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  1. Dargo

    Your Movie Soulmate

    Good guess Sepia, but because I'm outside playing tennis twice a week, both my arms are pretty much tanned in equal measure. To say nothing about both of my arms occasionally being exposed to the Arizona sun while I'm riding one of my motorcycles around here. Especially lately, while on this new Indian Motorcycle I purchased recently...
  2. Dargo

    Finally saw CITIZEN KANE on DVD last night...

    Yep, and when in about another generation, nobody'll will even KNOW who the hell EITHER William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies OR Orson Welles even WERE!!! LOL (...and when that generation is overwhelmingly filled with people who'll think watching a black & white film, ANY black & white film regardless its quality, will be considered something people JUST don't do anymore, and primarily FOR the reason that "all that stuff happened YEARS before they were born"...well, besides of course those OTHER "reasons" of "they JUST can't get into B&W movies 'cause the plots "move so slow" and/or "there's JUST not enough action in 'em")
  3. Dargo

    Thomas Crown v. Thomas Crown

    You definitely made a good point earlier about actors following their directors wishes James, and lets not also forget here that the second version was not a scene-for-scene remake of the first one, and thus would be another reason Russo's take on the role, her more "aggressive" take on it than how Dunaway played it(and as Sans pointed to), would also contribute to your argument here. (...you see, my previous post was really more a little nod to Sans, as I remember a thread about this very thing a few years back and where she mentioned her, lets say, "lack of enthusiasm" for Rene Russo in general)
  4. Dargo

    Thomas Crown v. Thomas Crown

    LOL Boy Sans, you JUST have never liked Rene Russo, have ya! (...but yeah, in this case, I have a tendency to agree with ya about Russo's more "overt" take on Dunaway's original more "subtle" approach to the role)
  5. Dargo

    Finally saw CITIZEN KANE on DVD last night...

    You're welcome, laffite. Okay, and NOW about that whole "just recently gettin' around to watchin' Casablanca" thing o' yours up there. REALLY?! As big a classic film fan as YOU, and just RECENTLY???!!! LOL (...well, you pretty much figured somebody was gonna bust your chops about this, and so I figured why not me, RIGHT?!)
  6. Dargo

    Finally saw CITIZEN KANE on DVD last night...

    Somehow laffite, the quote you used for your above reply credited me with the keen observation about the Kane character which Beth actually made in her OP. (...and so, while I have always felt the very same way as she about the Kane character and Welles' performance since the very first time I became mesmerized by this film while watching it years ago as a teenager, I just wanted to set the record straight here)
  7. Dargo

    Your Movie Soulmate

    My movie soulmate? Henry Fonda. But specifically in Once Upon a Time in the West. Aaaah, didn't KNOW I had a dark side, did ya?! (...juuuuust kiddin', o' course...although like most people, I DO have a bit of a dark side, ya know...just not NEARLY as much as Hank had in THAT flick, thankfully)
  8. Yeah, I DO kind'a know what you mean. However, I've always liked her in this reprise of the Hepburn character role ever since I first watched WUD? upon its initial release. And, I also always thought there WAS some good chemistry between her and the guy who'd ultimately ruin what seemed a promising film career at the time. (...YOU know, that idiot druggie Ryan...but don't get me started on THAT guy here)
  9. Hmmmm...ya know Swithin, if you said this with a Viennese accent, you might just pull this off here!
  10. Dargo

    Finally saw CITIZEN KANE on DVD last night...

    And so I suppose I can now post this old Peanuts comic strip panel for ya and it won't spoil anything for ya here, eh Beth?
  11. I've always kind'a felt the following way about the latter made movie... Liking What's Up Doc? means never having to say you're sorry. (...and yeah, I know that that's probably the dumbest thing you've ever heard, huh)
  12. Dargo

    Capra, Coughlin, Socialism

    CG, I thank you very much for starting this thread. You see by your doing so, I was then in turn prompted to google "Father Coughlin and Frank Capra", and I ended up finding the following site that contained what I considered a very well written and extremely cogent essay (though somewhat lengthy--15 pages) on Frank Capra, and written by one Russell Campbell. Mr. Campbell examines with a clear eye and much fairness a few of Capra's various films that contained political messages. Father Coughlin's name does come up in this, but so do many other possible political and social influences upon Capra which the director would then seem to incorporate into those films. Now, you may have already found this webpage earlier yourself and which might have indeed prompted you to start this thread, but just in case you didn't and it wasn't, here it is. I think you'll enjoy it also... http://www.academia.edu/10166747/Fascism_and_Frank_Capra
  13. Dargo

