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  1. Dargo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Having never heard of and thus never having watched this film, I searched this one out on the IMDb website, Sans. Also wondering who the principle actors might be in it, I found that it's a British-made film starring actor Esmond Knight, and co-staring in only her second film role ever, Lilli Palmer. Beforehand, I started thinking I had maybe seen this movie before, but thinking that it was an American movie and considering it was made in 1935, had thought it might have starred Warren William in the lead male role. (...anybody know if there isn't a Hollywood film starring Warren William with much the same plot, as I seem to recall one)
  2. Well put, jakeem. (...except, I would have perhaps put it as "Alice in La La Land")
  3. Dargo

    Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

    The only problem I've ever had with this otherwise riveting film here Sarge, was Preminger's use of the non-professional actor Joseph Welch as the courtroom judge. His line-readings throughout the film sound much too measured and stilted, and as if he's reading them off some large cue card just off-camera for the very first time. (...and yes, I know lawyer Welch was famous for his dressing-down of a certain senator during the infamous Army-McCarthy hearings while acting as defense counsel)
  4. Dargo

    Parallel Plots

    Okay, for one, my dearly departed mother and father have parallel plots. (...well okay, actually adjoining niches, if ya wanna be specific about it)
  5. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    LOL Would this be a case of the "mixed metaphor" here?
  6. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    Now Sarge (and now taking a page from your very own debating playbook here), with you usually being such an insightful, articulate and intelligent individual, I have to say I'm somewhat shocked that you would take my earlier comments but THEN come to the above false conclusion which I have placed into bold lettering above! Nope, you see sir, it would NOT be I who has attempted OR would attempt to take my earlier prefacing statements and then submit the idea that "the humor of the Dick Van Dyke Show was somehow less funny than the humor of the Jerry Seinfeld Show", but to suggest that the humor of EACH of those programs might be of equal quality and quantity. Yep, it has all along been YOU, who in your continued efforts to posit the idea that the entertainment offered up to earlier generations has been "superior" to what has later followed, who (you) would instead attempt to then posit such a thought. (...oh and btw...in my view, Mr. Seinfeld's comments in praise of the Van Dyke program would primarily have been made NOT to suggest that his OWN program was somehow "inferior" to the Van Dyke program, but primarily as a "tip-of-the-hat" to the the quality of that earlier program and an acknowledgement of those who have come before him...in other words, Jerry was being "graciously humble" there)
  7. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    And my second favorite movie of all time. (...after of course TBYOOL)
  8. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    Oh, right off the top of my head I can think of at least one instance in which the Van Dyke show used a THEN topical pop culture reference, and given enough time I'm sure I could cite many others, but right now I'm off to the tennis courts. And so before I go, does the line, "You SLEPT through The Guns of Navarone?!" ring a bell to ya, sir?! (...as just one example)
  9. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    "Myeah, that's a good question, Doc. Lemme chew on that one for awhile."
  10. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    Btw here Sarge, and regarding this post of yours here... Sure, The Dick Van Dyke Show is right up there with some of the best sitcoms ever to be broadcast, and is probably tops on my list in this regard too. However, I feel your use here of Jerry Seinfeld's opinion as to the relative "quality" of various sitcoms over the years as a means to argue your apparent point about the entertainment which has come before in earlier times being somehow "superior" to that which came later, MIGHT be as off-the-mark and irreverent as you earlier claimed my use of that "George Raft" reference was. And I say this because while, and as I said above, my love of TDVDS is second to none, I don't recall that many pieces of dialogue, if any, from that show which would ultimately become part of the general lexicon, and as would many a word or phrase uttered by the characters in Seinfeld's own sitcom. You know, such as "Soup Nazi", "Festivus", "Yadda, yadda, yadda" and many more. (...and I would think, and although I would now guess your reply to this will be something along the lines that I am once again taking a "quantitative" approach instead of a "qualitative" one to argue my case here, I still think ONE way, but of course not the ONLY way, to "measure" the relative worth and sometimes even the "quality" of something might be to take into account how much and how often the general public has embraced some cultural touchstone once it is presented to them)
  11. Dargo

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    "Me like splitting hairs too! But me ESPECIALLY like rabbits."
  12. Dargo


