bernard Herrmann.
  7. And Introducing....?

    Absolutely, jakeem! The guy was the master of the craft, alright. (...like me, I'll betcha loved the homage to him and his style they did in the credits for Catch Me If You Can, didn't ya)
  8. Strange things in 50s and 60s sci-fi movies

    Ever wonder if alien kids hate algebraic word problems as much as earth kids do, Rich? (...well, THIS earth kid sure as hell did anyway)
  9. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Don't know the cartoon's title either here, ham. But, it's a good bet it was made at the Terrytoons studio of New Rochelle NY, anyway.
  10. And Introducing....?

    Not sure about the following, and so did Otto Preminger give the "and introducing" credit treatment to his find Jean Seberg after he cast her in his 1957 film Saint Joan ? (...because that was her very first film role, ya know)
  11. Hmmm...well, ya know folks, AND unless I've somehow missed the following thought being previously posited by someone in this baby, I CAN NOT believe no one here has YET seemed to have picked up on one of the major reasons Nip here seems ESPECIALLY distraught at the treatment "poor little Miss Neilsen" received the other day. Yep, 'cause she's a WOMAN! And so, would it NOT be in character for one of our resident sexists..ahem, excuse me..one of our resident "defender of traditional gender roles and behavior" to come riding up on his white steed and so "chivalrously" come to the defense of this "poor put-upon little lady"??? (...c'mon now, fess up here, "Sir Nip"...ain't that RIGHT?!...yep, I'll bet your REAL issue with all this is REALLY something more of the thought that because your idiot boy DONNY is a MAN, well man-CHILD anyway, HE'S "allowed to" to bully others and in turn BE bullied, but a WOMAN, and especially such a good little conservative "ladylike" little lady like poor little put-upon Miss Kirstjen here, should NEVER be subjected to such behavior, huh...and yeah, even IF she IS the freakin' Homeland Security Secretary, huh...and which I'll ALSO bet you think is a governmental position that "should have gone to a man anyway", huh...yep, fess up here, "Sir Nip"...bet I'm RIGHT about all this, now aren't I?!) LOL
  12. Hmmmm...okay, well, here's another one. "I could'a been somebody, in fact, I used to HAVE some body, but not anymore" is something the then 48 year old Brando could have said and made it sound VERY believable in his nude scene with Maria Schneider in 1972's Last Tango in Paris. (...yep, ol' Marlon at that stage in his life seemed to be at the beginning of his "I just don't care anymore" phase...aka, his "Lemme see if I can beat Raymond Burr and Orson Welles in gaining the most weight before we die" phase)
  13. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Hmmmm...well ham, considering you said "Any" here, I'll pressed to say I always at least thought Pee-wee's Big Adventure was a pretty funny film, anyway. And, I always thought Adam Sandler was actually pretty good in The Wedding Singer too. But yeah, I know what you mean here. Ya see, I usually don't find that whole "man-child" act kind'a thing very funny or entertaining OR impressive at all. (...nope, ESPECIALLY in our "elected officials"...IF ya know what I MEAN!!!!) LOL
  14. Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    OR, as that old joke goes: "They say sex over 60 is good for your health. However, it's much safer to pull over and park first."
  15. Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    Oh yeah, The Girl on a Motorcycle. Watched that one years ago, CG. Frankly, there's really only three things I remember much about it. One, that she rode around on a nice full-dressed mid-'60s Harley FL model. Two, that that French pretty boy you mentioned and who she hung around with in the movie for a while, rode a nice mid-'60s Norton Atlas model. And three would be that at the end of that flick while riding said Harley, (this is probably where I should say SPOILER ALERT here) she began to o r g a s m while thinking of the great sex she had had previously with said French pretty boy, AND perhaps possibly partially induced further by the vibrations emitted from her Harley's engine she sat upon, became distracted due to said o r g a s m, closed her eyes and crashed right into a car on some French motorway, killing her. (...oh yeah, and there IS a fourth thing I remember about this movie...you get to see Marianne's breasts for a few seconds while she's having sex with said French pretty boy...sorry, I almost forgot that one)

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