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  1. Dargo

    Propaganda Films

    My favorite "propaganda" film of all time is... (...suck it Winston...you just never "got it", did ya, you tubby little superfluous-u user, you?!...it's a GREAT film, and DID serve your cause well!)
  2. Dargo

    Film Disorientation

    First...another terrific thread premise here, CG. And once again, very astutely posed. Secondly, and to answer your question here...the first film that crossed my mind which I think encompasses this same sort of "disorienting" cinematic experience(at least it has always felt this way to me anyway) would be Apocalypse Now. In my view this film has always been a great example of that old saw about "the journey being more important than the destination". (...and which in a way seems like another way of expressing the same thought as your thread's premise here)
  3. Dargo

    Sexual Freedom

    Actually CG, your reference to this never to be substantiated rumor about Clara's supposed "o*r*g*i*e*s"(and most likely false...at least according to all the football players supposedly involved and questioned later in life about this) should have been to UCLA's crosstown rival, the USC football team.
  4. Well first, I also mentioned earlier that along with Hunting, that Fishing isn't a real sport either. And secondly, for some reason the "sport" of "Human Hunting", and where it WOULD of course BE of some use to BE "athletic" IF you were or are somehow the prey, never really "caught on" much, ya know, and for obvious reasons. (...nobody ever wants to be the prey...just ask Fay and Joel...oh, and Cornel Wilde too!) LOL
  5. Now TB! Did I NOT just earlier correct the assumption in this thread that Hunting is NOT a "sport"??? And, I don't care if it's the "Big Game" variety or NOT! Look dude, even in those two flicks, NOBODY is involved in any sort of "athletic competition" are they? Hence, once again, AND I don't care WHAT any hunters out there may tell you, Hunting is NOT a "SPORT"! It's an "ACTIVITY"!!! HECK dude! I'd LOVE to get just ONE of those many overweight and out of shape hunters out there on the tennis court(a REAL sport, btw) and run their fat butts around for an hour or two! THEN they'd know what a real sport IS!!! (...ya know, I'll expect to hear from SanFins any time now!) LOL
  6. LOL Well, any movie that contains a successful 98 yard field goal as the final gun is sounded, is always worth watching ya know, CG!
  7. Sorry Cid, but I'm gonna have to disagree with ya here. You see, while you may have personal qualms against it due to its brutal nature, Boxing IS a sport, as it's an athletic endeavor. But, because fishing and hunting in most cases usually doesn't involve any athletics, those are NOT "sports", and so I consider them just "activities". (...although of course, there will be some who will disagree with me about this too)
  8. Dargo

    Forced Perspective

    And then again of course, there's sort of the opposite use for this effect. (...c'mon now people, SURELY you don't think Cagney, Bogart, Ladd, Stallone and host of other actors who'd have a hard time reaching something on the top shelf of their kitchen cabinets without the use of a step stool, were all that "big", now do you?!)
  9. Btw, I'd say one of my favorite films with a sports theme would be Angels in the Outfield. (...yep, even us agnostics like a good baseball movie now and then)
  10. Wait! THAT'S not a movie about Baseball EITHER, James! THAT one's about some dude who's in the percussion section of an orchestra who erroneously thinks his talents lay more with his questionable violin playing and so keeps attempting to break into the orchestra's string section, but keeps getting his aspirations stifled by the conductor's continual admonition to stick with what he's best at, isn't it??? And hence the title of that movie! Well, at least that's how I remember that little remembered movie's plot went anyway. Of course it HAS been many years since I've seen that flick and so my memory might be a bit sketchy here, you understand. (...sorry, just couldn't resist...as I'm sure you really know, the title of the movie you've referenced is "Bang the Drum Slowly")
  11. Dargo

    "The Swimmer"

    Yeah, and I've heard THIS is the very reason why Bambi Meets Godzilla is so dang short. (...Marv Newland was terrible with character development)
  12. Yep. As I'm sure you know, the present situation is of course most likely a societal overreaction to how you Vietnam vets were often mistreated and/or underappreciated by much of the public and in the media back in the day, Cid. (...gee, imagine that...Americans overreacting to somethin'...naaaaah) LOL
  13. Your thoughts here Cid bring to mind how it presently seems(YEP, I'm gonna just come right out and say it here) that every person who is in active military service is now called "a hero" by many and in the media. (...and is something that my WWII veteran father, who btw served in Patton's Third Armored Division in the North African, Sicily, Italy campaigns and The Battle of the Bulge, would have scoffed at being called)
  14. True, quite often. However, in the case of High Noon, one of its attributes and a reason it is so highly regarded is because it steers clear of being didactic. (...hence my use of the word "subtly" in an earlier post of mine to you)
  15. Well, you might call it "liberal propaganda" here if ya want TB, but tell ya what! I'll continue think of it as more that "object lesson" I mentioned earlier, thank you very much. (...an "object lesson" about the dangers of people forgetting that this country has a First Amendment which guarantees them the right to free speech without governmental retribution, and regardless their political leanings)
  16. Dargo

