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  1. Dargo

    IF I WERE KING....

    Well, seein' as how we seem to be pullin' out the old stuff here, I'm sure we all remember the following from just about a decade and half ago, don't we?!...
  2. Dargo

    IF I WERE KING....

    Hell Stephan, I'VE been saying the antiquated Electoral College system, and one that IN FACT enables voters who live in smaller populated states a larger and thus inequitable "voice" in determining our Presidents, should have been consigned to the dustbin of history, since my high school days! (...that of course would have been just a few miles east of where YOUR high school days were spent, dude!)
  3. Dargo

    IF I WERE KING....

    Yeah, sure, but STILL nobody has ever been able to explain to me what makes the Hottentot so hot! (...so there!)
  4. Question for ya here, Nip: What in your past do you think has lead you to this state of being so damned insecure about yourself and your "whiteness"? 'Cause dude, I'm "white" TOO ya know, and frankly all that sort'a thing you've just categorized in your above statement has never affected ME to any great extent at all. (...ah but then again, THIS is probably because I've always considered myself to be a fairly secure individual who fortunately has never suffered from any sort of paranoiac tendencies)
  5. Dargo

    Where's CaveGirl?

    I miss her too, Stephan. Of course then again, this is probably because I've always enjoyed the practice of looking up the meaning of words I had never heard of previously. Expanding one's vocabulary is always a good thing, ya know. (...and CG was always and hopefully will soon once again be a good source for this kind'a thing)
  6. Dargo


    Just a week ago from this past weekend, I ventured back to my old stomping grounds of SoCal and stayed that weekend at my best friend and his wife's beautiful home in Bell Canyon CA in order to once again attend a British motorcycle rally and ride in the San Fernando Valley that my friend and I have gone to for the past 26 years. This would be just a few days before what as been dubbed the Woolsey Fire had started. Today, and even though this wild fire has destroyed a dozen homes right in their neighborhood and in many cases just a stone's throw from theirs, they just returned home to discover that other than at one time during this blaze and after they had been evacuated, some firefighters had cut a hole in the roof in order to save their home and extinguish flames that had evidently worked their way below their tile roof, they pretty much lucked out. While a few of their palm trees and surrounding shrubs next to their swimming pool and tennis court had been scorched, but other than the aforementioned hole in the roof, their home and property were in reasonably good shape. (...and thanks of course to those brave firefighters out there)
  7. Dargo

    Die Hard on TCM?

    Now THAT'S a whole OTHER movie, Fedya. (...and with The Taco Bell Story only celebrating its 27th anniversary since its general release to the theaters, I believe)
  8. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Yeah, I do remember seeing that one bullet hole in McGraw's shirt, and as I recall on the left side half way down his back, while he was crumpled on the floor. But, with no blood, of course. (...and which might now beg the following question: Did they even have gunshot prop squibs back in '49?)
  9. Dargo

    Mrs. Obama

    Wait a second here, noah! Were you attempting to say something wasn't supposed to go to classy Mrs. Obama here? So, what wasn't supposed to go to her, I ask? Oh, wait. Were to attempting to actually say that what she did or didn't do or said or thought was not TOO classy??? (...sorry, couldn't resist...ya see, somehow I'm gettin' to be a real stickler for proper grammar and correct spelling lately...I'm thinkin' this has somethin' to do with occasionally running across one of those juvenile little tweets from the Man-Child-in-Chief while watching one those "Enemies of The People" entities on my television, and where that idiot fractures and/or misappropriates the English language so often...and so PLEASE don't take this personally!!!) LOL
  10. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Dude, don't forget here that this flick was made in 1949, and YEARS before that Warren Beatty/Fay Dunaway flick in particular would open the floodgates to visuals of graphic bloodshed being shown on the silver screen! (...nope, not in 1949, anyway)
  11. AND btw... CONGRATS to newly elected Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who it was just announced today has won the Senate seat for The Grand Canyon State...aka, The Copper State. Yep MM, and fair and square TOO in fact! Ya see, try as they might to suppress the vote and in THIS case votes already sent in by, YEP, truly eligible voters, the Republicans JUST couldn't succeed in their efforts to tilt the election their way this time. (...but chin-up MM ol' boy...there'll always be OTHER elections coming where you Republicans can attempt to subvert the will of the TRUE majority, ya know!) LOL
  12. Dargo

    democrats take house

    NOT necessarily, ham ol' boy! Nope, Trump DOES have a chance for a second term, alright. Well, UNLESS we once again see an increased turnout for the 2020 Presidential election, and just like we saw in this recent mid-term election, and were MORE people FINALLY got off their lazy, disaffected and apathetic butts to cast a vote, and thanks in large part as a reaction to that idiot man-child being elected two years ago. (...OR I suppose as I hear so many Republicans calling it now days, "mob rule"!!!) LOL
  13. Dargo