    Red Flags

    Aaaah...that was sweet, Vautrin. (...ahem, I mean, that was Sweet, Vautrin...but I assume you already knew that)
  14. Here's a couple of guys who would ultimately go insane by the end of the movie, but which was something that they pretty much brought upon themselves by at first feigning insanity as a means to some end: Peter Breck in 1963's Shock Corridor... And, Jeffrey Hunter in 1965's Brainstorm... (...you'll have to excuse Jeff's lack of screaming here...he seems to be in more a catatonic state today)
  15. Dargo

    I Just Watched...

    LOL Still got the earworm goin' there, eh Lorna?! (...I feel for ya...had the same thing about a month ago when I couldn't get the opening riff to The Beach Boys' "California Girls" out of my head for a few days)
  16. Dargo

    Puppet Films

    Btw, that was Triumph up there talking, not me. And btw again CG, you're right. Those Dark Crystal puppets DO look a lot like Michael York. (...good eye there)
  17. Dargo

    Puppet Films

    "HEY! I think I like this thread!" ("...for me to poop on!")
  18. Dargo

    That winning smile.

    "SHAZAM! Sorry 'bout that, Mary! Golly, I don't know how I of all people mistook Tom Tyler for Tom Mix there!" (..."but my cousin Goober does such a good Cary Grant impression that I sometime can get them two mixed up too!")
  19. Dargo

    That winning smile.

    Well, I suppose I have to admit Tom Mix had a heck of a lot better 'winning smile' than I ever recall William S. Hart here havin' back in the day anyway, Mary!... (...in fact, did anyone ever catch Billy Boy here smilin' at ALL???)
  20. Dargo

    Gregory Peck's grandson is the new Spock

    Hi, spence. Actually, I have to admit I'm nowhere near as big a fan of Doris' as Eddie Muller claims to be in these little fillers TCM is showing between films lately, and so you're probably directing your question to the wrong guy here. However, I'm pretty sure her one nomination came for her role in Pillow Talk, if I recall correctly. (...you see, I only jokingly mentioned Miss Day earlier and in reply to CaveGirl's "Bushel N. Peck" pun because as I also recall, her version of "(I Love You) A Bushel and a Peck" is probably the most widely known and remembered one)
  21. Dargo

    the most silly little movie myths

    Wait here, Lawrence. You never heard this story until recently, you say?! Well, as I heard it years ago, the whole "hanging man" in that Oz flick thing was from a scene in that movie that every other part of it was cut in the final version, but they missed cutting that one little bit out. You see, there was whole scene shot that included a little dance number to Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit", but it was ultimately decided that it wouldn't be in keeping with the overall more lighthearted and fanciful theme Victor Fleming was going for, and although there was some talk that this might have played fairly well in the Jim Crow South of the time. (...well, at least that's the way I heard it, anyway)
  22. Just watched it on YouTube, Rich, and can't wait to see how you, ahem, "savage" it. (...btw, I don't think I've ever seen a BMW chopper before...well, at least not in any '60s biker flick I've ever watched in the past, anyway...Harleys, the occasional British and Japanese bike, but never any German iron...sorry, you'll have to excuse this long time rider here...I know this probably won't interest you)
  23. Dargo

    I Just Watched...

    CG (or Lawrence), question here. Other than the regular opening scene and that TV program's theme music played during it, I only vaguely remember SFT for the most part. However, one scene in one episode that has stuck with me all this time featured a young kid who lived out in the sticks as I recall, and who had a model train set but no electricity to run it. But, along came a visiting stranger who had a suitcase that later the kid plugs the train set's electrical cord into and it ran for him. (...question being, was that the same episode you just described in the above?)
  24. And thus requiring the film be shot in 70mm Super Panavision which they didn't have the money for, I presume. (...there went those damn bean counters again!)

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