    "The Swimmer"

    AND of course, there was also always that commonality that Olivier and Rooney shared, CG. (...they both were once married to knockout gorgeous brunettes of some repute)
  17. Sorry TB, but I'm feeling the need to clarify this comment you made earlier in regard to Gary Cooper's Will Kane character in High Noon. In fact, Will Kane was NOT modeled after a "radical reactionary American" character, and the overall theme of High Noon is in no way a "glorification" of McCarthyism. It is in fact a repudiation and an "object lesson" against the idea of people not taking a stand against the McCarthyistic practice of blacklisting which was taking place during the time of this film's production. (...why do you think John Wayne turned down the role of Will Kane?...it was because even that big lug was smart enough to figure out what screenwriter Carl Foreman's piece was so subtly and allegorically suggesting...and despite Foreman's later halfhearted protestations to the contrary)
  18. Dargo

    "The Swimmer"

    Wow, Jl! Have to say that I was very impressed with how well you so diplomatically presented your thoughts here! Well done, and yes, I pretty much agree with all you said. Saaay, you've never maybe considered finding a job in our State Dept, have YA?! I think your talents could be of great use in that field! (...ESPECIALLY now days!!!) LOL
  19. Wow! I think we have a new record here, folks! THREE, count 'em, THREE whole sentences from our resident "man of few words" here! (...will wonders never cease?!!)
  20. Ol' sentimental softy here just thought of another one... Stella Dallas (1937)
  21. Dargo

    Please dump the blacklisting reminders

    OOOH! You shouldn't SAY such things in MM's thread here, Gerald! Ya see, BESIDES this little frequent complaint of his about supposed modern "blacklisting" of actors and actresses who he finds have simpatico views to his own, he's ALSO frequently mentioned in the past around here that he ALSO finds people who don't drive their OWN cars rather untrustworthy TOO, ya know!!! (...or maybe you've never seen him go on about this subject too around here, eh?!) LOL
  22. Only have one for ya here, spence. To Each His Own (1946) But, this pick of mine is probably because just like the character Greg/Griggsy in this film, I too was adopted as an infant, and so every time I see John Lund at the end of this little tearjerker say to Olivia de Havilland, "I think this is our dance, Mother" and then see the look on her face...well... (...yep, I'm just one big blubbering mess, alright!)
  23. Dargo

    "The Swimmer"

    Yes, Tom! SO right, and well stated here! Yep, and so what say we get back to the topic of The Swimmer and Burt Lancaster as an actor here, folk?! (...BUT, and before we do, I just was wanna say here that IF I were gay or bisexual, I'D 'a "done" him!!!) LOL
  24. Dargo

    "The Swimmer"

    Hmmmm...seems "somebody" here doesn't quite understand that until very recently THIS sort of aspect to(or perhaps "version" of), ahem, "men going their own way" was NOT something that men(OR women for that matter) in the public eye ever openly admitted to! And primarily because up until recently it would have been career suicide to do so. (...and NOW I'm back into a more serious mode here)
  25. Dargo

    Animation, a Genre or a Medium?

    LOL Wait a minute here, Lawrence! After all this time, THIS was the first time you've noticed me using more than ONE punctuation mark at the end of sentence?...oh wait...??? Dude! I would have thought by now you would have known I do THAT sort'a thing a LOT around here?!!! Including of course, a whole lot of words that I uppercase in order give them emphasis and/or a sense of "inflection" within my text!!! First, thanks for setting the record straight as to the first animated Best Picture nominee. And secondly, yeah, in a way I WAS attempting to sound "incredulous" as to this subject(the subject of animated films still being generally thought of as primarily "children's fare") was still somehow being a "debatable" one, and now days with the general consensus being that anyone who still feels this way is pretty much out of step with present said general consensus. (...oh and finally, no...you can rest assured that in no way do I ever react like that long-haired freaked out dude that you just gif-ed here ol' buddy, and regardless the number of punctuation marks I may or may not include within my posts)

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