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  1. Well, that might be 'cause Olivia never started a needless war, James?! (...wait, did I just say that out loud here???...sorry) LOL
  2. Nope, those bunkers they call movies theaters today just don't have the same ol' ambiance, do they CJ. Here's a list of some of the grand old movie palaces I used to see movies in as a kid in my old stompin' grounds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadway_Theater_District_(Los_Angeles)#Surviving_theaters_on_Broadway
  3. I think a little clarification might be in order here, Rich. So, are you talkin' about the Eddie G. Robinson flick or that Bobby Vee video? (...and how come I'M never privy to all this inside information???)
  4. Yeah, DAMN that Tito and his bank of lawyers, huh!
  5. Dargo

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Say, HERE'S a thought for ya, MissW! How about writtin' a letter to that s*t*u*d muffin PM o' yours up there about this and have HIM look into that whole thing?! (...I mean seein' as how he doesn't seem to waste a lot of HIS time doin' that stupid little "tweeting" thing like the guy runnin' the show down HERE does daily, maybe your boy up there might have some extra time to look into all that for ya?!!)
  6. Oh yeah, AC. When it comes to THAT sort'a thing, we sure have a lot of pull around here, alright! (...well, all of us except a certain dude we call The Nipster around here...poor guy just can't seem to get 'em to show this one Shirley Booth flick he's been hot to see 'em show NO MATTER what strings he's pulled)
  7. Well, unless of course you're forced to kill a monstrously large ape. (...and then according to Robert Armstrong, it comes in mighty handy)
  8. My guess is the Sarge has never felt strongly enough about Babs one way or the other enough to be spurred to do that, Rich.
  9. And in a continual run of bad luck for a friend Swithin here, during the "Don't Rain on My Parade" scene, Swithin would discover he was seated directly under a hole in the Criterion Theatre's roof just as a sudden downpour would ensue outside that venerable old NYC movie palace.
  10. Yep, good point Tiki! Or, pretty much the very same thought expressed in that one Twilight Zone episode that starred Pamela Austin, Richard Long and Suzy Parker here...
  11. Dargo

    Watch TCM Now On Roku

    Hey RBG Fan! I've found an even better streaming service than Roku! It's called Haiku, and it's GREAT! (...the only problem with it is that it'll only let you stream 5, then 7, and then again 5 shows at a time)
  12. Dargo

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Say, does anybody know, and hopefully without causin' an argument here, if the 1967 movie C'mon, Let's Live a Little has ever been shown on TCM? So, why do I ask you wonder? Well, 'cause it starred...uh-huh, you guessed it...the one and only... BOBBY VEE !!! And hey LOOK! It even costarred an all grown up Eddie Hodges, and who costarred in his younger days with Eddie G. Robinson in A Hole in the Head. (...now ain't THAT a coincidence, HUH?!)
  13. Re Kirk turning down the Curtis role in The Defiant Ones... In the IMDb trivia webpage for this film there are only two references to Kirk Douglas made regarding the casting, and although this first one here doesn't give any reason for the following actors turning down the role: Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, and Frank Sinatra all turned down the role of John "Joker" Jackson. However, this second reference to him made me chuckle a bit: A joke in industry circles at the time was that Kirk Douglas would only do it if he could play the black convict, and that his frequent co- star Burt Lancaster would only do it if he could play both convicts. And btw, here is what I believe Princess of Tap might have been referring to earlier about Tony Curtis saying Kirk turned down the role because he was afraid of some potential controversy, BUT it wasn't Kirk, it was the following bit of trivia with the name of Robert Mitchum: Robert Mitchum turned down the role of John "Joker" Jackson (Tony Curtis' role). Mitchum, a real-life veteran of a Southern chain gang, said that he didn't believe the premise that a black and white man would be chained together, as such a thing would never happen in the very strictly segregated South. Over the years, this reason was corrupted to the point where many people believed Mitchum turned down the role because he didn't want to be chained to a black man, an absolute falsehood. Curtis repeated the inaccurate story in his autobiography, but recanted after it was explained to him. (...although I'm not saying here that Princess still might not have actually heard Tony say what she reported, because just as Tom said earlier here, Tony was apt to say ANYTHING when being interviewed...that story he once told on David Letterman's show about Yvonne De Carlo still makes me laugh, and although I've always questioned some of its veracity)
  14. Nope, that's true alright, speedy. Nope, sometimes they can be ravishing and sultry as all hell brunettes like Ava Gardner and Hedy Lamarr, and then be considered by some(like myself) even MORE attractive than those "blue eyed buxom blondes" you just mentioned.
  15. Nope Sepia. That would be a Scotsman who might say it that way, not generally a Canadian.
  16. Dargo

