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  1. Dargo

    Actress Sondra Locke (1944-2018)

    Hey Lawrence, I gotta ask. Who is your latest avatar of? (...kind'a looks like Jack Lord to me, but I don't think it is, is it)
  2. Dargo

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    For some reason I had a feeling you probably were not a fan of the show. And ya know, come to think of it, neither was/is CaveGirl as I recall. (...and so perhaps another reason why Tiki's earlier observation about you and CG stuck me as being a little on target)
  3. Dargo

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Don't know if you watch The Big Bang Theory, Sarge, but there's a semi-regular character on it named Barry Kripke played by actor John Ross Bowie, and he plays the character as if he also has Bennett and Elmer's Rhotacism.
  4. Dargo

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Bennett Cerf and Elmer Fudd (...but in THIS case, I know EXACTLY why...they sounded so much alike, with neither of 'em able to pronounce the letter 'r' even if their life depended upon it)
  5. Dargo

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Funny, but it was always David Wayne and Tom Ewell that I had no idea why I'd always pair 'em up in my mind. (...my guess was always that they both would often play the sneaky but ineffectual type)
  6. So, you "can tell us" this FIRST HAND maybe, Sarge?! Then I gotta know. Which character did you always identify with the most while watchin' this flick? Paul Mazursky's, Jamie Farr's or maybe even Sidney Poitier's??? (...and PLEASE don't tell me Vic Morrow's, 'cause THEN I'm gonna have a whole NEW image in my mind about ya here, dude!!!) LOL
  7. Dargo

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Scott Glenn and Ed Harris Richard Carlson and Hugh Marlowe (...and which NOW reminds me...PHILLIP Marlowe and Sam Spade...neither of course actually being "actors")
  8. I have to admit I've always thought Ivanhoe an exceptionally well done, if conventional, "swashbuckler". And, have always especially loved Miklos Rozsa's "grandiose" score which I always thought was near perfectly "tuned" to the film's depicted Middle Ages era. But, yes, I'll bet the reason MGM evidently did back it for Oscar consideration over the superior The Bad... and Singin'... might have been due to Ivanhoe being more conventional, AND perhaps even because the former two in essence don't look completely favorably upon the Hollywood movie business, as in a manner of speaking those two films "air Hollywood's dirty laundry". (...and even though with Singin' doing it in more a lighthearted manner)
  9. WAIT a sec here, sewhite! What. You think any nice young lady would look forward to goin' to school each day where there's punks like THIS guy here?... (...but yeah, I've often wondered about this myself...I don't recall anywhere in the film where this is explained, as I would also assume coeducational public schools would have been the norm in NYC during this time, and as I recall, nowhere in the film is it made clear that the school was considered of the "reform" variety)
  10. LOL Yeah, I suppose that might explain it to some extent, kingrat. And, would also explain the primary reason why after this ol' native Angeleno retired from working an airline job at LAX for many years, I'd find, first the town of Prescott AZ and then a couple years later the town of Sedona AZ quite a bit less congested. (...however, in just the seven years I've been in Sedona now, I've noticed an ever increasing rate of tourist traffic, but even still nothing at all like "THE" 405's is most often)
  11. I was wondering if this (captain) fantastic (sorry, couldn't resist)commercial might perhaps be part of the upcoming Rocketman movie, the biopic of Elton John due to be released sometime mid-2019? And btw, while certainly not as nice a production as the above commercial, so far my favorite commercial this holiday season has been this one... (...but probably because this dog is just SO damn cute)
  12. Dargo

    Best Party Scene

    Now, on the other hand, I've heard the festivities shown in the following movie were not exactly of the joyous variety... (...supposedly it had somethin' to do with the idea that none of the attendees were told beforehand that it was to be a BYOB affair)
  13. Dargo

    white christmas

    ♪♪...Just like the ONES I used to know...♪♪ Where the treetops glis... (...ahem...sorry...guess I was gettin' a little nostalgic there this evening)
  14. Dargo

    What a big let-down!

    Uh-huh. And that's why your bus is late, Sarge. (...those circling wagons are blocking its path)
  15. Dargo


    And now on a more serious note... And here's an interesting little note about Frau von Harbou here. Per the Wiki webpage for Fritz Lang: Lang was worried about the advent of the Nazi regime, partly because of his Jewish heritage,[13] whereas his wife and screenwriter Thea von Harbou had started to sympathize with the Nazis in the early 1930s and joined the NSDAP in 1940. They soon divorced. Lang's fears would be realized following his departure from Austria, as under the Nuremberg Lawshe would be identified as a Jew even though his mother was a converted Roman Catholic, and he was raised as such.
  16. Dargo


    Actually GF, for a time that banner was known to be hung in every German movie theater during a showing of Duck Soup. (...and until around late-1934 when it become known to Hitler that all the Marx Brothers were actually Jewish, and who would then put the kibosh on it being displayed anywhere at all...up until then he thought Chico was actually Italian)
  17. Wow, really GF?!, So does this mean you also don't think it's all that funny either? 'Cause ya know, one of the reasons most people DO like and even love it, and another reason it's always talked about as "the best movie musical of all time" is 'cause they find the "make fun of Hollywood" comedy that's throughout it pretty darn entertaining too. (...and like I always have)
  18. Nice write-up here, CJ. However, if you might at all be interested in the thought of using the correct local lingo in any subsequent postings, please take note of the minor changes I've made to the above portion of your previous posting. (...you see, Angelenos NEVER say "the" Pacific Coast Highway, it's just "Pacific Coast Highway" or just "PCH", but then ironically Angelenos ALWAYS add the word "the" when in description to the numerical freeway designations they're referencing)
  19. Dargo

    white christmas

    Hey Nip! If you go to channel-428 on your cable service right now , they're currently playing that little remembered Christmas-themed cult classic I'm sure you'd be very interested in watching titled... Holiday Hot Spell. And starring, nope sorry, not your gal Shirley, but her 1st cousin twice removed(from Charley's Bar & Grill in Altoona PA for drunken and unruly behavior) Sherilyn Booth.
  20. Hmmm...lemme see. I don't think Lassie has made a movie in quite some time now, and so I suppose we can count her out then. (...or would that be "count HIM out then"???)
  21. You're welcome. (...and btw...yes, you CAN say "crap" on these boards, but in an ironic twist, I understand such talk is still frowned upon while one is an undergraduate plebe at the U.S. Naval Academy)
  22. I found the following in The New York Times online archives, sewhite: https://www.nytimes.com/1932/05/29/archives/navy-plans-to-end-annapolis-weddings-1933-graduates-must-stay.html
  23. Dargo

    Ann Sheridan / Sheridan Whiteside

    If I recall correctly, actress Bambi Woods is called "Dear" by one of her male costars in Debbie Does Dallas during one particularly intimate scene. (...if that counts at all here)
  24. Dargo

    Actress Sondra Locke (1944-2018)

    Sorry, but I've never been able to forgive her for saying in that really lame and way over the top flick she did with Eastwood, The Gauntlet (1977), that line in the motel room, and when she says to Clint after he picked up the phone and tells the operation to call Air West..."So, you're calling Air Worst for those plane tickets, are ya?!" You see, I WORKED for Air West at the time!!! (...just kiddin'...sad news here...R.I.P., Sondra)
  25. Yeah, good point here, Dougie! in other words, who knew back in '52(say, that rhymed!) that just a short four years later DeMille would give Eddie G. Robinson the chance to utter those immortal words... "Myeah! Where's your Messiah NOW, see?!" (...well, it was somethin' like that anyway)

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