    democrats take house

    Democrat here, BUT I sure as hell hope my party will find somebody, ANYBODY, who'll replace this lady as Speaker of the House and now that they're in the majority again. (...know why I say THIS?...well, it's 'cause SHE is and HAS been for many a year just about as divisive a figure as that idiot man-child who's now the POTUS!!!)
  14. Well, just get ready for your usual strange David Lynch ride here, TB. (...but yeah, if you like movies that make you think and the "meaning" of the film isn't spelled out for you as the final credits roll, THIS Lynch film is right up there with any in his canon of films)
  15. Okay, and now to answer TB's initial question here (and even though I do NOT understand and frankly disagree with his reasons for somehow calling Mr. Smith Goes to Washington "sexist"..."DATED" or maybe "a product of its times" maybe, but sure as hell NOT overtly "sexist"...but I digress) I STILL think that the REAL reason for Blow-Up being so damn "inscrutable"(for want of a better word) is that Antonioni lost his funding half way through this film's shooting, and so he just cobbled together the pieces of it he had already shot and ended up releasing this film as is. AND of course, because it ended up being a film that doesn't spell everything out for the viewer(although don't get me wrong here...I can appreciate such a thing myself on occasion...LOVED Lynch's Mulholland Dr. for instance) it was and still is considered a "masterpiece" by so many of the oh-so "enlightened cinephiles" out there. (...so, can you tell I've never been all that impressed with Blow-Up ?)
  16. Now now here, Sarge! Didn't anybody ever tell ya about how one should never say "never"?! Ya see, I'm thinking of the movie To Kill a Mockingbird here, and how as a teenager this film "enlightened" me to the fact that when someone spits in your face, it takes the bigger man to just let this sort of thing go and not to retaliate. Aaah, but of course I DO have to admit that while Greg Peck in this movie DID "enlighten" me to this concept, it somehow never stuck. Ya see, IF some freakin' racist SOB ever DID do that to me, sure as hell I'd STILL pop that SOB right where that spit came from and then proceed to beat the ever-livin' crap out of him...or die tryin'. (...and so maybe you're right after all...maybe Hollywood's attempts to "enlighten" people DO all go for naught after all, huh!) LOL
  17. Dargo

    What Were They Thinking?

    "What were they thinking"? Now, I could be wrong here, but I THINK what women were thinking back in the 1940's and the 1950's when the trend was for those short permanent hairstyles was that "only girls and very young women were supposed to have long hair", and that "the older women who still sported long hair were either 'unsophisticated' or were from the 'lower classes'". (...in fact, I think I remember my mother holding of this very idea back during that time)
  18. Don't know why exactly, perhaps because there was always something about leggy brunettes that always did "somethin' extra" for me, but I never get tired, and even when it's over a hundred degrees in the shade, of watching Ann Miller performing this "Too Darn Hot" number in Kiss Me Kate... And re Astaire and Rogers...my favorite of their routines was always the following "dance class" number in Swing Time...
  19. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Actually Vautrin, I'm pretty sure Clark Gable's old squeeze Virginia Grey DID pump more than just one bullet into McGraw, didn't she? Didn't she shoot him once as he began to plead with her, and then again as he stumbled back and fell down? Or am I just imagining that? (...and re Don McGuire's Joe character...yep, you're right on this count...the earlier scene where at one point McGraw has his back to him, I noticed myself yelling at the TV for him to pull out his gun and shoot the SOB in the back of the head when he had his chance...just goes to show ya that Durocher was right after all..."Nice guys DO finish last", huh!)
  20. Dargo

    The Forgotten "Road" Film

    So Stephan, have you considered some sort of legal action regarding this? (...I hear the law firm that Johnny Carson used to talk about a lot, Shifty of Encino, will take this sort'a thing on retainer in a heartbeat!)
  21. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Hi CJ. No, actually I was thinking of High Sierra (and The Charge of the Light Brigade) when I earlier made reference to Lone Pine and where some of the filming was done for each of those films. Remember, while Bogart made his presence known in The Petrified Forest, his true breakout role and the one that made him a star was his lead performance in High Sierra. Btw, the Cahuenga Pass would be the pass that the Hollywood Freeway runs through, and which connects the Los Angeles basin with the San Fernando Valley. And, the pass over the mountains from San Berdardino northward and which would lead one to Barstow would be the Cajon Pass.
  22. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    "Lone Pine" ya say, eh?! So, as you entered that little burg, I'll bet your thoughts turned to a certain Bogart flick that made him a star, didn't ya?! (...OR maybe another film where the director, a man famously noted for his fracturing of the English language, once told his crew to "Bring on the empty horses"?!)
  23. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    While your guess of the Mojave desert would be close here CJ, the location where McGraw earlier in the film says he's taking his hostages, "an old airfield in Banning" and where he had made plans to rendezvous with his old accomplice named Tony, and wherein later the final action took place in that cabin, isn't part of the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert is actually further north from Banning CA, and where the town of Barstow--and where McGraw at gunpoint has Michael O'Shea over the radio misdirect Robert Shayne's LEO pursuit--is located. Banning is actually located in the San Gorgonio Pass, about 30 miles west of Palm Springs and bit higher in elevation than Palm Springs, and with Palm Springs itself being located within the Coachella Valley and which is actually part of the Sonoran Desert. (...btw, don't worry...there will be no Geography test on all this later, and so retention of this info is not mandatory) LOL
  24. Dargo

    Noir Alley

    Interesting that you make note of the location issue here, CJ. Ya see, according to the IMDb filming location page for The Threat, parts of it were indeed filmed on location in Riverside and Palm Springs California, and just as was suggested by the plot. And once again and just as you and I have discussed before about how we both so especially enjoy watching Noirs set in earlier times in our respective old stomping grounds of NYC(yours) and the L.A. area(mine), I found one of the things in particular enjoyable about this film was that those aforementioned areas east of Los Angeles WERE much more rural and undeveloped in the immediate postwar era than what is now the eventual urban sprawl of SoCal, and as was depicted in this film and once the action left the then urban center of L.A. (...and in fact before Interstate 10 was built in the late-1950s and now days the major route from L.A. to Palm Springs, the road depicted in the film which the hijacked moving van is shown being driven upon would have looked very much as the old two-lane road which was depicted, and thus which led me to believe that that portion of the film had indeed been filmed on location and not in RKO studio's back lot, although I suppose I could be wrong about this)
  25. Dargo

    Trump & International politics

    Man, I'm a roll tonight, aren't I! LOL

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