    Had Kevin Hart Hosted the Oscars Before?

    Here ya go, sewhite: https://www.digitalhit.com/academy-awards/oscar-hosts/ (...and yep, Kimmel hosted it last year again, and nope, Hart never has)
  17. Yep, I remember glancing over to the gate which that flight arrived into and seeing his wife Anne coming off the flight, and then Kirk meeting her as she walked off the jetway and into the terminal gate area. Considering that this happened some 40 years ago, I'm thinking this is how they might have looked back then... And btw, this of course being years before the events of 9-11 would change the air travel practice of now only allowing ticketed passengers past the security checkpoints and into the boarding gate area, and so now days arriving passengers can not be met at the gate areas by their loved ones. (...and as I've said many times since, the ONLY "good thing" to have come out the horrific events of 9-11, as after that fateful day "my" boarding areas were a lot less hectic and filled with families waiting for grandma/sis/dad to come off the flight and/or see them off, and when and where it was inevitable that whole damn families would SEE grandma/sis/dad coming down the jetway and then rush into it to greet grandma/sis/dad inside it and/or stand right at the doorway to meet grandma/sis/dad and thus slowing and delaying the deplaning process for everybody else...as you can tell, that REALLY used to bug the hell out of me...can't tell you how many times I'd have to say to people, "Please greet grandma/sis/dad a little further inside the terminal and so all the other people wanting to get off this plane can do so...thank you")
  18. OR, as those Canadians would say it: "A Boat with a Trout" (...sorry, not sure if they're also inclined up there to pronounce the word "Trout" as "Troat", and so I left that one alone...doesn't rhyme quite as well if they don't, huh)
  19. Yeah, I know huh, Sepia. I always thought that Book says you're not supposed to use The Big Guy's name in vain, but I sure don't ever recall reading in it anywhere where in says it's a faux pas to say in vain the place where his evil nemesis resides?! (...oops, sorry...sure hope this doesn't now start some kind'a Theological discussion here...I know they kind'a frown on that sort'a thing around here)
  20. And ironically here ham, the ghost of Guest K, Sandy visited me in my sleep last night. (...but unlike Scrooge, I woke up this morning being the very same person I was when I hit the sack last night)
  21. And then even before these there was WB's 1938's Porky in Wackyland of course, Sepia. (...talk about hallucinating!)
  22. "Ahem, yes, thank you Tom. Here you go Sgt. Markoff. And please take one of my business cards for future reference." "And btw, this is one of my older business cards, as I presently consider myself a SUPER Genius!"
  23. Hmmm...an extra 'L' here, huh Yancey?! Sorry, can't do anything about it at this time. (...ya see at the moment, I already have my hands full attempting to rid the English language of that darn superfluous letter 'U' that are in so many other words)
  24. Dargo

    The 13th Doctor is...

    Sorry, but every time I see the title of this thread I'm reminded of what a great title The 13th Doctor would have made for a William Castle movie! (...and heck, maybe even for a Hitchcock flick!)
  25. Dargo

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Hmmm...I'm thinkin' it might be a good time for a reprise of that Bobby Vee song/video right about now folks, as I'm sure we can ALL at least agree that motorcycles and bikinis are always pretty darn cool anyway, RIGHT?! (...and so without further ado...) LOL

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