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  1. joe

    And how about National Lampoon's Vacation here, Lawrence? I always thought the big jerk was pretty funny in that one too, ya know. (...OH, and thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding here, ol' buddy)
  2. joe

    Hmmm...gotta say the question Jimi is asking "Joe" here seems like a question that's being asked more and more every single day in this country, doesn't it Vautrin ol' boy?! (...sorry...seems as if I'm in a "cut from today's headlines" frame of mind tonight, huh)
  3. America's Gun Culture...

    OH, and one MORE thing here... Isn't it a sad state of affairs when you consider that that high school kid in Florida who recently made that moving speech imploring our national legislators to take SOME form of action in attempting to help stem these ongoing school shootings, is ACTUALLY much more articulate than the PRESIDENT of these United States??? (...geeee, kind'a makes ya think there IS hope for the future of this country after all, now doesn't it)
  4. America's Gun Culture...

    OH and btw here...James. I suppose you know that you've missed your calling in life, don't ya? "Guitar player"? Naaaah. Ya see, after reading JUST this past page of this baby, it has once again brought to mind the thought that YOU would've made one HELL of a great freakin' LAWYER! (...I mean, seein' as how your great bent toward arguing almost ANY counter argument, and EVEN when it appears you don't actually hold that particular opinion in which you're arguing, IS and continues to be VERY VERY impressive, ya know!) LOL
  5. America's Gun Culture...

    So, let me guess here. The FIRST clue that these Tweets were from Russians was the lack of the use of words such as "a", "an" and "the" in their sentence structure. RIGHT?! (...I mean c'mon here...YOU know how those Ruskies always talk in broken English, don't YA???!!!) LOL
  6. joe

    LOL Well, that DOES seem to be the M.O. for "screwed-up in the head" politicos now days, huh! (...and named "Joe" or NOT!)
  7. joe

    Wait! Not ONLY "worse than Chase Chase", but this TOO ya say, jakeem???!!! (...boy that dude must REALLY be screwed up in the head, huh!) LOL
  8. joe

    WOW! Worse than even Chevy Chase ya say, Lawrence?! Boy, now THAT'S pretty damn bad, huh! (...thanks for the info here)
  9. joe

    Speakin' o' "Joe"s... I've occasionally wondered whose "you-know-what" did THIS one step on in order to become so forgotten in the Biz?... Anyone know the story on this? (...this of course is old SNL alumni Joe Piscopo)
  10. joe

    A couple of "Joe Pendleton"s here, with their respective heavenly messengers...
  11. That's a nice car!

    Sounds a bit like the British program "Wheeler Dealers" here, slayton. Loved that show which was shown on the Velocity channel here in the States. Perhaps you're familiar with that one too. And if you are, then you've probably heard that Edd China, the knowledgeable and likable mechanic who did all the grunt work on the show, has left it. Evidently the U.S.-based Velocity channel purchased the show and then claimed Edd's sequences, which were pretty much the heart of the show, "cost too much to produce" and wanted to lessen his involvement in it, and thus causing this turn of events. (...you should see some of the comments in Edd's YouTube clip announcing his departure...many of 'em saying "Damn Americans. They always screw up everything they touch!"...and heck, in THIS case anyway, how can you argue against THAT, huh...LOL)
  12. joe

    Yep, I've always said that the "Joe" named "Montana" was probably THE best QB to ever play in the NFL. (...yep, once watched an entire game where he threw the ball to his receivers so clean and so accurately and with such "touch" that perhaps even you and I would've been able to catch 'em easily out there on the ol' gridiron...well, before being hit and broken in two, anyway)
  13. joe

    HEY now, jakeem! Let's remember here that the guy who made that great leaping catch in the end zone was named "Dwight" here, NOT "Joe"! And without "Dwight's" great catch there, would there even be a gif to be found of this play on the internet today??? (...ya see, I'm somewhat driven to "defend the memory" of my fellow "Dwights" out there, and there's always been a heck of lot less of us out there than there are "Joes", ya know!)
  14. joe

    Aah, the great Peter Boyle in the movie with the same name as the title of this thread. Ya know Lawrence, just the other night and while watching The Candidate on TCM, I was reminded how good an actor he was, what with him being able to believably stretch from playing this Archie Bunker-type above to playing the shrewd manager of Redford's senatorial campaign in that film. (...and of course to say nothing about his song and dance routine to "Puttin' On The Ritz"!)
  15. WORST "Fashion" Trends