    This must be why while my Dish satellite guide said The Best Years of Our Lives was supposed to be showing late last night, the Willie Nelson movie Honeysuckle Rose was actually on instead.
  13. Ya know o' one with the terrific cheekbones, and perhaps it's kind'a funny in a strange or odd sort'a way, but while this scene might be one of the most memorable with the general public, personally I never found that scene to be all that funny somehow. (...I've always just chalked this up to my, ahem, "elevated sense of sophistication"...yeah, THAT must be it!)
  14. Okay, now here's MY opinion about all this! Each day for a month, and I don't care WHICH month it is, OR what time of the day it is, TCM should show Blazing Saddles. And so WHY, you ask?! Well because, as Black Bart here says... AND, because the following scene in that movie here... ...STILL cracks me up BIG time every time I watch it! (...yep, THAT'S what they ought'a do, alright!) LOL
  15. Dargo

    Jerry Lewis

    Haven't seen that film you say here, ham? Good movie. Jerry tones his usual "HEY LADY!" act WAY down in it and proves he had some legit acting chops. (...he's pretty much playing what Johnny Carson was reportedly like in real life and off-camera)
  16. Dargo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Thanks for trying to find that pic of your grandfather's shop, Tiki. This reminds me of the old photo I had for years of my dashing young Indianapolis-native father sitting astride his Indian-4 cylinder machine he owned just before entering WWII in early-1942. (...I said "had" here because a few years back I decided to have that photo enlarged to poster size and hang it in my garage, but after looking through that big box of old family photos, I couldn't find it...I still get a bit bummed over this whenever I think of how I must have lost it somehow)
  17. Here's what Cesar's wiki page says about this, TB... On October 12, 1942, he voluntarily enlisted in the United States Coast Guard as an apprentice seaman[6] and served in the Pacific Theater of Operations. He reported aboard the Coast Guard-manned assault transport USS Cavalier in November 1943. According to a press release from the period, Romero saw action during the invasions of Tinian and Saipan. The same article mentioned that he preferred to be a regular part of the crew and was eventually promoted to the rating of Chief Boatswain's Mate.[7]
  18. Dargo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    Yep Sans, AND with this sort'a thing THEN usually be accompanied by the growing presences of the aforementioned "silver hair". Well, THAT, or the onset of balding, of course. (...guess I'm just lucky I'm experiencing the former here, huh)
  19. Dargo

    Tiffany Vasquez

    I'd love to see that pic of your grandfather, Tiki. If it was of him standing in front of his old dealership, I'd post it over in the Indian motorcycle forum. And btw, besides having all that "sophistication" I mentioned earlier, and unlike many of the Harley riders I see out there on the roads of Arizona, a non-mandatory helmet law state, I'm also smart enough to always wear my helmet while riding any of my motorcycles, and thus you'd never see my silver hair streaming in the breeze while on the road. (...one of those suckers once saved my noggin from some serious injury or worse about 23 years ago now, and after some kid pulled right out in front of me on my way to work at LAX while I was doin' about 45mph at the time...my helmeted head bouncing on the road surface pretty darn hard that day)
  20. Dargo

    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

    Here's one of the better anti-war films that often seems overlooked by many for some reason... (...I remember after watching this one years ago thinking: Well whaddaya know, that pretty boy Cruise kid CAN act pretty well after all)
  21. Well, think about this for a minute here, TB! What was goin' on back in '67? The Summer of Love, RIGHT?! And so maybe Burt just decided to spend that year, all four seasons of it, in San Francisco just kickin' back...while wearing flowers in his hair. (...hey, just a guess here, dude...just a guess)
  22. Dargo

    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

    SURE I have! BUT, as you may not know here slayton, the term "oval-teals" is actually a misnomer...and misnomer, like Miss AntoniaCarlotta here, the originator of thread, is quite the looker ya know. But, I digress here. (...now where was I?...oh yeah, "oval-teals"...oval-teals are NOT actually oval...nope, they're really much more true round in shape...I think anyway, and so don't quote me on this)
  23. Dargo

    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

    LOL Ooooh, SO close here, slayton! BUT, how exactly would that whole "certain kind of water fowl" thing I said play into your answer here? (...remember here, that stuff's called "OVALtine, NOT, well, "certain kind of water fowl-tine", dude...and heck for THAT matter, even that 'tine" part was wrong...wanna try for another guess here???)
  24. Dargo

    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

    Sure, All Quiet is one of the best dramatic anti-war films of all time, BUT I suppose you folks DO know what the best COMEDIC anti-war film of all time is, don't you? Do the lines - "You're a brave man. Go and break through the lines, And remember, while you're out there risking your life and limb through shot and shell, we'll be in here thinking what a sucker you are!" - ring a bell at all?! (...and now one MORE hint here...the title of this movie has something to do with a certain kind of water fowl, AND is something that tastes good and warms ya up nicely on a cold winter's day...got it yet?)
  25. Dargo

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    OH, you mean like THIS, Sarge?...

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