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  1. Dargo

    Disliked Movie Settings or Story Types

    Yep CJ, it seems to me that most times Teal played a cop, not only was he "manipulable", but he was usually also a little slow on the ol' uptake, too. (...and besides, I guess you couldn't have him bein' smarter than any of the Cartwrights, huh...nope, not even Hoss)
  2. Dargo

    Hagiographies vs. Unvarnished Truth

    I suppose that could be one reason for one's preference in watching a biopic or reading a book about a famous person which solely mentions their more positive attributes, slayton. However, my preference in this regard would be one that would in a evenhanded manner present all their various personality aspects, experiences and actions, and thus making the subject more human, more discernible and in some cases even more appreciable in my eyes than would be any two-dimensional portrait of their lives. (...I always believe way too many people have successfully used those types of hagiographical "two-dimensional portraits" of certain famous people that they admire in self-serving ways and for and to their own means, and to often support some hidden agenda they might wish to push upon those who are ignorant of the true facts of some famous person's life, and something I think can often be dangerous to the concept of "an informed public")
  3. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Funny you mentioned this, Sarge. Because I'd be an American of a certain age, and because for years she didn't know what had become of me once she gave me up for adoption, she told me she always worried about with me being a Yank, I might have been drafted during the Vietnam War and perhaps had been sent over there and never to return. (...that's when I told her I pretty much lucked out in this regard, and in 1970 when I turned 18 my Draft Lottery birthday date was not pulled until the 360th time out of that pool, hence no chance of being drafted...I'll never forget how happy my parents were about this too)
  4. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    LOL No Sarge. "Ma" as I'd come to call her (my unwed Canadian birth mother) traveled down to Los Angeles with her parents in 1952 and gave me up for adoption to two of the most wonderful parents anyone could have ever asked for, after my birth in L.A. (...nope, this would be YEARS before some jerk head of state of our country would somehow think doing that sort of thing a "good" immigration policy)
  5. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Hey! I thought MY jokes were of more the supportive nature here anyway, MissW?! Yeah, but in THIS regard, nobody mentioned another of my favorite Canadian recording artists...Gordon Lightfoot. I think of him every time I pass by the I-17 exit for Carefree Highway here in AZ and while driving people down and back to Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport on that little part-time shuttle driving job I have in my retirement now. (...oh and btw...just two weeks ago I was in your beautiful country again, but unfortunately this time not for any pleasant reason...you may remember my birth mother lived in Kelowna B.C. and I'd fly up to visit her every year or so since making contact with her about a decade ago...well, she passed away at age 86 on this past Christmas Eve, and so I flew up there to attend her memorial service on Jan.2...it was a nice affair, and as usual her family treated me as one of them and with open arms...I even gave a little speech at it and about how much all my "Canadian family" has been so welcoming to me since the day I made that contact with her...it was well received by all)
  6. Dargo

    That's a nice car!

    Yep, it was a Lotus Seven alright, Gordie...
  7. Dargo

    That's a nice car!

    Yep, I believe it's the same sort of principle as this...
  8. Dargo

    Disliked Movie Settings or Story Types

    So, then pretty much restaurants that'll not be recommended for patronage by Weight Watchers International, eh?! (...and on another note...have you heard you're now allowed to tip Frontier Airlines flight attendants if you find their service exceptional?...although which then begs the question: how truly hard is it to hand out pretzels and/or cookies and pour a quarter can of Coke into a plastic cup and hand it to ya?)
  9. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Gee, wouldn't it be nice if somebody at the TCM center in Atlanta would occasionally read our posts in their website forum and then maybe actually answer questions such as the one MissW posed here? (...well, read them for THIS purpose and not just to "correct" us whenever we might use some "naughty little word" in 'em, anyway)
  10. Considering the thought that I am a self-professed "gearhead", I think your point here might be well-taken Sarge, if not also a little sexist. (...and I might be wrong here, but I think our friend Lorna here isn't actually a woman, if I recall correctly)
  11. Lorna, while I found your SOST write-up here absolutely hilarious, I guess it's up to me to somewhat defend this film. You see, I hadn't watched it in many many years and so I decided to stick around after watching that documentary on Stewart and Mitchum last night and reacquaint myself with it. And so, here's my take on it. First, I found myself thinking I couldn't believe it was actually written, but especially directed by Wilder, as it seemed to me like it could have been a John Ford movie. It had that sort of feel to it. Heck, perhaps if Lindbergh had been of Irish descent instead of Swedish descent, it probably would have been. Secondly, yeah, I have to admit I kind'a got into it and I guess surprisingly didn't find it sleep-inducing at all. It started to remind me of how in the film Apollo 13 we know beforehand that our intrepid heroes come through their ordeal okay, it keeps our interests, Wilder does enough cinematic legerdemain throughout his film that it kept mine. Is it a "great" film? Nope. It is even one of Wilder's best movies? Nope. I do think it deserved the 3 out of 4 stars that I saw it was rated on my television guide synopsis. (...oh and btw and speaking of dreaming of those dearly departed from us...coincidentally, I too had a similar thing happen to me last night after I watched this film and then hit the sack, although in my case I dreamed of my dog Moose who we had to put down just about a year ago now...yep true, I kid you not)
  12. Dargo

