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  1. thestick

    It's a Dog's Life-

    I am computer illiterate! I still cannot do it right because I am trying to shrink the picture to fit the size to this page. If someone else could look it up it can be found on google if you type in Carole Lombard with a dog. It's the one where she is *very* young with what looks to be some kind of Husky. It's definitely worth posting. Thanks everybody for the help even if I still cannot get it right!
  2. thestick

    It's a Dog's Life-

  3. thestick

    Bad preachers

    Another more recent *really* bad clergyman was Stanley Anderson as Archbishop Rushman in Primal Fear 1996
  4. thestick

    Greer Garson as SOTM March 2013

    Well said Swithin and Johnnyjazzuitar!
  5. thestick

    Name the pre-1970 film

    On The Beach?
  6. thestick

    It's a Dog's Life-

  7. thestick

    It's a Dog's Life-

    Can anybody help me post a picture?
  8. thestick

    It's a Dog's Life-

  9. thestick

    Bad preachers

    I agree with the listed actors like Bernard Miles (Man Who Knew Too Much), Powers Boothe (Guayana Tragedy), and one not mentioned Richard Burton (Night Of The Iguana) no wonder he was de-frocked!
  10. thestick

    Classic Character Actors

    There are so many great classic character actors to name but here are some of my favorites: Edna May Oliver Jesse Royce Landis Leo G. Carroll Elsa Lanchester Nat Pendelton (this guy was everywhere in the 30's and 40's, usually in the same roles but always a hoot to watch)
  11. Thanks for the info Addison. I will definitely be looking for the book.
  12. thestick

    Greer Garson as SOTM March 2013

    I like Greer very much. I guess she wasn't what most men would call a sexy woman but I think you can't beat her legs in the beginning of Random Harvest albeit in a pretty silly dance act.
  13. I am not on Facebook (I know I'm in the dark ages so I'll post mine here) #1 The Asphalt Jungle (the perfect movie in my book) #2 Shadow Of A Doubt #3 Sunset Blvd. #4 Criss Cross
  14. thestick

    Little Women.... wonderful

    I hate to be a naysayer but give me the Hepburn version anytime. Yes the cast of the 49 version was to die for but as mentioned before June Allyson is enough to drive me nuts!
  15. thestick

    What if William Powell had not retired?

    Well what can I say? Powell is in my top 5 male stars, I just love him! I think like many older male stars they see the writing on the wall and know they cannot keep playing the love interests of starlets twice as young as they are. I am glad at least he went out on top in Mr. Roberts.I for one am glad he never did Wagon Train as some have suggested, I would have liked to see him do Hitch's show however.

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