    Gotta admit here I sometimes wear a baseball cap, Sepia. Ya see, I haven't been to a barber in decades, as I've cut my own hair for years and years now. BUT, being the mild OCD sufferer that I am and while attempting to "even out" the cut of my hair, I'll sometimes get a BIT carried away with the ol' scissors and cut this thick ol' mop of mine just a LITTLE too damn short, and so subsequently will sport a baseball cap for a few weeks while out in public and until it grows out a bit again. (...and THEN it'll be back to bein' this handsome older devil with this lustrous and enviable thick, and although graying, head o' hair again...all modesty aside, of course) LOL
  16. request for darkblue

    Well, you know how it is don't ya, Lawrence. When an extreme Lefty AND an extreme Righty find a "common cause", they'll sometimes find themselves working together in order to facilitate their mutual agenda! (...I mean, you DO know that those two political extremes will often eventually meet up, don't ya?!...I mean remember here, EVEN Hitler AND Stalin once found common ground for a while, ya know...well, until that whole unfortunate "Operation Barbarossa" thing, of course) LOL
  17. Manson or Railsback here, CG??? (...but yes, in the annals of those playing ol' crazy Charlie, Steve was absolutely great in that old TV miniseries, wasn't he)
  18. Not sure if the following would "qualify" here, but the guy standing to Holden's right in this shot from Stalag 17, Gil Stratton, might be a name few remember, but who was in quite a few films before he'd move to being a Los Angeles area television sports announcer in later years. (...I'm sure my ol' fellow L.A. resident Stephan remembers him and his name anyway)
  19. This Is Murder!

    Murder on a Honeymoon, another teaming of Edna and James Gleason, and this one being set and filmed on the island of Catalina during its 1930's heyday for tourism, is another good one in this series, CG.
  20. This Is Murder!

    Oh sure Tom, I have LOTS of old movies that I like with the word "Murder" in the title. However, and while I realize Betty Hutton was never everybody's cut of tea, whenever the word "Murder" comes to my mind and when it's in the title of something, the following old clip of Betty singing "Murder, He Says" during a WWII "Command Performance" benefiting U.S. troops always comes to mind first... (...sorry about this sidetracking featuring, as Hope called her, "a vitamin pill with legs" here, but I'm sure you'll still get a number of people offering up their favorite "Murder" in the title movies)
  21. This whole thing where somebody or a group of somebodies begins to resent and express outrage at a film BEFORE they've actually even SEEN the damn thing ALWAYS reminds me of the controversies surrounding films in the past such as The Last Temptation of Christ and The Message. However, yes, it IS to the Nipster's credit that he's apparently reconsidered his "outrage" and has taken on a more reasonable mindset about this whole thing. (...so Nip ol' boy, perhaps this can serve as a lesson for ya...in the future and before you go off half-cocked about something which you don't have any firsthand information about...well, I think you know where I'm goin' with this now, doncha?!)
  22. Ooooh, then wouldn't it be even SPOOKIER (and let alone quite the coincidence) if all those folks were DEAD now??? I mean this baby DOES go back 16 years, and ya never know what can happen in 16 years, RIGHT?! (...now THERE'S ya a thought, EH?!)
  23. The End of "TV"

    Yep, I suppose in the context of making the thought expressed in a sentence logical, that whole "could care less" thing IS more an aberration than the two I've just mentioned, and which as you said, still expresses a logical thought, albeit in a grammatically incorrect manner. (...hmmmm...soooo, ya say you didn't watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents back in the day over there in Ol' Blighty, eh kid?!)
  24. The End of "TV"

    Another couple of grammatical miscues I see quite often are: "I could or would of", instead of the correct, "I could or would have". ...and... "Me and my friend went to the movies", instead of the correct, "My friend and I went to the movies". (...but I'm not gonna name any names here as to the usual culprits I see posting such things at good ol' TCM.com, and 'cause I like both of the guys I see doin' this all the time around here!)
  25. The End of "TV"

    Yep, good point here, limey. However, I have to wonder if some bloke named Clive or Ian has never made this malaprop? IF ya know what I mean! (...btw, depending upon the regional American accent, when a Yank DOES say this phrase properly, they will say it "I 'could-dent' care less" and particularly in this manner if they're from the eastern seaboard...we out west pronounce the word as 'could-ent')

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