    colorizing deserves another shot

    Wait! How come in this clip Cagney's not saying to Bogie, "I'm shocked, shocked to find you have gambling going on in here"??? (...oh...wait...different movie and different actor, huh...sorry)
  13. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Yep, once we get back to normal down this way MissW (hopefully in about two years from now), do be sure to visit one of those fascinating places where this one little town in northern Arizona is surrounded by the most beautiful red rock formations you'll likely to ever come across...namely of course Sedona Arizona...and stop in and say hello. (...btw, betcha didn't know that that Tyrone Power movie Pony Soldier, and where Ty plays a Mountie, was filmed right here)
  14. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    And here's a nice current event story I've just found on the net about our gracious neighbors to the north... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/canadian-air-traffic-controllers-send-pizza-to-us-counterparts-affected-by-shutdown/ar-BBScMjr?li=BBnbcA1&OCID=ansmsnnews11
  15. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    If I recall correctly here Sarge, my Sergeant Preston of the Yukon book as a kid was this one... OH, and btw, and in keeping with this whole RCMP theme here, one of my favorite old F-Troop episodes was always this one...
  16. Now why on earth would THIS appeal to ME particularly, Sarge??? (...well okay sure, I DID once make that one reference to Catherine the Great and her horse a while back around here, but THAT doesn't mean............) LOL
  17. Why is it much of Orson Welles' dialogue sounds as if he had later dubbed himself in it? And come to think of it, the sound track in the whole film seems to be a millisecond off and thus making it seem as if everyone in it had been called in later to re-dub their parts, and in the process also giving the complete soundtrack a rather "flat" tone without any "depth" to it, and making both characters near to or far from the camera sound the same distance from it. (...okay all you cinema and/or Welles experts around here, gimme the lowdown here!)
  18. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Okay Vautrin. While I like David Byrne as much as the next guy, don't ya think that was just a little too rockin' for this late in the evening? And so may I suggest the following tribute to our neighbors(or as they say "neighbours") to the north instead... (...now I ask you...wasn't THIS just a little more "soothing" for such a late hour?...nighty night...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
  19. Yeah GF, and for THAT matter, they're usually not all that big on subTEXT either! (...that makes 'em think too much TOO!)
  20. Saaay, I LIKE those drapes, Lorna! (...they'd go really well with my Thomas Kinkade painting)
  21. GEEZ, Tom! What, never heard the term "spoiler alert" before???!!! (...jus' kiddin' of course...and nice write-up here)
  22. Dargo

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Yep MissW, as calvinnme just said here, while we'd love to have you down here, there would be certain write-offs you'd have to put up with if you made this move and which probably in the long run wouldn't be worth it. However, probably the BIGGEST write-off and/or adjustment you'd encounter would be of course dropping all those superfluous British letter 'U's in our shared lexicon that you Canadians still for some inexplicable reason insist upon inserting into various words whenever you correspond with others in text form. (...and so and in closing, in addition to offering my upmost regrets about how TCM seems to constantly be screwing you and your fellow Canadian citizens in regards to the programs and movies they're denying you up that way, I would also suggest this thought about moving south would most likely be a most ill-considered move on your part)
  23. Eeh! Why zero in on just him? I always liked ALL of the Partridge Family! (...well, except for that Bonaduce kid...he was annoying)
  24. Well in that case Fedya, how would you feel about somethin' like: "Bite me, I'm Polish"??? (...'cause if ya like THAT one, I know a guy in Michigan who might go hafsies with ya on a run of T-shirts with THAT on 'em!)
  25. Dargo

    Who's the new female host on TCM?

    Well, they DO have their flagship airline of Aer Lingus anyway, ya know Sarge. And WHICH as that old joke went back in the day, was once considering a merger with Continental Airlines to form a carrier called... (...well, considering how prudish it is around here, I better not tell you the punchline to this one...BUT seein' as how I know you've always been pretty quick on the ol' uptake, I'm pretty darn sure you can figure this one out even if you've never heard this one before)

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