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    A Fresh Look at The Philadelphia Story

    Thanks for the link here, sewhite. I too found it a very nicely worded writeup with some keen little insights into this film. (...don't think there was even one of her thoughts the young lady expressed that I could argue against)
  2. Reminds me of an old coworker of mine named Joan. She'd ever so often show up to work with a burnt finger or two. When I finally asked her about it, she said she'd occasionally burn her fingers while cooking something on the stove. (...she at least laughed the first time I started calling her "Joan of Klutz", anyway)
  3. Okay, but she STILL never danced the H**chie-Coo, RIGHT?! Boy, I tell ya, ya JUST can't trust the internet anymore to find out the real poop about stuff, CAN ya! (...okay, and now let's see if this freakin' auto-censor is gonna make me place those asterisks in the word "poop" like it's makin' me do with the word "H**chie-Coo!!!)
  4. Btw Lorna, this now reminds me of an old song they feature in this one movie musical starring, who else, those two musical virtuosos, Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood... 🎵 A way out west they've got a name For rain and wind and who fire (up a cigarette) The rain is Tess, the wind is Jo And they call those who fire up a smoke, Pariah Pariah, Pariah They now call smokers, Pariah 🎵 (...well, it went somethin' like that anyway, right?!)
  5. OH, well than THAT'S okay! Seems people who smoke the "wacky weed" now days aren't considered NEARLY as much a "pariah" as we still smoke that bad ol' tobacco, ya know! (...I assume that that's the stuff you meant here, didn't ya?!)
  6. Okay, after doing a little internet investigation regarding this whole Shirley Temple thing here, I've found that not ONLY did Shirley never smoke NOR drink, and either in a movie OR in real life, but there's never been any recorded instance of her ever dancing the H**chie-Coo EITHER in the movies or real life. Nope, not with either Bill "Bojangles" Robinson OR Arthur Treacher. And nope, not even with John Agar OR Mr. Black either...EVER! (...although she WOULD come close to it that one time she danced with George Murphy in that one flick, however it has been decided by those well-versed in such matters that it was really more the Merengue than it was the H**chie-Coo...see what a nice young lady she was?) And now for your listening pleasure:
  7. Yes, and MY throat can tell it's THESE... (...yep, that's right folks...just like Lorna here, I still partake of the habit also, and to the consternation of my wife, and to the disbelief of the people I play tennis with...we're SUCH "pariahs" now days, ya know)
  8. Wait! When she was a little older, doesn't Shirley smoke a corncob pipe in Fort Apache ??? (...or maybe not)
  9. I give this about another 15 minutes or so until Lorna comments upon Teresa's "Mrs. Jolly Green Giant" dress there!
  10. Gosh, the way her voice sounded, I would've thought she was a two-pack-a-day little lady by the age of 12 ?!!!
  11. The following is an excerpt from her Wiki bio page, Hibi: A coroner's inquest into her death ruled that Darnell's death was accidental and that the fire had begun in or near the living room sofa and was caused by careless smoking; both adult women were smokers. (...and I assumed the "both adult women were smokers" line was in reference to her former secretary and her adult daughter whose Illinois home Darnell was visiting at the time)
  12. Yeah maybe, but just from the look that Elvis has on his face here, it ALSO looks like Mary might be contemplating striking up her own rendition of "Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend" here TOO! (...wouldn't ya say?!)
  13. After google image searching this, the following still from him 1968 film Charro! is the only one I could find, and other than a few that come up which show him smoking in some sort of candid off-scene shot... Btw, here's another one of him TAKING UP the habit in an apparent candid off-scene shot of him while making a movie that included Mary Tyler Moore WEARING a habit...
  14. Btw, anyone else here noticing the irony of this thread in the General Discussion list page is now being flagged as "Hot!"? (...or am I the only one sick enough around here to find the irony in this???)
  15. Would this be because and contrary to TCM's ad copy of "Uncut and commercial free", TCM always cuts out the famed "Jitterbug" scene and never shows that part??? (...well, they never SHOW that part anyway, RIGHT???!!!)
  16. Yes, I believe she did survive for a short while in a hospital bed, but I'm not sure what length of time that was. (...but yeah, I'll bet Arturo might know...I do know and remember my mother who was also a big Linda Darnell fan was very sad about hearing this news back in '65...she'd often say she thought Darnell was THE most beautiful Hollywood star she ever saw)
  17. Yep, Jack Cassidy died in that manner, and so did Linda Darnell in a very similar manner. (...in Linda's case though, the house fire was started by a cigarette which ignited a sofa)
  18. And thus the very reason it would be the FIFTH take of "Make 'Em Laugh" that you see in that flick! During the first four of 'em Donald began a coughing jag at about the time he got to where he grabs that pillowed mannequin and simulates making love to it on that couch! (...didn't know that, did ya!)
  19. Despite the fact that Mickey Rooney was told numerous times that smoking would stunt his growth, he'd be a two-pack-a-day guy! (...just goes to show ya that sometimes those old sayings hold true, don't it!)
  20. BOO! (...btw...I STILL say the "gremlin" here looks like Raymond Burr!)
  21. Yes, and which is bad enough, but you REALLY have to begin worrying when one begins to recognize themselves, their fathers/uncles/brothers/various schoolmates and coaches in STERLING HAYDEN's character! (...and that's when a preemptive phone call to a local mental health facility/law enforcement agency/Homeland Security office might be best advised)
  22. Dargo


    Yeah lavender, and I always liked Richard Carlson in that role he did as Patricia Neal's jerky boyfriend in The Day the Earth Stood Still, AND Hugh Marlowe in that Creature from the Black Lagoon flick too! (...oh...wait...)
  23. Zellweger will be on Colbert's show (and I'm sure one of Jake's favorites...LOL) tonight pluggin' her new movie here.
  24. Dargo

    Who would you marry?

    Now, how'd I know that! (...btw, as I'm sure you'd know, they'd be my favorites too)

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